I saw Jane's Addiction before this album was released... and had a ticket for the first Lollapalooza in San Francisco... but showed up a day late on my motorcycle

they were filming a music video for this Jane's Addiction Show at The Scream
I was there
when I lived in Colorado my room mate had a VHS copy of that show
I never watched it
not sure why

Perry Farrell
thanks for the music you made
thanks for the events you promoted

one thing about my memory of seeing Jane's Addiction in LA is the fact that I flew to LA on another person's ticket
it was random... totally random

a friend asked me what I was doing the next day... I said, "nothing" he said "do you want to go to LA"
I said... "sure"

he came and picked me up at 6:45 the next morning in a Cadillac Seville
two hours later I was over St. Louis drinking Jack Daniels with Samantha and Miranda
girls I had seen across the bar 
girls from GDS when I went to B-CC

well... Roz
Sam and Miranda's friend's mom said that she could not go
so... I went to LA on Roz's ticket
totally random

the official video from the show I attended at The Scream so many years ago

12 Hours of Lodi Farms is this weekend... and I am not going to participate

The 12 Hours of Lodi Farms

oh man... 
I hate to say it
but I am not racing Lodi this year
why? because my life is not my own

as coach of my younger son's soccer team I have responsibilities
and well
saturday races conflict with saturday soccer games
go figure

good luck to any and all racing this weekend!

Race at WISP May 11th

The WISP XC Challenge


I did this race a few years back
it worked me... just to finish
had to leave it on the course


in Georgetown...

Capitol Prague Cafe


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I would LIKE it if you helped out!

Brian Poore of DCMTB

on a Rock Creek Park spin the other day I ran into fellow Clydesdale Brian Poore
Brian was on his new road bike
snapped a few shots before Brian put a hurting on me
painful... totally painful trying to keep up


American Job Center... trying to help people help themselves

yesterday I spent the majority of my day at an American Job Center

American Job Center

got some good recommendations
as well as the motivation to prioritize the search
lost momentum
just get caught up in the everyday of life


a few night shots of people on bicycles in Adams Morgan... the woman in the first shot is from Argentina... while the couple on the BikeShare bikes are from New York

more people in DC using the bicycle to get around
it makes sense
it has always made sense to me
glad to see others are learning the simplicity and the pleasure of the bicycle

he calls himself "Artist" not an artist... but his name is Artist

from DC... lives in San Francisco
as he feels that San Francisco is a friendly place for an artist
or for Artist

stole this from FACEBOOK... so I could share it... unsure of the source

AZ Out of DC!

AZ Out of DC!
AZ on the Gwadzilla Page!

I am one of AZ's biggest fans...
at 6'4" tall... weighing in at 225...
I am definitely one of his biggest fans

look into my reflective glasses... and see that the photographer is actually taking a photo of himself!

The Family Bike Shop in Crofton Maryland
have you seen The Family Bike Shop short film?
it is really more of a short film than an actual commercial

The Family Bike Shop

The Family Bike Shop is not only the shop sponsor of DCMTB... The Family Bike Shop is my main goto shop for bicycle needs
The Family Bike Shop on the Gwadzilla Page

DC Messenger in the park across the street from The White House

same guy.... different day

Fat Bike at Sea Otter... this reads a little like The Onion

200 Dollar Walmart Fat Bike KILLS IT at Sea Otter

from the looks of the acid wash jeans... that is Adam Craig
but I can not be certain

either way...
the use of this low end fat bike proves one thing
"it is the Indian... not the arrow"

Beastie Boys Memoir in the Works

The Beastie Boys are talking about working on an unconventional memoir

Slavko got the shot... all on the move... never stopping... just slowing enough to focus... hit the shutter... say hello... and move onward


Slavko got a shot of me doing my "Gwadzilla" thing
always good to run into Slavko
good people
always positive... always funny
even positive when he is complaining
even funny when he is complaining

a shot of me taking a shot of "the intern" from Earl Blumenauer's office
if you scroll through the shots of Slavko... you will see the flash on his Smart Phone!


In the Playroom... an odd photo essay by Jonathan Hobin

yes... odd indeed
photographer stages some of the modern day tragedies with children

In the Playroom by Jonathan Hobin

Jonathan Hobin


riding up to get fish and frozen yogurt

Grant wanted a few fish for his tank and Grant also wanted to go to one of those frozen yogurt by the pound places

I wanted to get Grant out on the bike

Grant got his
I got mine

Got Grant on the bike as our mode of transportation back and forth to eat some frozen yogurt and then buy a couple of neon tetras and some ghost shrimp
then straight home
no great journey... pretty much the most efficient ways up and back

"we did not pass GO... we did not collect 200 hundred dollars"

simply up the hill to Cleveland Park through Klingle Valley
then down the hill on the sidewalk along Porter Street

hate having to dangle the carrot 
but... Grant can be so stubborn
as so many kids of this era can be stubborn... reaching for screens instead of the brass ring

riding the bike...
it is what I want to do... not what he wants to do... it is my idea
he always objects but always enjoys himself once he is on the bike
he definitely enjoys himself once we are rolling

and the carrot? it is discussed... I am not buying him
I am pairing the activities
activities that I will not initiate if we do not include the bike
once on the bike... we discuss how he feels about being on the bike
it is always better on the bike

and I get frozen yogurt too

this has been a basic formula for years

oh... Target gift card?
sure... lets ride bikes up there

doughnuts? I like doughnuts...
when the boys were training wheel age I would walk and they would ride bikes to get doughnuts at Heller's Bakery 

Jeff at Bestway... I mean BESTWORLD

no... that is not me with the red hat

Jeff and his Xtracycle... Jeff has the blender attachment

Ribbon Cutting at Fairland?

I may try to make this...
so close to DC
been meaning to check out this network of trails!

Fairland Ribbon Cutting

Gwen Stefani... great music... great style... and what seems to be stunning personality

Bicycle Day?

Albert Hofmann Dead at 102

in cycling there is more than one way to interpret LSD

some say... Long Steady/Slow Distance
other say... Lysergic Acid


although I had not realized... I was informed then recalled that I had taken his photo before

found it...

the intern... looks a little older than your average intern, or at least more furry

 I think he is working in the office of Earl Blumenauer

all aboard for the BIKE TRAIN!

Bike Train in Austin!

the breakdown is simple... look at this picture

I get it... the bikeshare stations are on the sidewalk
but really...
it will end up meaning fewer cars!
which means... YOU WIN!
even if you are in your car... you still win!

but you would really win... if you got on a bike too

NYers complain about the BikeShare Stations and other things

Adults Learning to Ride Bikes...

WABA and REI offer Cycling classes for Adult Beginners

a little far to save a buck...

Bike Swap in Maine

Slavko taking a photo of me taking a photo of him!

A Bulgarian Beastie Boy!

this woman reminds me of my grandmother...

but really...
if this woman is out getting around on the bike
what is your excuse?

my grandmother lived to be 99
for years she rode an adult tricycle as her mode of transportation for short errands
grocery shopping and to get to the laundry mat in her housing development Buccaneer Estates in Fort Myers Florida

wasted some time...

it happens...
someone posts a link
there is a headline that catches my eye
then I am sucked in

just as with the tragedy on September 11th
there are people trying to put a conspiracy spin on the Boston Marathon Bombers

come on?


last week it happened twice
some people can make it happen everyday
we are stoked to have it happen once a week
this week... it happened twice

the boys are at different schools
Dean is in Middle School
while Grant is still in Elementary School
their before school and after school routines are different

when they went to the same school
it was much easier to coordinate
in fact, there was no coordination to consider
it just happened

in fact...
when we were on a roll
we did not even blink if we rode the bikes home from school twice in a week
it was just business as usual

just got up in the morning and loaded the bikes on the car while the kids climbed inside
dropped the boys of at school
then in the afternoon I would ride my bike to pick up rather than drive my car

living car lite while enjoying an afternoon bicycle ride
win win!

last week I managed to make the post school bike ride with both the boys happen TWICE
Wednesday is really our only logical option for both the boys
but since Dean was home from school "sick" on Thursday... he rode with me to get Grant
thus giving us the second day

you would think the boys love it
well... they do
but... I can get some grumbling
there can be some complaints
and well
there is often some arguement about the route home

but usually...
almost always... not nothing is for certain
but more times than not
once they are rolling
they are entirely stoked to be on the bike!

on the way home I had the boys duck into the woods for a few short laps 
a little poaching
these are unsanctioned trails
rogue trails

just a little trail... not even a loop... but a moment of dirt on our way home
but it all adds up
life is cumulative
and well
the log is a skill and they each looped this trail a few times and got to practice the log

I had to ramp the log out for young Grant
he could clear it... but it was ugly
smaller kid with smaller wheels
I get it