Rosaryville w Dean and Grant... single speeds all around!

Rosaryville State Park with Dean and Grant

this weekend past I scripted a little plan to go mountain biking with the boys
where to ride was not clear
all that I knew was that I wanted to get the boys and their bikes on dirt
I also wanted to get on a bike on dirt

riding bikes on natural surface trails is good for the soul

I put out a call out to a few other DCMTB dads... but no takers
I was riding with my boys either way... but thought I would try to up the fun factor by bringing more bodies... more young bodies

alas no... hard enough to motivate myself
but motivating others is even more difficult
to try and get other parents to motivate their children
maybe next to impossible

so... I focused on myself and my boys
I gave some thought to where to ride
what would be the best trail option for my two boys of different ages and different speed\strength\and skills

the bikes were decided

Grant on his Gunnar
Dean on his Juan Solo with its 29\26 configuration
and me with my Niner Sir Nine
quite a fleet of single speed machine

sure we have other bike options
but these are our best bicycle options
yet it was still unclear where we would ride

both Dean and Grant are strong cyclists for their age 
exceptionally strong mountain bikers for their age
Dean is almost 14 and Grant is only 11
there is no way to expect young Grant to be as strong as his adult sized 14 year old brother
so... I need to be creative in how I go riding with both of the boys

on urban rides we try different things to balance the scales
sometimes I get younger Grant on a geared bike and Dean and I over spin our single speed mountain bikes
I will do an hour road ride with Grant and then return home and then go out for an hour plus with Dean
this gives me a long ride and some one on one time without the boys fighting
but dirt can be more complicated

I considered Cabin John... dabbled with the idea of Fairhill...
Schaeffer Farms and the Seneca Ridge Trail were options
then eventually I decided Rosaryville
the single loop with limited turns seemed like our best option

I would set out to do one lap with both boys and then a second lap just with Dean

easier said then done

at the trailhead I sent Grant into the woods with a headstart
he was given the instructions to ride ahead... stay on the main trail... stay on the most beaten trail
seemed like simple enough instructions
Dean and I hung in the parking lot while Grant raced off ahead

mentally it is more fun to be chased than to chase
to have young Grant fighting to keep up is not fun for him
instead I send him off ahead
we reel him in... we ride with him at his pace for a bit
we stop for water or to catch our breath
then we send Grant off ahead again

well... this was the lap one routine
it was not a perfect plan
anytime humans are involved there is the risk of imperfection
Grant left the trailhead, but stopped not far into the woods and waited for us
it was not a fork in the road... but he waited there anyway
better safe than sorry

then after some riding together and some chasing I sent Grant off ahead again
only this time we did not catch him
after some time passed my phone rang
it was Grant

Grant had taken the interior loop and Dean and I had passed him
this was fine... Grant was not panicked
and this gave Dean and I a chance to knock out this lap and start the second lap
thus having Grant wait less at the car

we had a short conversation about him staying the course
Dean and I finished our lap
got some juice and some energy from the car
then left back out reversing the loop

not far into the lap I ran into Grant
passed off the car keys and Dean and I hammered out the second and final lap
Dean Rocked It!
Grant Rocked It!
so proud of my boys
fun day in the woods with everyone on single speeds!

what a day!
life should have more days like this
awesome moments make for an awesome life
even if every moment is not awesome
these awesome moments work well to mask the other issues of life

Didg stayed behind...