Special Thanks to Bike Valet Volunteers at Dc's Incarnation of the Tout de Fat

Last minute contribution to the DC Tour de Fat

Thanks New Belgium- carnies and all- the DC incarnation of the Tour de Fat was AMAZING

Just hiked the dog in Rock Creek Park... No Strava data... No Instagram photos

Tour Tour Tour

New Belgium is still looking for SOMEONE TO TRADE THEIR CAR FOR A BIKE at the 2015 Tour de Fat in DC

last night I was late to the ChurchKey Tour de Fat Happy Hour... but I was right on time to lead some New Belgium Folks on a bicycle tour of the Monuments... good time... even if I did kidnap everyone and keep them up past their bedtime

Billy Goat Trail- a local favorite- not much of a secret

Tour de Fat Bike Valet is run by volunteers... many of which are members of MORE!

Dean has skill on the bike... practice... practice... well... he does not practice that much

Stacking Rocks in Boulder is a CRIME!

I ask you... TELL TWO FRIENDS AND TWO STRANGERS ABOUT THE TOUR DE FAT... the DC Incarnation of the Tour de Fat is this Saturday May 30th at Yards Park... here is the schedule...

New Belgium Tour de Fat Volunteer Event at Churchkey on Thursday Night...

Tour de Fat is this Saturday at Yards Park in DC... that is May 30th.. What is the Tour de Fat? Scroll down or Google that SHIT!