Lego Cyclocross

Some Reflections from 2016

classic Gwadzilla photos



Obama... Eamon... and the Steak and Egg Kitchen

Obama in a Jonathan Blum style

good food and good company


may the Force be with you

Didg and Bricks at Fort Slocum... best buddies

Manor Park

neighbor around the corner... 
kind enough to indulge me and my photo thing

ran into another neighbor on a commute home
we raced the falling sun and caught up as we pedaled

my buddy Al and his girl Roxy
Al is like my neighborhood mentor

and lastly...
me and the tower

I dig the tower

Mormon Temple... one of the Top 5 Christmas destinations in the District... even if it is not in the District proper

on Christmas proper I made the short pedal over to the Mormon Temple
never rode my bike into the visitor's center before

it was a ghost town
no one anywhere
sort of spooky
yet nice to have it to myself

Surrender Dorthy and Toto 

dragged the boys to see the lights at the Mormon Temple a few days before Christmas
a beautiful presentation

the Temple itself is a dynamic structure
but the lights
well... it is really something special
it is really worth checking out!

cool landmark

beautiful piece of something
it is really something
definitely something

Hirschhorn... The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden...

it is an unusual structure...
well... in this setting
but in an industrial setting
I bet there are all sorts of silos and storage containers that look like this

but alas no
this is a museum
an art museum
a Smithsonian Art Museum

Dupont... Dupont Circle a long time home to the DC Bicycle Messenger...