there should be plenty of words and images from the race

Ricky D does not need an excuse for pink..

I love this story...

wish me luck... give me strength

fatherhood in the modern world

Ride Like a Girl

south of dupont

afternoon nap


marriage and marathons

wounded warrior project

give and take... talk or listen...

even with the Internet news can still take days

one more of Cargo Mike

cargo mike and his cargo bike (again)

Cargo Mike


another post for squirrel


Metal Cowboy takes his kids for a bike ride

metal cowboy

almost as bad as cell phones

The Monkey has Landed!

26ers vs. 29ers

some shots around the city

while I am being creepy

more smut... and some links

free water bottle... DID SOMEONE SAY FREE?

john falls photo

my space seems like happy hour at the beach in SoCal 24-7

women specific

every person has a story

sean bega/hub racing

life with children... life before children

incongreuent tangents

mom yet?

like they say... it sells

ladies night

if mechanics looked like this... I would bring my bike by the shop more often

rained all day... no bikes in the alley

powers for good rather than evil

bike blog new york style

fast guys blog too

stole this from timmyp

this is a fun one

izzy wants to learn to ride a bike

thought this was nice as I walked to get lunch

at work... speed/effieciency/skill

not sure if I posted this collection

tonight's ride.... well, this afternoon's ride

the other evening has a moment of humility and an moment of fear


reminder: washcycle

run forest run