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2014 JBOMB: Race Report: Dean and Grant from Dad's Perspective

not significant.. but not insignificant... there have been some changes to Wakefield Regional Parks Mountain Bike Trails since I last rode\raced there

one more shot of that same rider by Treasury... seconds later

things I see... places and people when I ride straight for work... I need to get back into the swing of things... life and work have gotten me lazy about extending my commutes

Robert Lighthouse... Major Lawrence always tried to get me to see Robert Lighthouse... and that was decades ago... finally saw Robert Lighthouse

I never saw this shot... I did not get the memo that we were supposed to wear our Folklife t-shirt... I thought it looked like a Gap shirt so it never made it high in my rotation... I think Holland got bounce from the World Cup the day prior... so I am wearing my Dutch orange t-shirt

Battle of Bethesda? I thought it happened in the McDonald's Parking lot!

photos from the JBOMB

my brother Marc won his age category at the Head of the Potomac... I searched for results online this morning... but had to wait for information to filter through Facebook

Police CRACK DOWN on Bicycles on the sidewalk... etc.

Halloween Themed DC Bike Party!

harsh reality slaps me in the face riding the trails at Bike Bear Lake in West Virginia