I need a new camera... thinking Canon

Outside mag has a bit on cameras

Fort Reno Summer Concert Series

Fort Reno

last night I took the boys to Fort Reno 
we went to Vace and picked up and few pizzas

we had a blanket and some frisbees
but a band on the stage and some bodies on the lawn and WOW! 
you have the Fort Reno Summer Concert Series

lots of fun in the sunset
with fireflies to be caught when the sun dipped over the horizon

not a bad way to spend a summer evening

good to hear some fresh live music and hang out with friends
had the camera
but did not take any photos... no photos
although I was tempted... there was a definite young fixie culture zipping about


my kids are into SPORE
they are totally addicted to SPORE

but I am avoiding getting sucked into the world of SPORE


road cyclists and their fashion

road bikers are an odd breed

I am not sure if this is in fact a road cyclist
I am not entirely clear what makes one an "official" road cyclist or a wannabe

the image appeared on the inter-webs and drew a few comments
the long sleeves and the short shorts worked like fingernails on the chalkboard for the fashion conscious road cyclist
almost as bad as tube socks!

the rider looks fit... wonderfully fit
but someone claimed that the legs were not muscular enough for her to be an "elite athlete"

my only complaint was the fact that this was the only photo
she looks worthy of closer investigation


Kevin Dillard and Jonathan from The Family Bike Shop

The Family Bike Shop

thanks for the photos RickyD

Dean and Grant each sporting the MORE-Tour de Fat shirts at Wednesday at Wakefield
although they were not at #tourdefat
they were there in spirit

Making your Dad Proud!

not so much for your finishing spots... but for your effort and your behavior
good to know you can be trusted to behave and stay out of trouble
love to see you guys playing well with your friends
nice to see how much you enjoy Oliver's company

Dean and Grant at Wednesday at Wakefield Number 2!

Coca Cola...

Coca Cola and Liz Hatch

Bike Rodeo!

Kids learn Bike Safety at the Bike Rodeo!

a beardless Joel Gwadz leads a Bike Rodeo at a local shop's opening weekend


words about Wakefield... W@W! (race report W@W One)

Here it is Thursday... a week and a day since W@W#1
I started this report but never finished it
wanted the results to be posted
was thinking a photo or two would surface
then time passed and details faded with importance
well... the results were posted and I wrote this much
so... I will give it a glance and share what I got

PVC W@W Race Results for Week One

Last week was Potomac Velo Club's Wednesday at Wakefield... more than likely I do not need to give any history to this event because the only people interested in reading any further are more than likely past or present participants in the mountain bike summer training series called Wednesday at Wakefield.

So... here it goes...

Well... last Wednesday was day one of this four race summer training series.  Just like summer itself this day crept up on me. A few weeks prior I ordered a Niner Single Speed from The Family Bike Shop... fingers were crossed that the parts would arrive and the bike would be built in time for this race. As it turns out, as expected, all the parts had not arrived... which had me in a panic for a minute then I realized I was fine... my geared Rip Nine is tuned and ready to race.

similar story... same afternoon...

yes... twice... this happened twice
clear sky in the morning... clouds rolled in by early afternoon
the clouds came in fast
a few rain drops... some darkness... then thunder and lightning

the lifeguards in their red shorts blew their whistles and waved their flags
people picked up their towels and up rooted their umbrellas

we got run off the beach with our Grotto's Pizza
the afternoon storms rolled in with thunder and lightning
we evacuated the beach and took cover back at our hotel
only one issue... we already checked out


does winning feel as good as losing hurts?

on this day three fellow Clydesdales rode faster than me at Wakefield
I need to be better prepared next time... not riding the bike since last W@W due to a beach trip and parent responsibilities
then maybe also fuel
not sure if my body runs so well on PB&J

lots of the results of the day fall back on mental
I was not entirely in the game
I sat up pretty early without much of a fight

good night with friends
lessons learned
it is not that I should have won... it is more than I gave up and threw in the towel so early
too much juggling activities and not enough focus

I too feel naked without my camera

not my images
images from the World Naked Bike Ride (NSFW)

Ray after the "Goon Ride"


I hate mixing motorized with human power in the bike lane

Jeff and his vintage moped
cruising in the bike lane
it may be legal... but I do not like it

an article about banning eBikes from paths and sidewalks

good randomness...

check out what the GWADZILLA page has to say about Columbia Heights

bike thieves suck



youth cycling is on the rise... at least for sport

the world is a different place for kids today than when I was a kid

kids do not get to just ride their bikes around the neighborhood like kids did in my era
the dominance of car culture has made the suburban streets unsafe for man or beast

but it does appear that youth cycling for sport is on the rise

Rock Creek Velo

Punch Buggy no Punch Back

with a young buck grazing by the road side

Rehoboth Beach...

the waves were not at their best... but good enough for some fun on the boogie boards
the Rehoboth beach break with its waves crashing into a wall of sand is something that should be researched
is this the best option?

we tried Cape Henolope one day... better set up for landing on the beach
but the waves were no better

I think Surf Lessons will be in the boys' future
does not have to happen now... but it does need to happen

public shower...

so we are down on the beach...
down on the beach following a similar pattern as a few days prior
we are down on the beach with our boogie boards and then we decide to get lunch
I go to Grotto's Pizza and get a carry out large pepperoni pizza

the pizza comes...
I grab some plates, some crushed red peppers, and some grated parmesan
when I get to the boys on the beach perched on our towels it happens
it happened on Friday and it happened again on Monday

I showed up with a large pepperoni pizza from Grotto's Pizza and then it started to storm
thunder, lightning, and rain
clear the beach storm
and we have a pizza... with crushed red peppers and grated parmesan

you talking to me?

last week in Rehoboth we visited our favorites...
crabs at Claws...
daily routine of breakfast at Sammy's...
carry out pizza on the beach from Grotto's
Nico-boli from Nicola's
and of course
toys from Gidget's Gadgets and The Kite Store

and then when we wanted to mix it up with some Mexican we went to a place on the main drag called Cilantro
the food was good... but the service was... well... the food was not enough to outweigh the service
in the classic style I felt as if the wait staff was trying to get us to purchase more

"would you like to try?"
"would you like this with that?"
etc.. etc... etc...

Dean and Grant and our urban ride

Air in Adams Morgan
shots with the iPhone
snapped the shot a moment early



ya gotta know your limit...
my limit and their minimum
not on the same page
1,000 Dollars Firm.

is that a good price?

spent a few glorious days at the beach.... the camera was not a priority

there is some decent bicycle culture at the beach
it seems that a good number of the Rehoboth Beach Patrol travel to and from work via bicycle
and also in Delaware... at the State Park by Cape Henolope there is a FREE bike loaner program within the park


good work marc.

Bicycle Film Festival

Bicycle Film Festival
June 28-July1
Anthology Film Archives
2nd and 2nd New York

This is THE SUMMER OF BIKES in New York City! And the BFF is back!
BICYCLE FILM FESTIVAL WORLD TOUR commences in New York for its 12th consecutive year!!

Bicycle Film Festival launches in New York and then will continue to Helsinki, Moscow, Istanbul, Hong Kong, London,
Buenos Aires, Milano and more than 20 other cities.
The film programming this year is stellar. The shorts programs are hugely popular and are not to be missed.

Feature film highlights include the world premiere of the feature length LINE OF SIGHT (Dir. Benny Zenga) by legendary cycling cinematographer Lucas Brunelle, and SHAY ELLIOT: CYCLE OF BETRAYAL (Dir. Martin Dwan) about Ireland’s first professional cyclist and the incredible events surrounding his career and life.

In 2001 Brendt Barbur, Founding Director, was compelled to start the Bicycle Film Festival after being hit by a bus while riding his bike in New York. He was inspired to turn this negative experience into a positive one, and created a festival that celebrates the bicycle through music, art, and film. The festival merges many creative communities, including fashion, music and art, as well as various bicycling communities – road cycling, city biking, fixed gear, BMX, cyclocross – over a shared passion for bike riding. 

For the most up to date information:

bike train?

part of the Safe Routes to Schools

maybe you and your family can "build" a BIKE TRAIN!
How to start a bike train...


this would be helpful... I wonder if it is true...

if you know him... let him know you know where he can get his camera and his photos from Amsterdam

this is interesting... News Paper Alum



Gam Jams is hanging up the keyboard


Being a Jackson must be almost as weird as being a Kennedy.

street justice?

this is interesting... 
anyone with some details of where this is happening and how they go about identifying that the bike is in fact a stolen bike

it took me a bit to assemble the puzzle
when I finally saw the third person I finally understood the relationship of the people in this picture
the expressions were confusing
not that I understand the image
I now know why the people look confused

there are all sorts of people on high end ill fitting bikes in Washington DC
it intrigues me why someone would go through the decision to go with the Specialized Tri-Cross Comp instead of the Tri-Cross Sport... but does not care enough to get the bike so it fits

I fully get retrieving your own bike or a friend's bike
but it could get sloppy

this archive from 2003 is an amusing read


explain the gun?

image snagged from here

great advice... RIDE WHEN YOU CAN

I was flattered when this young hopefully said he was familiar with me from the "interwebs"

and the man with the gun is Chris Soda
Chris is on the mend from an injury sustained on the bike... serious head trauma... serious injury
more than likely serious medical expenses

if you are friends with Chris or are just feeling generous...
here is a link to help Chris Soda with his medical expenses
Chris Soda on Give Forward

I will read this later...


funny.... obscure... but funny

just saw Greg Lemond on Phineas and Ferb

and Tweety Bird?
is Tweety a boy or a girl?

Kids Racing at Wednesday at Wakefield

Kids Racing at Wednesday at Wakefield
in years prior I would try to race the "back to back"
race the single speed class and then the clydesdale class
that is ambitious... especially with all the focus it takes to be race manager for two young boys

Dean got 2nd in the boys 11yr old Class
Grant was 5th in 10 and Under!

Dad? Dad got 1st in Clydesdale
there is a story there... not sure if he will ever type to tell it
but it was a great race with fellow Clydesdale Robert Georgantus

I am not sold on the "like a bike" push bike for kids...

not completely sure about the "like a bike" push bike concept for adults


Say it Ain't So...

it is hard for my heart to be broken because I was never man enough to step up to the challenge
for years I heard people talk about Granogue Cross before it happened and then after it happened
but I never traveled to Delaware for the fun
no... well at least for 2012
I do not have that option

FATMARC has announced that there will be NO GRANOGUE CROSS in 2012
something to do with a conflict with the Mayan Calendar... I suppose

words on this topic in an announcement that more than likely went out to various cycling forums as well as the Fatmarc Page