there are more words in my head

I have more words... Donna has some images on FLICKR
thanks Donna...
and when I said that the yellow jersey smelled like Donna...
I was really just trying to reference than you were the only women in the Liberty Jamboree's short history to wear the yellow jersey
this is a good shot... I wonder of Jeff Clayman's video turned out

nice Dutch bike...

Bicycle Posters at LONDON CYCLIST

LONDON CYCLIST has a great collection of various cycling themed posters

an excellent collection that would be a little better if it included the work of Kevin Nierman
you may recognize his work from Dirt Rag magazine

critical mass is not my thing...

article in SF GATE about Critical Mass

not much of an article
just a few words about it

I am not really into Critical Mass
but honestly...
cars bully the roads everyday
for a bunch of cyclists to try it once a month
well... it should not cause a stir
what should cause a stir?
the everyday behavior of the scoff law car drivers

Metro Bicycle Pedestrian Study

METRO did a study to try and make things more safe for bicycles and pedestrians...

not sure if their study included teaching their bus drivers how to behave around cyclists
so many Metro Bus drivers are bullies of the road


OUT OF PRINT! watch this....

this little diatribe is so much like how I try to explain how it was versus how it is now





I don't know sign language... but I can hear what she is saying

that bike's previous owner

this is a case where filming motion instead of snapping stills would make good sense
a shot of this same woman taken a few years back... on a different bike

my old style...

go back to the archives
there used to be more words
when the photos entered the scene I shot in a different style
the blog is an evolution
the blog is an animal

the blog has a life of its own

story with this image

over by Millie and Al's in Adams Morgan

across from Asylum and Madam's Organ

this guy was working this diminutive machine...

chop shop...

chop shop
bike theft on the bike trail

ironically this chop shop business could be done just as well with thrift shops and yard sales
no need to steal people's beaters
instead of having the police ask questions
ask the police to donate bikes

there are so many unused/unwanted bikes
those are the bikes that should be bastardized

image from here...

odd... very odd...

one of my Mount Pleasant neighbors rolling into work...

this same woman at a different time in a different season



is this the bag that I saw the Plum Grove guys using at the Baker's Dozen?
I think Melanie and Judd got a set of these WINGNUT bags as a prize for their duo efforts

this could be good advice
but it is from Darren... so it must be taken through a special interpreter


on 18th Street....

I had forgotten...

I had forgotten the scope of youtube

the other day I was watching some slap and pop base instruction videos on youtube
then today I got directed by a clip on facebook of women pole dancing
which logically had me start listening to some Fionna Apple

not sure why I like Fionna Apple so much

I find her hypnotic

boston and bike sharing

Boston considers Bike Sharing

backwards sequence

hmmmm... I had not noticed the rear rack.... this bike has drifted from its sport beginnings

fenders would be the next logical touch

the Times has an article on The Bike Snob

more shots on the move...


this is random...

I get tired of getting bullied...

there are certain things that are predictable

I have found it to be a repeated occurrence that when out for pizza with friends
the person who eats the most bread sticks is also the same person who does not eat the pizza crust

am I correct in thinking that the person that gestures to the cyclist in a way to express that they should be in the bike lane or on the bike route is the same person who loves to park in the bike lane or use the bike lane as a turning lane

traffic it is sadly predictable
one thing that you can count on in traffic in all cultures
people in the larger vehicles bully the people in the smaller vehicles
trucks are bullied by bigger trucks
which cause them to bully smaller cars and trucks
and so on down the line
so far down that motorcycles and mopeds disrespect bicycles

it is an obnoxious behavior that no one cares to be a victim of
yet so many drivers contribute to this bully behavior
most often the pedestrian and the cyclist are the lowest characters on the food chain
yep... everyone goes home and kicks the cat

today I got sick of being honked at... I unleashed the bird more times today than a rational person should have to use the bird in a year

again... the righteous versus the humble

if only the person understood that I am doing what I am doing because I am already confident that they do not respect me or my safety
I am putting myself where is most logical
I am putting myself where I am most safe

there are times when I take the full lane
there is a method to the madness
it is a simple effort to make things more sensible for all
sort of preventing the car drivers from making a mistake where I suffer the greatest loss

so... if I am riding outside the door zone in a part of the city where it is common for car doors to be opened and pedestrians to be crossing mid block
well... I am within my right
as it is my right to ride in the road where I am most safe

the irony is that my temporary blockage of these cars does not alter their arrival time
in fact my time on the road blocking them usually does not alter their position in the queue
it may slow them to a speed within the speed limit
but not much more
well... not much more than helping them from having a bicycle on the hood of their car

I am putting myself where I am predictable and easily seen
it is for my safety
but to also assist the cars around me to move logically around me

yet... the car drivers decide to bully me
the use of the horn... there is the use of the horn... which gives me a knee jerk response which involves a wave of my hand with the extension of my middle finger

today I think I gave four obnoxious speeding tailgating red light running assholes the finger because they honked their horn at me

then when out walking my dog I watched as a womean in a Hub Racing Kit rolled down Park Road only to be passed by a car who went obnoxiously fast and obnoxiously close all while honking her horn and of course shaking her head in a condescending way... I flipped her off too.


trying to get the shot...

on a different bike on a different day
still the same girl
on the gwadzilla page

it is not quite bangkok hot out there... but it is bangkok humid!

in from a short hike with the dog
was torn on the status of the trails
loving how things are
while stilll feeling they could be better
also wondering if certain parts of the trail are on the verge of a rapid decline

walked and thought of the effects of the high volume summer rains of recent
looked at how top soil had been stripped from the hard packed trail
thought about what could be done to slow the stripping process
tried to think about what it would take to make these trails more sustainable

daydreamed about trail repair
daydreamed about legal mountain biking in Rock Creek Park

tried to picture logical re-reroutes
walked a loop that is a hiker's re-route that is getting beaten down
these alternate routes could be a good part of the solution to slowing the rapid decline of the Rock Creek hiking trails

early on this wooded dirt trail hike in Rock Creek Park with my black dog Brutus I crossed the driveway of the Rockefellers
this is an urban forrest
my trajectory pointed towards the Roosevelt Trail and Pulpit Rock
it was my plan to alter my trajectory and loop back
yet I wanted to drop that name just the same

it is a short loop that was a faint set of deer trails a few years ago
but now as the active urban population grows so do the popularity of these backyard trails
dog walkers being perhaps the highest volume of trail users
me being one of those many dog walking trail users

on this short loop I was pleased to have the woods to myself
just me and the dog
the car commuter traffic buzzed pretty much out of ear shot
sometimes cars came within sight on one of the sections of Beach Drive

somewhere along the way I took a break from things and took in a deep breath
than realized that I had brought with my a peanut butter and honey energy shot
yes... bonus... and I had just enough water to wash it down
yes... you will want water to wash these things down

earlier this year the entire DCMTB squad was hooked up with goodie bags from WHOLE FOODS P STREET
these re-usable shopping bags were each filled with an assortments of good eats including coffee, pasta, and various energy bars

right in the middle of my little Colorado moment in the middle of Washington DC I tore open this Justin's Peanut Butter and Honey energy pack
ye ha... those mountain folk love their honey so much that at Eric's Down Under they have honey at the table so people can put it on the crust of their pizza

well... as I savored the flavor and then took that last swig of water I thought about how much I love free stuff... then I corrected myself... I really dig good free stuff.... good free stuff is awesome... bad free stuff is crap

as I hike I thought about how this hike should have included some other free stuff... perhaps some of that Anti Monkey Butt powder

oh may.... I was breaking a sweat... not quite out of the shower sweat... but definitely not ready to stand around in public sort of sweat
enough sweat that I definitely needed to change my underwear and t=shirt when I got home
yes... enough sweat that I will take a shower tonight

if only I had the foresight to have primed my underwear and t-shirt with a shake and bake style application of Anti-Monkey Butt Powder!
it could have taken my ass out of the jungle
it was hot... it was humid...

I sweat when I ride my bike... I sweat when I work in the garden... heck... in DC it is not uncommon for people to sweat when they are in the shower

Anti Monkey Butt can cure some of the discomfort of being active in this hot humid climate

okay... sorry... a poetic rant degraded quickly into a quick flurry of unpaid advertisements
at least you can pause and laugh about that dog in the bun

I need to catch up on some blogs...

fatmarc being one of the many that I have fallen behind on

make a messenger bag out of plastic bags... from urban velo

Urban Velo

WUSS: Washington Underground SingleSpeed Society

shoe to the camera!

ah... the OUTLAW in the tree!
the last stage finished at the water

Al Santos snapped some shots at the WUSS 2009 Liberty Jamboree
too bad he did not get a shot of me sporting yellow... that is a story to share
me reaching for the brass ring and ending up over shooting things a bit

Al Santos images on FLICKR

THC: The Highest Chris

THC: The Highest Chris

Gwadzilla Mention of THC
some stuff worth a look

motivating the kids.... it can be tough to motivate the kids

in film The Great Santini Robert Duvall portrays a type A Alpha male air force pilot father who works to motivate his family in the only way he knows how... military speak
at times I can not resist my default settings

as fathers we often assume that Father Knows Best
which may some times be true... unless we let things roll on auto pilot
for some reason the role of drill sergeant is often how I attempt to enlist the participation of my children in different activities

The Great Santini on the Wiki Page
Father Knows Best on the Wiki Page

The Kid's Race at the 2009 Liberty Jamboree

(last year's post on the topic)

after the adult riders and racers were fed and rested everyone got ready for the much anticipated Liberty Jamboree Kid's Race
this is a race that has a reputation for being the Shenadoah Mountain 100 of Kid's Races
my boys were on the swing...

I pulled Dean and Grant's bikes out from the car
as other parents and children started to get ready
I tried to gather my boys

my somewhat spacey but usually obedient Dean stepped away from what he was doing and found his helmet and then his bike
Dean started to ride around with the other kids
while Grant informed me that he was not going to take part in the kid's race

ah... a repeat of last year... a repeat of similar events in the past

well... Grant can be a stubborn one...
when he is fixed on no... there is often an issue in reversing that decision

the week prior at the BMX course Grant had told me that it did not matter what I said... he was not going to do any more laps

I thought about that strong stance before I started in on our discussion

earlier in the afternoon I had mentioned the kid's race and got similar resistance...
at that point I told him that he had a choice to race or not to race
but that I would like him to race and I felt that he would enjoy racing

at that point his no was not so firm... I was not pushing for an answer at that time
as the kid's race was more of a discussion than an actual event

well... rather than repeat myself only to have him repeat himself with a firm no I took an alternate approach

I walked up to Grant on the swing and asked him to take a walk with me
we took a short walk just a few steps away
and I asked him to sit down
just in the distance there were horses within view

with my camera in hand I asked Grant if I had ever shown him the ZOOM feature on t
he camera
I displayed how it worked then passed it off to him

then Grant took some photos of the horses

when he was done I gently retrieved the camera and began our discussion

most of the kids who were going to do the kid's race were already riding around on the driveway

I spoke to Grant about the kid's race Grant was calm and Grant listened
the firm no response had been removed from the forefront of my brain

never did I have to resort to YOU ARE GOING TO RACE AND YOU ARE GOING TO LIKE IT

no... in fact I really just had to reiterate my intentions

not sure if Grant was swayed by my speech or tired of hearing me talk
but I got the response I was looking for... Grant said... okay... alright... I will race the kid's race

all the kids lined up on the grass in what appeared to be race formation and then swarmed
into the woods off the grass and onto the singletrack
the kids were rolling into the woods far ahead of the parents

Dean and Grant were off in the front breaking away from the pack

in the same way that I would retract my dogs I whistled loudly

then whistled again...
parents behind me yelled to their children...
but I could hardly hear them so it was unlikely that the kids that were just specs in the distance could hear them at all

I sent a few more sharp ear piercing whistles
then I saw the kids had turned around and were looking back the kids passed me headed back to the house only to turn it around again pointing back into the woods
it was chaos
.... complete kid chaos
kids of various ages and various skill levels pedaled a variety of different man powered wheeled machines in all the madness
Dean tried to make a pass around a younger child on a tricycle
it could have been a root or a rock... no one is really sure but in an effort to dodge the smaller child young Dean crashed and crashed hard
handlebar to the solar plexus
the pain was visible on his face
Dean could not get up... he did not want to get up... Dean definitely did not want to get back on the bike

I lifted my long and lanky 8 year old into my arms and hugged him

poor little Dean had really taken a hard blow
after a short hug I took him aside off the trail and looked under his shirt checking for bruises and scrapes nothing...

still shaken Dean fought back the tears
I lifted his bike and turned to him
Dean told me that he did not think he could ride

Dean told me that he did not want to ride

I asked Dean to walk with me

as we walked the young racers gathered
in a cluster of training wheels, tricycles, push bikes, and two wheeled bikes with and without parental assist
Dean walked along side of me as I walked his bike to the line

in that hundred yard walk since the spot of the crash Dean was able to get his breath
without argument
Dean took the bike when I offered it to him
I then moved back into a space on the trail to try and snap a few photographs master of ceremonies Jim Casey tried to shuffle the kids into categories separating the two wheelers from the training wheels and trikes

then they were off

call ups may have come into play
the spot on the start line looked like it would dictate the race

Dean started off trail in the brush and Grant had a slow start starting on his own and was immediately a few spots back

as the kids rolled further down the trail each child made a pass and took their slot in the queue

the kids rolled around the bend to the finish
I was not sure of how things ended
but I was proud of the efforts that I saw before me

Grant not only participated... but he gave it his all

Dean performed very much the same... Dean showing a level of strength to get back on the bike and get back in the game
I was certainly proud of each of my boys and their effort
I was pleased that they had both participated and that they had each displayed such a strong effort

it turned out that Dean finished first... which was not such a victory since he may have been the only 8 year old in the bunch
while Grant at five finished Third

all the kids got a Pedal Shop water bottle as a prize
all the kids got to roll across the finish and break the tape

I heard that Grant went across the finish line raising his hand from his handlebar waving his fist with bra

this was the experience I was hoping to create for them
all the kids had a blast
if it had been a loop I think the kids would have all kept riding

so often it is hard to get the kids to do what is best for them
even if that is getting involved
the brains of small children can be tricky to understand
I am not clear on what gives the children apprehension... maybe it is the same list of issues that give us adults anxiety
fear of not performing as well of the others
fear of failure
not sure

as much as the kids may have a right to their deciding what they do or don't do
there is a time where a parent needs to guide their children into getting involved
perhaps if they could only remember the joy they felt after the action they would not be so hesitant to jump into the action the next time it is offered to them

it was a good day on the bike for the adults and the children
this is a weekend that I look forward to for me and for the family
each year the Liberty Jamboree delivers
thanks again to Jim, Amy, and Amy's parents for hosting this event
we all appreciate their efforts
this weekend is definitely a summer highlight!


Charles Alexander Diez is an ASSHOLE and SHOULD DIE!

Asheville North Carolina Fire Fighter Charles Alexander Diez allegedly shot a cyclist because he was riding on a busy road with a small child

that part is not alleged

the cyclist was not injured
but the bullet did strike his helmet


word on the street...

not that it is my thing...
it is still of interest to me

I heard that some people are boycotting the NCCCCBOSTON2009
due to the fact there are no street closures
which makes it more of a large Alley Cat

or something to that effect

Project Airstream!

about amy...

hopefully I will see Tom and Amy before they go... if not... maybe we will see each other on the trails or on the slopes in another state at another time