ah... DC... no Dorthy we are not in Kansas anymore... but I do live just off Kansas Avenue

I live in the city
in my day to day I see city things

the city scape
not the mountains
not the sea
the city

in the city we do not have expansive vistas and vast horizon
we have buildings
some buildings more interesting than others
most buildings blocking the vistas and blocking the horizon

in the city we have all sorts of animals
the most interesting of those very well may be the human animal

people watching is a favorite activity of city dwellers
although... no people like to be watched

my city scape involves the monuments and the museums
sometimes the city scape involves both monuments and museums

unusual perspective
yes... I have an unusual perspective
often looking over my handlebars
looking out an office window
not my window... but the office window of the computer that I am working on

I see interesting buildings
I see interesting people
sometimes I take photos of those things

sometimes I just look and then walk on

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