no time to blog... need to get packing for the SM100

no time to blog... need to get packing for the SM100

live perfomrance of YES WE CAN

live performance of YES WE CAN

John Legend, will.i.am "Yes We Can" Performance At Democratic Convention

watch it... share it
watch it again... share it again

the originial YES WE CAN video

image from here www.notcot.com

get people to vote who would not normally vote
get people talking again
get people thinking about this again
the battle between barack and hilary went on so long that people have lost interest in the real battle
the battle for the presidency

labor day weekend... the shenandoah mountain one hundred

The Weekend Section of the Washington Post

It is Friday... the Friday before Labor Day Weekend
Labor Day Weekend... the weekend of The Shenandoah Mountain 100

sipping my coffee and waking up before I walk the dog then head out to work

wet here in Washington... not sure what is happening in the George Washington Forrest just outside of Harrisonburg Virginia

am I ready?

ready as I am gonna be

there is no more time to cram for this test
just time to battle the demons
time to get my head right

the body feels good
I am feeling good on the bike
this year has involved less than the normal preparation for this one hundred mile epic
less than normal?
normally I do not do any special preparation for this event
which does not sound good

I feel good on the bike
felt fast on the bike
felt fit on the bike
the rides and races on the bike through the season have been good ones
this should be another good day on the bike
this should be a fun day on my new fun bike!

larry camp calls this a long fast group ride
matt donahue calls it christmas for mountain bikers
I have called it the Lollapalooza of mountain bike races
this race has been called many things
during that one hundred mile course the race will be thought of as many different things

tonight I pack
sunday I ride


only going one way


a glance back at the past...

a glance back at the past...

reading the articles from MADE TO ORDER BIKES has me thinking...

as a married man I do not spend too much time thinking about other women
my wife is the only women for me
there are no others
so why day dream

no this rant is not on the matter of love had or love lost
this rant is about the notion of an experience mountain biker male going riding with an inexperienced mountain biker female
it is also a reflection upon my younger self
as little as I know about women now... I knew even less then
and I am still trying to learn more as I go along

it is a pretty standard scenario when the experienced mountain biker male goes riding with a lesser experiences mountain biking female
as a rule the man goes slower than they would like to go when riding
while the woman may be going faster than she feels comfortable riding
they meet in the middle
neither one is happy

a similar scenario can be witnessed in the winter from the chair lift as boyfriends try to introduce their girlfriends to snowboarding
it can be a real deal breaker
it is never a pretty site

when I see a man running with a woman I often wonder...
is she a strong runner?
is he a weak runner?
will he still run with her after he gets that piece of ass he is striving for?

I have been riding mountain bikes for decades
I ride my bicycle to and from work each and every day and have been for decades
so it is absurd for me to think that my wife would be able to get on a bicycle for the first time in a year and keep up with me on a mountain trail

so what should be done?

when I ride with my wife I need to remember that I am not going on a work out for me
these rides with my wife are about time with my wife or time with my family
not about getting my heart rate up
not about getting ready for a race
not about getting in some time on the bike
it is about getting in some quality time with the little women
these rides are about getting my wife into the sport

when riding with my wife I need to remember that this is about her
I try to let her lead and let her set the pace
I try to take her places that put her at ease with her skill level
but honestly... the rides have been few and far between since lisa got her bike stolen a year ago
LAME! I know... LAME! we should have replaced it long ago
we are in the market now for a new machine

but when she gets it
what should I do then?
well... I need to try to get lisa back into riding on her own
I need to try and get her out riding with her friends at their pace
I should try to get lisa involved in a women's mountain bike skills clinic
and when I ride with her... I need to be patient

Ride Like A Girl

Hot Mamas in Marin

I just like this flyer

I just like this flyer...

snagged from the Surly Blog


surly bikes

Surly Bikes

(better than it used to be!)

a friend sent me her flickr account address

a friend from college sent me her flickr account address
well... she made me a flickr contact

the first image made me smile
just because I have not seen her in so long
even if it is electronic
it is still good to see old friends

then there was this shot
nice shot of her with the person I would like to call our next president of the united states

but I am having my doubts

Pump Track Nation!

Pump Track Nation
from Lee Likes Bikes


the sourdough trail...

the sourdough trail...

the details are a blur as this afternoon ride was well over a decade ago
so bear with me as I see what spits out

after college I was not sure what to do with my life
I fell into the things that felt comfortable... hanging with friends, drinking and going out, and working the same job I worked during the summers and winters while in college
not sure what to do... I loaded up my motorcycle and zig zagged cross country
after a short stint in the Bay area I sold the motorcycle, flew back east, loaded my car and drove out to Colorado

while in Colorado I lived in the ski town of Breckenridge
jobs were seasonal... after the season those with seasonal jobs found themselves jobless
during the summer I spent a good amount of my time riding in the area and traveling about
there were multiple trips to Moab and a good amount of time with friends in Boulder
when hanging with friends in Boulder I kept bumping into a friend from college
I would be on the bike path and there would be this tall lanky women with long blond hair hammering on her mountain bike
we would chat while we rode
then split off to continue on our way
these chance occurrences repeated themselves
we were both on mountain bikes while riding the paved trail
actual mountain biking had been mentioned
so we made plans to go mountain biking

I showed up at her place and we loaded our bikes on the bumper mounted rack of my forest green volkswagon rabbit convertible
as we headed out of sunny Boulder towards Nederland the weather started to change
the temperature grew cooler and the clouds got thicker
then it started to rain
icy cold rain drops on a summer day

we continued to drive with the top down
with speed maintained the cold rain drops did not effect us
at speed this cold rain did not even get the rear seats wet
as we climbed the rain became snow
when we got to the trailhead of the Sourdough Trail there were quarter size snow flakes gently falling to the earth

I was not sure what to do...
when I turned to ask this friend from college if she still wanted to ride I saw that she had more gear in her bag
she had come prepared for what the mountains had to offer
she pulled tights over her shorts and a shell over her jersey
she left the fingerless gloves in her bag and put on some full finger gloves
I suited up as well and we hit the trail

the specifics are a blur...
we were both on Cannondales with rigid forks
more than likely thumb shifters that barely shifted and brakes that did not do much to stop the bike
I do recall that we hammered
while we rode the rocky technical terrain of this trail the snow fell
being young I ran the same routine with her that I did with other friends who were slower than me
I rode my pace... while she rode her's
turning back every mile or so after I got a little bit ahead
each time I was shocked at how close behind me
and it was rocky
or so I recall

I am still not sure what to do with my life
I am still doing what feels comfortable

this post was weak
I failed to do that story any justice
it was not so much the absence of ten cent adjectives and fifteen cent adverbs
it was more a matter of the absence of content
a mixture of the years past and the incriminating nature of words I did not go into the increased respect and increased attraction created by seeing this friend hammer on the bike displaying that mountain bike spirit

it was also really cool to experience the splendor of a mountain's ability to express several seasons in the course of an afternoon

Mike Birner of Mid-Maryland Coaching will be leading one of the DCCX Cyclocross Clinics!

Mike Birner of Mid-Maryland Coaching will be leading one of the DCTB DCCX Cyclocross Clinics!



cool august day...

cool august day
today was a cool august day
it has worked out well
the increase in the cycling population has been coupled with a reasonable summer

had this been a summer of code red days not many of these people would have seen cycling as a rational option

I could not ride a bike in a suit

euan is selling this...

euan is selling this

Traffic Quiz

Traffic Quiz in the NY TIMES

Japan in 2009? how about Guatemala in 2010!

found this in austria

found this in austria... I think www.upanddownhill.com there was a mention of two good articles worth sharing

Girls - Seven Reasons You Should Start Mountain Biking

How to Keep Your Girl Riding (and Retain Domestic Bliss)

both from Made To Order Bikes in Atlanta


Smither Jones...

Smither Jones by the JAM
smither jones on last FM

as a working stiff I can really appreciate that one

That's Entertainment and Down in the Tube Station at Midnight are also favorites of mine

never know what to say here...


I will have to dig deeper into this
another messenger photo on Shorpy's Page


carson either has some photos or a stutter

i think carson either has some photos or a stutter
okay... maybe both

carson has some photos
carson @ photo seller!
I am sorry about his stutter... he has told me three times about his photos from the SSWC
all in comments somewhere on my blog... a personal email and hello would have been a better sales pitch than the greeting-less plug

nice photos
bummer about the stutter

carson blog

nice photos
sorry to make fun of your stutter
my bad
I was wrong
there will be no more jokes about your stutter

this image reminds me...

this image reminds me...

when we lived in that group house in columbia heights
you did not have a door

why did you not have a door?

why did you not have a door?
have you talked to donna lately?
yes... donna

fantastic photograph

a fantastic photo
a fantastic record
a fantastic record cover

would love to hear a blue grass version of LOVE AIN'T FOR KEEPING


custom spoke cards!

custom spoke cards!

this guy is sick!

chris sharma is a bad ass!
chris sharma on youtube

that rollins advert

that rollins advert...

very interesting
somewhat amusing
already ranted about the contrast between friends Henry and Ian on their concept of cash

found that here...
now I do not know where that is/was

Malcolm McLaren on the Wiki Page
sunny to think that The Sex Pistols were just another boy band like The Monkees or In Sync

Henry Rollins Dot Com

considered putting words on the image

august can be slow...

august can be slow..

would it be more sensible to roll up the sidewalks for two weeks in late august?
dc is dead in august
the town is asleep
half the people are on vacation
the other half of the population is twiddling its thumbs

it would make sense with congress out of session for federal government to close down for a portion of late august
than other businesses would follow suits
that is what suits do
suits follow

no reason for people to bother getting paid for attendance
give them a paid vacation
they will be more productive when they get back
the energy save would save money
the improved morale would produce more

cloak dagger

I totally dig that henry rollins independent ad
is that an actual ad?
I love the dicotamy of Ian MacKaye and Henry Rollins
best friends and commercial opposites
Henry cashing In on being famous... famous for being famous
while Ian ignores his wealth and shuns away from the spotlight... still making music and wanting people to understand and appreciate his music for what it is and not for who he was

Henry Rollins and Ian MacKaye are both heros of mine
I had the pleasure of seeing these heros perform as a teen
Minor Threat and Black Flag then also Herny's spoken word.. which was on several occasions a conversation with Ian....
very easily two of the best "shows" I every attended
Minor Threat at The Landsburgh Culture Center with Trouble Funk
Black Flag with... well... there was the roadies band Nig Heist... but not sure who opened at Pierce Hall
definitely top ten shows/concerts... more than likely both in the top five

dc should definitely take a few weeks off in august
time could be better spent doing other things other than saying... dc should really take two weeks off in august
the money saved in not running the ac alone would be of value

not only did I see Minor Threat
but I saw Henry Rollins do his spoken word thing on a very up close and personal level... small venue to a handful of people... the genesis of his spoken word thing
a modern day bard
a fantastic story teller filled with fantastic stories
dc space is a story that has been undertold

can not read now... blogging now... will read this later

can not read now... blogging now... will read this later

although I am not really a fan of Bam
I totally appreciate Bam
he is awesome
he is just not for me
yet I fully appreciate hime
bam is awesome

need to read this article in Outside Magazine online

as much as I love to throw a frisbee.... I love to kick a soccer ball

as much as I love to throw a frisbee
I love to kick a soccer ball

although I thoroughly enjoy throwing and catching a football
I usually one do that once or twice a year

I would really like to throw a frisbee or kick a soccer ball
these things happen with the kids
but it is different with someone at a different level than the kids

arlington skate blog

arlington skate blog

read an article in Outside magazine about Jay Adams
I like how he debated who the Dogtown and Z Boys tried to write too much of a story of his tragic fall

the story is tragic
but the telling is not like the reality
I am waiting for the happy ending

the story is not over

here is the story in OUTSIDEonline

scroll down this gwadzilla tangent to a sick black and white photo for a long gone era in washington dc

ergon grips..

ergon grips

my brother gave me some Ergon Grips for my birthday
sweet gift!
last night I trimmed my bars and put on the grips
things are shaping up nicely

Shenandoah Mountain 100 this weekend!

getting the bike ready
the body is as ready as it is gonna be

Gwadzilla SM100

Ergon News

Ask Dave Wiens: The answers are in!

would rather catch this man moving... cause he really moves


ran into batman
he was at his destination
so the shot was not in action
wanted to catch the action shot
but rather than shoot up 20th
he turned onto the sidewalk
I missed the shot
I got this shot

loved getting a closer look at this classic Raliegh
Super Course 12... my brother had this bike
12 speed... in an era where road bikes were called ten speed bikes
a time when ten speed meant two times five
back when the Raleigh line was still made in England

back to the bike
it had a nice group
a group from that era... I noticed the cranks were some pretty engraved campy stuff
the wheels were not of that era.... the wheels are newer and stronger
the frame and its major components are showing that they were made well
made well
things are made differently now

ten speed cassettes are the disposable devil
skinny chains are more prone to breakage
this post feels like a food review

bicycle benefits....

the Olympics are behind us

the Olympics are behind us

Sex and the Olympic City!

pro hos and mutually vain narcissistic athletes... sounds like a good time!

lunchtime post... hold onto your lunch!

stole this from bikecentric

from the mind of Ikon O Klasst

a very cool blog about traffic... www.howwedrive.com

a very cool blog about traffic

from the author of the book, TRAFFIC
not to be confused with the movie TRAFFIC
most definitely not to be confused with the band TRAFFIC

this information shared with my by my black rat snake catching brother



no handlbars... flobots

flobots official site
flobots @ myspace
video on youtube

my four year old son grant turned me onto this song
that kid knows a pop hook
this song no handlebars is righteously cool
love the hook
love the message

give it a look
give it a listen

more from Chesapeake BMX

this guy was comfortable on the bike

these guys were digging it on the bike!

more photos from Chesapeake BMX
and yes
content corrected
not in Crofton in Severn

alex daniels was in Severn
oh... nevermind

well... a single by Severn was on Sub Pop
either way... inside joke

I need to start reading the BMX articles in SPOKES magazine more closely
that information may be useful for family outings

catch and release...

catch and release...
in this day and age a good deal of our nature experiences involve catch and release
sometimes there needs to be more than just catch and release
not just catch and release but also respect during the catch, the capture, and the release process

this notion of catch and release goes from the firefly to the box turtle and then some

as cool as it is to catch a critter and take it home it just is not an option in the urban/suburban worlds
sure I see box turtles, chipmunks, and black rat snakes in the woods of rock creek park
the frequency of these sightings does not mean that I can take them home
if I took these animals home and a few others took this wildlife home well... then there would be no more life in the wild in these woods

we catch them and then release them before bedtime
there are enough casualties in the capture process
so many get squished putting the lid on the jar that I can not risk letting them die over night
the joy is in catching them
not killing them

this weekend past the family went out to Cunningham Falls
while hiking the dry rocks where the falls would be had we had rain in the last few weeks there was a small puddle filled with some indigenous wildlife
in this puddle with stone walls there were all sorts of water bugs skating on the surface of the puddle and some tadpoles at various stages of development within the puddle
as dean and I put our noses close to water we watched the tadpoles as the tadpoles watched us
in this little pool of water there was really no place for these frogs in their infant stage to hide
we most certainly could have caught a few of them and taken them home

dean wanted to catch them
dean wanted to take them home
I tried to explain this notion of catch and release
I tried to reinforce that these animals needed to remain in their home rather than ours
dean was persistent

it was tempting, but not an option
if everyone were to bring a flower, a tadpole, or a snake home with them
well... as said there would no longer be any wildlife left in the wild

as corny as the boy scout rules are
there are some sense to them
was it....
take only memories leave only footprints

and house of pain's
pack it up... pack it in

Frog in a Blender
a classic FLASH animation piece I dare you to play with the blender controls
start the blender on the slower speeds
turn up the volume
begin laughing
and build up
then laugh some more

this classic dates back to dial up!

it is later... much later...
just finished telling the boys a few stories from when I was a kid
today was their first day of school
well... today was dean's tomorrow is grant's
either way today had that back to school excitement

this excitement of the day had me trying to recall a story about one of my first days at school

no memories surface
all forgotten
all the trauma... all the anxiety... all the pain... all the suffering
all the stuff that was not made any better with back to school clothing

there was no trauma, anxiety, pain, or suffering from where I stood today
things went pretty smoothly
all after a trail-a-bike ride to school drop off went pretty well
the trail-a-bike gets squirrelly without a child on it
the ride was cool... tried to videotape a less than eventful ride that took us down through the zoo
on a road in the national zoo which passes maybe a camel and an ibex but not much more
there are definitely more smells than sites
the camera did not take well to video
things powered down early in the ride
did not have time to trouble shoot it

I was pleased with how well the camera base attached to a C Clamp worked on the handlebar
no... I did not make this apparatus... store bought
bought at a yard sale a decade ago
never used until that moment
getting distracted... back to my point...

maybe the trauma, anxiety, pain, and suffering does not happen until high school
maybe there was trauma, anxiety, pain, and suffering only not visible to me
maybe these things happen but are forgotten

back to my point...
a point that has been interrupted by tangents and worse than tangents kids who refuse to stay in bed
so I blog as I block
on the computer in my office by the door to their bedroom to prevent any escapes
they are too wild right now

my point... catch and release

when I was in grade school I used to ride my bike to the C&O Canal
all sorts of points on the canal were destinations of different adventures
so often the journey was the destination

we rode our bikes to swim at wide water, leap off the aqueducts over seneca creek, fish at various spots of the canal and potomac, or to hike/wander through the woods
there were many rides to a family friend's house north of swains lock where I would portage their canoe up and down the locks of the canal
more than likely there was no more than one ride with ice skates to skate on the frozen waters of wide water at old angler's inn
there were many adventures and just as many memories

of course my brother went on a number of these trips

in grade school
marc was a grade ahead so lets say I was in seventh and he was in eighth
there was a period where these trips to the canal involved catching snakes
we would go to the canal with pillow cases in our cannondale front handlebar mounted touring bags
both on Raleigh bicycles we rode out to the billy goat trail with the intention of catching snakes as pets
not a pet like a dog...
a pet like a fish

the black rat snake was the snake to catch

it was part of the Tom Sawyer\Huck Finn youth that seems to be far less available these days

in hind sight...
our catch and release was not as responsible as it should have been
we caught things in one location
held them in captivity for a bit
fed them white mice as they lived in a small glass aquarium under a household lamp
learned that they did not make such good pets
then let them go in other woods closer to our home

we were kids and the times were different
people were yelling NO NUKES
but no body had a clue about conservation
there was not an environmental movement
sure the book Walden had been written
but there still was no real understanding of our impact
well... no a main stream consensus like is starting to spread today
common sense is still not common
but there are pockets of it growing

in any case
this was an effort to jot down an idea
the effort was hijacked by the quarrels of brothers
as a child I was the hijacker
now I am being hijacked
with insight into my father's frustration of the energy and excitement of two boys refusing to go to bed... refusing to listen
I try not to fall into the default setting which is my father's actions
these are different times

in this day and age...
a black rat snake is not to be caught and taken home
at least not in these woods that border urban and suburban dwellings
what if everyone caught a black rat snake and took it home
there would be no more black rat snakes in the woods
the woods can not sustain such things

it is good to understand things now
things that we did not understand then

if the kids were home and I could catch a black rat snake or better yet a box turtle
I would see it fine for me to catch the animal and take him home for a short viewing
only then to be returned to the woods to the same location
that would be fine
this happened recently with a red eyed box turtle
this has yet to happen with the snake
my brother was always better at catching snakes than me
a turtle is better suited to my needs

catching snakes may be like riding amusement park rides
you may outgrow the inclination for such things
I may have outgrown my comfort for chasing and cornering a snake
cornering a snake?
that notion does not appeal to me

sorry if these thoughts never came together
more distracted than usual


a good way to start the week!
who doesn't want a free bike?




easy fellas... I think that is a bicycle riding dude!



anyone who has contacted me by Sunday Night is in
sorry I have not been able to respond to all of the emails
I have been trying to compile a list to have one sound response with some more specific information
I have the emails but have not gathered the information or compiled that list

that email should come within the next few days
lots going on
first week of school for the boys and all that is the burden of everyday life

this should be fun!
it is all coming together well
anyone who did not get in on session one is more than welcome to attend any of the other events on following wednesdays!

shameful... nothing short of shameful... responsible... yet shameful

chad of the baltimore bush doctors should be ashamed of himself
he blew off the SSWC in NAPA to hang with his family
nothing short of shameful
yes... responsible
yet... shameful

I too am ashamed that I did the responsible thing
had a great weekend
but part of me felt guilty about not being on the bike in the west

when I get a chance I will scan the blogs for some words on the subject

I fear the words about the SSWC in NAPA will burn like holly water on linda blair's pre-rick james skin

a good weekend
a weekend without the bike
a good weekend just the same
the only guilt was that I was unable to find anyone to take my GOLDEN TICKET

like a a boy on prom night
all sorts of build up
with no delivery

man I was looking forward to that!