I saw Jane's Addiction before this album was released... and had a ticket for the first Lollapalooza in San Francisco... but showed up a day late on my motorcycle

12 Hours of Lodi Farms is this weekend... and I am not going to participate

Race at WISP May 11th

in Georgetown...


Brian Poore of DCMTB

American Job Center... trying to help people help themselves

a few night shots of people on bicycles in Adams Morgan... the woman in the first shot is from Argentina... while the couple on the BikeShare bikes are from New York

he calls himself "Artist" not an artist... but his name is Artist

stole this from FACEBOOK... so I could share it... unsure of the source

AZ Out of DC!

look into my reflective glasses... and see that the photographer is actually taking a photo of himself!

DC Messenger in the park across the street from The White House

Fat Bike at Sea Otter... this reads a little like The Onion

Beastie Boys Memoir in the Works

Slavko got the shot... all on the move... never stopping... just slowing enough to focus... hit the shutter... say hello... and move onward

In the Playroom... an odd photo essay by Jonathan Hobin

riding up to get fish and frozen yogurt

Jeff at Bestway... I mean BESTWORLD

Ribbon Cutting at Fairland?

Gwen Stefani... great music... great style... and what seems to be stunning personality

Bicycle Day?

although I had not realized... I was informed then recalled that I had taken his photo before

the intern... looks a little older than your average intern, or at least more furry

all aboard for the BIKE TRAIN!

the breakdown is simple... look at this picture

Adults Learning to Ride Bikes...

a little far to save a buck...

Slavko taking a photo of me taking a photo of him!

this woman reminds me of my grandmother...

wasted some time...