how did I miss this?

couches at the Diamond Derby

The Diamond Derby is many things to many people


it is only now that I see what she is painting on the road...

on The Brown Eye...

the folks from Revolution Cycles had some representation at the Diamond Derby...

okay... I like junk food... and my boys like treats

I ate bacon before bacon was cool.

another DC Messenger... Tom... retired military... cancer survivor... triathlete... and a solid guy

DC Messenger... Redskins no matter their record.

I bet he feels safer... this is why guns for home protection are such a good idea.

I am not really a cat person... but have considered trying to host an outdoor cat to deal with the alley rats

will the rain effect FOOD TRUCK FRIDAY?

there is an APP for that!

get kids on mountain bikes...

Pennsylvania Avenue and its Bike Lanes!

US Capitol... another beautiful building in my hometown

I do not think I can finish my bagel egg and cheese breakfast sandwich now...

I think I remember this from The White Shadow...

it would be cute... if it were not so sad

Jenny Gold on NPR

Brooke Shields... I am not certain that is her in the photo below

ROAD TRIP? Asian Thema and Louis?


photos by me on my page... without words to describe them

still buzzing from my camping trip to West Virginia

people on all sorts of bikes...

brown... fashions are changing with the seasons

be careful out there... we do not need another ghost bike

Critical Mass... celebrating 20 years of pissing off car drivers

yes chris... I did bitch about my back

I never got the original to this girl or her boyfriend...

More acorns dropping than usual?