I need a new camera... thinking Canon

Fort Reno Summer Concert Series


road cyclists and their fashion

Kevin Dillard and Jonathan from The Family Bike Shop

thanks for the photos RickyD

Coca Cola...

Bike Rodeo!

words about Wakefield... W@W! (race report W@W One)

similar story... same afternoon...

does winning feel as good as losing hurts?

I too feel naked without my camera


I hate mixing motorized with human power in the bike lane

good randomness...

bike thieves suck


youth cycling is on the rise... at least for sport

Punch Buggy no Punch Back

Rehoboth Beach...

public shower...

you talking to me?

Dean and Grant and our urban ride


spent a few glorious days at the beach.... the camera was not a priority


Bicycle Film Festival

bike train?

this would be helpful... I wonder if it is true...

this is interesting... News Paper Alum



street justice?

explain the gun?

I will read this later...

funny.... obscure... but funny

Kids Racing at Wednesday at Wakefield

I am not sold on the "like a bike" push bike for kids...

Say it Ain't So...

nice treads

I enjoy other people's photography

I am overdue to shave my legs...

I wonder if the Washington Post gets more web hits with stories that mention beaver