a few more shots of Colin from last week...

this clearly was not taken today... I do not have any photographs of the snow

I think that is a ladies Electra Bicycle

shaken not stirred...

Chasing Legends (S)

I did not know him... but I heard it said

yes... more shots from Sunday night and Thievery Corp

too long... it has been too long since I have done a proper yoga class

had not seen colin in months... now he is passing in front of the camera as what seems like every day

some more shots of Nico and his push bike

Phoniex Bikes in NOVA

some words about the post that has yet to gestate in my head...

this kid was rocking the downhill!

Banff at NGS

good to see moose... always good to see moose

there was a video crew shooting at the Thievery Show on Sunday night

that must have been a pretty wild trip!

thanks chad...

a note from elliott

Jay and The Raw Talent Ranch and The Lost River Classic