Used Bike Sale...

Beach Drive when it is closed to car traffic is awesome.

this same ride with my older son Dean
even more awesome
double awesome

Coca Cola... WATCH THIS AD! Too honest...

Amazingly Honest Coca Cola Commercial

a must watch!

it is a good feeliing...

to set up the shot
then to capture the shot
without even looking at the display screen after the shot was taken
I knew I got what I was seeking

like a fisherman spotting a large splash from a large fish across the pond
then migrating over there and making a play for that fish
then to get a bike and set the hook
confident that this fish will be in your hands
only to have that hook released and set free to be caught another day

sure enough...
I got the shot
nothing magical
but the shot I was trying to create

cyclist in focus... 
background displaying motion
by being out of focus
the scan and pan 

couple missing in Peru...

bicycle touring couple missing in Peru

years ago I did a bicycle tour in Peru
there was talk about "the shining path"
or something like that
but... like any bold tourista... I just did what I set out to do

hopefully this couple is just off the grid and out of communication
maybe staying with a family that lacks WiFi

who knows?
well... I guess they do
or they did

some fantastic GWADZILLA RANDOMNESS when I search my page for PERU

Single Speeders...

Photo by A. E. Landes
A.E. Landes on FACEBOOK


Dejay Birtch


the journey is the destination...

not too many photos
well... maybe too many for you
but not too many in respect to how I can take photos
when I have the camera and I see action
I can not contain myself
well... if that action involves bicycles or my kids
then I can not contain myself

this Saturday past I was anxious that the rain was locking everyone down unnecessarily
my younger son Grant was at a birthday party at The Spy Museum
which had me thing that the museums would be a good idea
so I set my sites on The Air and Space Museum

walking and talking...

sometimes a good idea...
just like driving and talking on the phone
riding a bike and talking on the phone is not always a good idea

the final blocks...

today we did a loop around the city
traveled some unconventional paths

alleyways... sidewalks... quiet side streets...
bike lanes and bike paths
a few patches of dirt

all in all a good afternoon on the bike
we definitely covered some miles

same cyclist... two angles seconds apart

can you piece the puzzle together?

where was I when I took these photos

Air and Archives

took my older son and two of his friends down to the Air and Space Museum this Sunday past
we took the Metro Train

good way to spend the day


I need to take better advantage of the opportunity to experience FREE art and culture in Washington DC

on FACEBOOK... there is different stuff on the Gwadzilla Facebook Page


from the Gwadzilla Archives

Eric Hilton of Thievery Corporation 

Liz Hatch on the Trainer...

Photo Shoot of Liz Hatch's New Pro Squad

GWADZILLA, not DC Cycling Chic


DC Cycling Chic

at first...

at first I thought this was "Moon"
but it appears not
hard to recognize people all dressed up dodging the cold

Moon on the Gwadzilla Page?

these photos are from a lifetime ago...

Joel and Damien
3rd Right Dorchester Dorm at SMC

I am Joel
the skinny kid with hair
that "was" me
now I am bigger and bald
also older and less wise

sophomore year at St. Mary's College of Maryland
seems like a lifetime ago
or at least more than half my lifetime ago
half of my life time ago

in the above shot I am working on a drawing with my room mate and best friend Damien Dukavich

I have not picked up a pencil for even a doodle in decades
maybe a crayon along side of my kids
but really...
I stopped drawing a million years ago

Damien is no longer of this world
Damien's life was cut short

Damien was hit and killed by a car the summer between sophomore and junior year of college
Damien was crossing the costal highway in Ocean City Maryland with his older brother and some friends
it was a bit of a fluke
what people call "an accident"

I do not care for the term "accident"
"accidents" involve spilling milk
not decapitating pedestrians 

previous mentions of Damien or Damian

ah... youth
vanity of youth
we were young

we thought we would be young forever
we thought we would live forever
life proved us wrong on that one

some of us lived... a few of us died
none of us stayed young forever

the night of Damien's death there was a concert at Merriweather Post Pavilion
hard to recall

New Order, Echo and the Bunnyman, and maybe Gene Loves Jezebel? 

Tim and Snoopy had a ticket for Damien... he was out of contact
this was all pre-email... pre-internet... and pretty much pre-cell phone
"car phones" may have been appearing on the scene... but not in everyday use
most calls from these "car phones" started with "I am calling you from a car phone!"

there was a good chance that Damien's group house on 28th Street in Ocean City lacked a telephone
hard to believe

I went to the Merriweather show on Damien's ticket as there had been no communication and we all thought that he was going to "flake" on us
which he did...

the shows at Merriweather end early due to the placement of the concert venue in a residential neighborhood
back at Snoopy's house we watch videos and drank some beers
I remember feeling an intense emptiness at one point early in the evening
asking where I would be sleeping and went to bed early

the next morning Snoopy woke me and told me the news of Damien's death
it sounds hokey
but I felt the death of Damien
when Damien died... a part of me died with him

we drove up to Syracuse for the funeral a few days later

it was hard returning to school after that
the next semester took some adjustment
I ended up taking a leave of absence after that semester

Damien and my then girlfriend Gillian
I think she like my friends better than she liked me

this photo of these guys was taken after a St. Mary's Seahawks soccer game
the only goal I scored in college
it was a head ball off a corner kick
it may not have been pretty, but it went in the net

 fighting with Gillian for "center stage"
the memories are scattered
all those things that seemed so significant then are now forgotten
good memories.
sad memories.


and then this...
Blog Post about Jim Wilborn
another friend killed by a careless car driver


Dog Tags at the Air and Space Museum...

one of those things that I always want to do
then my rational voice says, "no... why?"
well... today when I took Dean and two of his friends to the Air and Space Museum
while they ran around I did my own thing
which included getting some GWADZILLA Dog Tags

I may use this as an excuse to get my boys to ride their bikes after school...
"lets ride our bikes to The Air and Space Museum and get some DOG TAGS!"

this was a rant about a LIFE COACH APPLICATION for your iPhone... iPad... whatever electronic device you are glued to

I put this on the EVOLVE MY LIFE Facebook page
I figured I should just CUT AND PASTE it and place it here
will give it a read and a quick edit before I PUBLISH AND POST
Evolve My Life on FACEBOOK

personal trainer?
life coach?
that angel on your shoulder helping fight back the demons of lethargy and the demons of malaise?
that friendly push to do what you want to do, but are lacking the motivation to make happen
and some other general good ideas

it would be cool to develop a program for people at their computers... desktops or Smart Phone

Johnny Marr...

I saw Johnny Marr with The Smiths in like 1985 on The Smiths first American\World Tour
then a few years later
I saw Johnny Marr play with Bryan Ferry on the LIMBO tour

Johnny Marr is the man
love the sound of his guitar
I wonder if I will like the sound of his voice

Johnny Marr releases a solo album

a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle...

but apparently the preying mantis wants to ride a bike
great Macro Shots
a REAL Bug's Life

my turntable broke...

wishing I had this as a replacement


not my photo... not my jacket

Andy Rapoport's photo and jacket
but really
a jacket of that sort was a uniform in this town 
at least for a few years in there
not sure what years

the jackets were of various quality
usually with some sort of customization
my buddy Rob had a portrait of a young Frank Sinatra with the words My Way under the handsome man in a fedora 


I am amused by Portland and its antics

Gary Fisher...

Gary Fisher asking to have his photo taken with THE GWADZILLA
okay... I stalked him pretty heavy to get this shot

Gary Fisher on the Gwadzilla Page


another note from your doctor...

(I am about to take this advice... short ride to run an errand)

from this dangerously named page on FACEBOOK

New Yorker in town to protest climate change

Mohawk... another ex-messenger morphing into a pedicab operator

Mohawk mention on the Gwadzilla Page

I can neither confirm nor deny if that is Santa Claus