there should be plenty of words and images from the race

joe foley
kevin dillard
ricky's friend al
those and more had their cameras out
I need to go to sleep... tomorrow I will dig up the links
(links are arriving)


Ricky D does not need an excuse for pink..

stole this from ricky d at bikecentric
would make some jokes... but do not mess with ricky d
he can get evil electronically
he has mad photoshop skills

here is ricky d's message

Ol' buddy Mike (and resident Speedgoat web guy) gave me the heads up about a righteous raffle his shop is throwing: a chance to win a $7G Moots road bike adorned with custom pink bits for the paltry sum of $10. All the money goes to the Breast Cancer Fund. Huge payoff for very minimal investment! Win win.

I love this story...

so, I raced today....
it went well
not perfect... not bad... awesome at times...
it is a long story as all my stories are long
I have yet to put it down
perhaps I will sleep on it and it will all make sense tomorrow
in the course of the evening while watching the sopranos I scanned the net for images and results

has a picture of a yeti that made me think of this story...

a number of years ago when the mother of my children was without kids and was my girlfriend and not yet my wife we took a few months to travel through southeast asia
the classic backpacker stuff.... no marco polo first ascent stuff.... but a great lonely planet experience as well....
enough on that
the thought that the lonely planet is the devil is a rant for another day
this thought of the lonely planet being the devil was a metaphor for the map in the book the beach
that may have already been blogged about
in any case

lisa and I were in nepal

no kids
no dogs
life not like our lives are now
so we are in nepal trekking on the annapurna circuit
it is actually the last day of 21 days of trekking
the whole experience was amazing
as a person who loves the mountains this was a peak in my limited mountain experiences
so it was the last miles of the last day of a 21 day trekking experience
there was great relief
we were reaching our goal
reaching physical goals brings the participants a wide range of positive emotions
our destination was just ahead
so, rather than finish up the last miles and wait at the roadside for the afternoon bus back to Pokarha
a gorka porter guide of two late teen british boys recommended stopping at the last tea house
the porter hired to cary lisa's bag did not speak english... and had never done the circuit before
so we paced ourselves of the instruction of the brits guide, kumar
kumar and our porter ravi became fast friends on this hike
doing physical things along side others builds a kinship of one kind or another
as we settle in I rest my 40 pound pack on stone wall behind me
the altitude and its change in pressure along with a menu that often consisted of dahl bat or dahl bat can alter the human internal pressure
with my pack resting on the stone wall I thought that I may be able to release some of this pressure
with a lean and a tilt I went for my descrete release
with the rumble of a giant came a throaty belt of a release
not what I expected
not what I planned
before embarresment could settle in the women turned to the women along sider here and made a few gestures around her head and uttered something in nepali
then everyone including the porters broke out in laughter

i asked the porter who was also the young brits guide what she had said
with a great nepalese smile in his eyes and in his mouth he laughed as he said
she thinks that maybe you are the yeti

I laughed too and felt that I had recovered from my awkward display

I think so yes

I blogged about this exact same story a year or two ago
just googled it
gwadzilla archive of the same story told differently
sorry.... the only thing more low brow than farting is fart stories and fart jokes
I am what I am

I did not check
but after a google this page looks like it contains my mention of the lonely planet metaphor

yeti sighting in western maryland yesterday!

wish me luck... give me strength

the morning has come
last night was fun
maybe too much fun for the night before a race
my head hurts
hopefully this next cup of coffee will set things right

time to walk the dogs
time to load up the car
time to approach my demons
time to race

headed off to western maryland for a mountain bike race
the anxiety is building
just got to ride my own race
can not let myself get wrapped up in the health and fitness of the riders around me
let them go
no one can carry my up those hills but me

maybe I had one too many bourbon and ginger
maybe I had two too many bourbon and gingers

I am excited to get on the bike
the time leading up to the start line tends not to be a pleasure
too much anxiety


fatherhood in the modern world

in this modern world
in this modern developed world
it has been many centuries since the life of a child was like the life of their father's childhood
what is done?
what has been handed down?
what is new?

velcro, scs/dvd/,digital cameras, electric tooth brushes, lights on your shoes, and computers
and every tangent from there
my grandfather may have had in his youth a flushing toilet, a car, a movie theater, and the technology of radio/telephone/electricity and products of mass production
all of which his father did not have in his childhood

my great grandfather's child was perhaps without a bicycle
I am not sure
but... by chance of economics my grandfather's childhood could have lacked a bicycle
the truth I a not sure
but I am certain that my father did have bicycles and so do I
my sons also have bicycle
the bicycle's evolution has slowed
evolution took its biggest leap from nothing to something
then slowly improved itself from there
the bicycle is still improving
yet the bicycle is still a bicycle

the evolution of riding may have gone through more dramatic changes in the last many decades than the evolution of design or technology
my sons will certainly do things on bikes I could have never done
as some things were not known to be possible

Ride Like a Girl


Ride Like a Girl

MORE affiliated
MORE approved

south of dupont

afternoon nap


marriage and marathons

marriage is an endurance race
perhaps the most difficult endurance race I have ever experienced

so often I will encounter someone in a relationship
they live with their significant other and well...
when I say I am married
they say they are not married, but that they live with their significant other and that it pretty much the same thing

a marathon is a race
26.2 miles is a distance
by running 26.2 miles you have not run a marathon
you have run a distance
it just is not the same thing
but different
why is it different?
I do not know
it just is


wounded warrior project

tonight I went by city bikes for a little TLC on the bikes
had some work done... felt that there was room for a touch up
took the boys with me
lisa had a work dinner
which put me in the roll of mr mom

while at the shop my boys each raced around on the kids bikes
pissing off the shop workers
knocking over merchandise
knocking into customers

we were in the shop for a while when I saw a customer come through the front door with his road bike
at a glance I saw that he had a very high tech apparatus at the base of his left leg
there was carbon fiber, light weight medals, and a heavy duty joint

without much of a buffer I walked straight to him and just got straight to the point
that is a pretty high tech piece of machinary there
I said... trying not to be too offensive
the man with the road bike and the prostetic lower leg was welcoming to my conversation
our exchanged flowed without awkwardness
he was free with his answers
yet not trying to tell his life story
he was clear with his points
I am sure he has answered all these questions many times before

in no time at all I was asking if he were military, then asking how it happened
with no great detail or drama the information came
it was a collection of words like so many collections of words we read in the paper or hear on the news
something about some sort of explosive device under some sort of military vehicle
words I understand incontext but many not be able to define on my own
it was clear that there was an explosion an injury... a serious injury...
the injuries this man suffered are serious... but not as serious as death

the man was positive
he was healthy and strong
no chip on his shoulder
no visible bitterness

I was humbled
we spoke... told him bluntly that I wished I had my camera with me
as I see him as being such an inspiration
his positive attitude and his ability to stay active
towards the end of our conversation we spoke about his riding
we talked about the Wounded Warrior Project
turns out he is riding cross country with the Wounded Warrior Project
the exchange was pleasant
it was pleasure meeting a man with such dignity and strength

lack of regret
lack of bitterness
lack of anger
maybe those stages are behind them
maybe those stages are repressed within him
in our talk he said he would do it all again
not wanting the outcome to be the same
but believing that his efforts lead to some good
believing that the actions over there are not all for not
on this I take his word
as he has seen this first hand
all I know is what I have seen in the news

not only was he engaging to me and my questions
he was also very welcoming to my two young boys and their curiosity

this Wounded Warrior Project is a good thing
(turns out SOLDIER'S RIDE is a more specific link for the cross country bicycle event)

I look forward to hearing more about this ride as it happens

give and take... talk or listen...

it is so funny
we are all so self absorbed
I certainly spend more time writing blogs than reading blogs
on MYSPACE people are always posting bulletins but no one is reading bulletins
everyone seems to prefer to talk rather than listen

these issues are things I contend with
I try to fight my nature
as hard as it may be for me
I try to listen as well as talk
I try to get information as well as give information
I try
it is not easy
but I try

recently my wife came back from a seminar at work
one of the valuable tools she walked away from on this day was a simple catch phrase/idea...

we have one mouth and two ears
that should be the ratio of talking to listening
we should listen twice as much as we talk

it makes sense
I try
it is not easy
but I try... I may not reach that ratio.... but it improves the level of communication

even with the Internet news can still take days

on tuesday of this week there was mention of gwadzilla on
but it took mention in an email from jonathan maus of bikeportland.org
for this information to reach me


one more of Cargo Mike

today at lunch it was a nice day so I took a walk at lunch
grabbed a few slices of pizza from albertos
walked while I ate
took a few shots between bites
the same story
a different day

seek and you shall find
heard that somewhere
had not taken a shot of cargo mike and his cargo bike in some time
kept my eyes open for him and his rig
sure enough
there it was... can not miss it

we rapped for a little
actually I talked his ear off
turns out he is racing greenbriar this weekend in the single speed class
which should be cool
while I will be sweating it out with the big boys in the clydesdale class... on my geared bike

it was good to see him
I was a little jacked on caffiene at the time
had my coffee a little late in the day
as my younger son grant had dropped a few blueberries into my tall cup off coffee
before sip one
I tried to drink it
but there is a reason why blueberry coffee is not on the market

time to slide down the dinosaur


cargo mike and his cargo bike (again)

Cargo Mike


another post for squirrel


for the baby squirrel on the way
baby's first tattoo


this is more MYSPACETROUBLE than I care to get into
this for squirrel
discord not dischord
(there is an "H" in it)

when I am not looking to see who is on the SUICIDE GIRLS friend's list
I am reading stuff like this

Metal Cowboy takes his kids for a bike ride

Joe Kurmaskie, aka The Metal Cowboy, has an article in The Men's Journal
but that is what is not so impressive
sure the article is interesting and well written
it is the story and the action that took place that is really amazing

Joe took his kids for a bike ride
Joe took his kids for a 2 month long cross country bike ride
take a look a the article
the kids most certainly saw sunrises and sunsets that most of us have only seen in National Geographic Magazine
there may have been moments of boredom for his 5 and 7 year old on their long days on the bike
but... I would have to say
the positive moments of their experience would clearly outweigh the negative
good work joe
it is an amazing feat

that article is being expanded into a book that should be out this fall
I will certainly keep my eye out for it!

so... there are options other than the basic 9-5
I think the invite to Sharyl and Lance may need to be sent to different addresses

metal cowboy




almost as bad as cell phones

iLove my iPod
i will admit that I neglect to add new music to it as frequently as i should
but iDo love my iPod

the primary use of the iPod is as an auxilary device
it works on various stereos in my house as well as in my car
as tempting as it may be to use the iPod on the bike
seems that tuning out that one sense would leave me one sense short of being safe

not to mention when i ride there are an assortment of things to listen to
in addition to the sound of the birds in the trees and the squirrels in the brush
there are the sounds of oncoming hikers, joggers, bikers, and that chance encounter with a deer or a bear
so much to hear... much of which should not be missed
there is the sound of the bike as well as the sound of the world around me

there are so many sounds worth hearing
the sound of a stick clicking in the spokes
there is the sound of a slow leak
the sound of mal adjusted limit screws failing to stop a deraileur from going into the rear wheel
just to name a few

as far as people around town
the cell phone is the worse
people become blind when they talk on the phone
they walk into the street without looking
they walk into other people
they are inefficient when shopping.... I will snake anyone on their cell phone as they meander their way to the register

leave the iPod at home
and well
exist more safely as well as more considerate in public
when walking in the park.... let the park entertain you
you can finish that pod cast when you get home

The Monkey has Landed!

the monkey has landed
long live the monkey

the monkey rules the wasteland

a few weeks ago I noticed a crack in my Surly Karate Monkey Single Speed's frame
it was a tad frustrating
yet I was not worried
I rode the bicycle home and then made contact with the folks at City Bikes
sure enough... the scrutiny of the professional eye made note of the crack and took the bike in to be shipped to Surly

Surly looked at the bike and okayed a warranty replacement

music to my ears!

warrantly replacement!
like getting a new bike

a few weeks later brings us to the present time

the monkey has landed and is in the last stages of assembly and tune up

just in time to be ridden and raced
the old monkey was military green

the new monkey is skid mark brown

actually... I see it as a nice brown with a hint of bronze

quite pretty
to my eye
I am psyched

I love my monkey
yes, I love my monkey even if it is a tad heavy

thanks City Bikes for taking care of this

thanks Surly for doing me right on the warranty
that is awesome

standing behind your product is vital

keeping me one happy Surly customer with two Surly bikes
and no hesitation to ever buy another
well... hesitation yes... clearance from my wife would be needed before making any such purchase

(careful those that do not care for smut... the recent image on the Surly Blog is too revealing for some eyes)

26ers vs. 29ers

26ers be nimble
26ers be quick
on my 26er I can nearly bunny hop a candle stick

today for my morning commute I rode my almost ancient Rocky Mountain Blizzard
last night as I put some pedals on this old steel beast I was disgusted by the amount of play in the bottom bracket
it is the orignial bottom bracket so I am not shocked
as I rode to work I found myself going the wrong way in the far right lane of traffic
as a car came speeding head on towards me the man driving flashed his brights
my initial reaction was that the driver was trying warn me to move out of his way
but as he passed he yelled out the window in a heavy Indian accent, "your bottom bracket is loose"
he was right...
so I did not give him the finger
although I was amused that he had to decelerate for the red light
absurd that he would be going 75mph in a 25 zone in the right hand lane playing chicken with a cyclist with a loose bottom bracket

on my way into work I tried to get a taste of some technical
up and over curbs
then off curbs
onto short patches of grass
on well warn dirt track paths created by walkers and runners that opt to walk along the path rather than on the path
whatever presented itself I approached

while taking this short urban excursion into work I was loving the feel of the bike benieth me
the bike felt so nimble and quick
the fit was wrong
no extension
I dwarf the bike with its 21 inch frame and its 26 inch wheels
yet the feel was good just the same

this had me playing multiple ideas through my head
that question.... is the 29er always the best bike for the job?

in my head I day dreamed about the four races at Wakefield Park this summer
the thought of racing a different bike on each night
comparing lap times and final finishes
comparing feel of each bike and preferences
would the 26er be better suited for tight winding singletrack then the 29er?
I have compared the geared 29er to the single speed 29er for me on this course/at this race....
but what about the 26er?
other than a bar bike or a beater.... does the 26er still have a place in my world?

then I thought some more
maybe it is not the 29er as a whole
maybe if I were on a 29er that is more light weight then the Surly Karate Monkey?
is that where my error lies?

I love my monkey
"touch my monkey"
but... the Karate Monkey is a lead sled
a great bike.... but definitely one of the heaviest bikes in its class

where does this leave me?
only to consider some product testing on my own?
I will just blog about it and never find out the answer
this riddle will be filed along side of the "how many licks..." question
the world will never know

some shots around the city

various shots from the City Bikes Demo Day at Schaffer Farms
I did not take that many photographs as I was either too busy riding, eating, or chatting

the rain kept back the crowds
but the rain did not keep us from having fun
well.... the ladies of Hub Racing opted to ride the wind trainers rather than muck up their bikes on the rain soaked pavement
the "riding" under the tent was fun for them
while the mountainbikers tended to choose to ride the demo bikes rather than dirty their own machines
a good time was had by all
was happy to hear that Jamis will be coming out with some 29ers in 2007!

thanks to everyone who showed up
especially Cannondale and Jamis
as it is not a demo day without cool bikes to demolish
I opted to demolish my own machine

while I am being creepy

this creation and others like it can be found here
at Satan's Side Show
this stuff is designed and created by dc local t-shirt andy
aka andy d. gore
back in the day he was known as t-shirt andy
maybe mohawk andy
or was there just mohawk adam
either way he was known as t-shirt andy by the t-shirts
he screened

andy is an original
if you are looking for the gift for someone who has everything
well... andy has something that this person definitely does not already have
check out andy's stuff

this most definitely is not archie mcphees

more smut... and some links

ya gotta love the Stingray!
can't say no to the Stingray and the banana seat

found this trolling my friend's friends list at myspace
taken by an LA photographer
his myspace friends list is comprised of his betty page style models...

squirrel has some cycling tattoo photos on his flickr page

MYSPACE is creepy
myspace makes me creepy
I should not bother with myspace
I should definitely not go to myspace at work
it is far too close to soft core porn

why am I posting this?
because it is nice to look at
it is sort of hypnotic
go ahead... stare at her... now try to look away


Woot.com has amazing deals
things you don't want or need for next to nothing

I am bummed that these chairs are sold out
as I do not want them
nor do I need them
but at two for 29.95
I have got to have them
everyday they have a deal of the day....
no this is not advertising... this is me trying to tell you about the madden Football game I just got for 99 cents in the mail today!

free water bottle... DID SOMEONE SAY FREE?

free water bottles at
sign up and they send it out

check it out!
it is good to have lawyers on our side
someone needs to know our rights

john falls photo

John Falls Photographer
take a look at his stuff
reminds me that
I own a camera
I take pictures
I am not a photographer


my space seems like happy hour at the beach in SoCal 24-7


retisonic at myspace

cool to sit back and let the track play
I am wondering how jason is hanging low tech with all this tech stuff
he has always liked it old and broken
the character of old
rather than the cookie cutter new

fort knox five at myspace

also has live music pumping through if you let the main page load
good stuff
although I am familiar with it as I have some of this material on cd already
while the Jason Farrell stuff is far from what I am used to listening to these days

been a long time since I snuck around myspace
it is kind of weird in there
although I like to open the in the background and listen to the music
and well
I like to people watch
if this had existed when I was younger.... I would have been stoked on it
it is like Chat Room 6.0!


it is not really my thing
just the same... it is interesting to see
a whole lot of networking going on in there
as I have nothing to sell
I am not sure I have any reason to be there

women specific

my wife is in the market for a new bike
we all know that new bikes are great
she could use a new bike
her Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo was not much in its day
time to move forward

we can find a good home for the old bike

a low end shock of today is far superior to so many high end shocks of the humble beginnings of shock technology
so.... is there anything behind this women specific technology?

every person has a story

every person has a story
every picture tells a story

this collection of images shows a man who may not be wearing a wig for fashion or function
he may be wearing the wig because he is a bit of a freak
from the looks of the hospital braclets he just got released
from the look in his eye he got released too early

hopefully he is not a harm to himself
hope he is not a harm to anyone else

saw him again today
he was wearing a pretty nice clean long coat
not an overcoat, but a long coat of that style and cut but not for rain
oh, and he was wearing the same wig
I bet the hospital bands are gone

wonder what his story is...

sean bega/hub racing

sean bega
wrench/service manager for city bikes
charlie of charlie's angels
I mean, sean of hub racing

sean got out in the mud on earth day

life with children... life before children

life with children and life before children
those are two clearly different times
the measure of time
the concept of free time

I had no idea how much free time I once had
now that I have children... there is almost no free time
games like croquet... well... unlikely
if you want the kids running around pulling out the wickets and trying to hit the balls into outer space.... sure

but... if you want a real match, forgetaboutit
not an option


incongreuent tangents

the other night I was trying to get this image to load
tried once
tried twice
who knows how many times I tried?

so I went down a different path
the calendar took me down a different path

as I encountered this woman there was an exchange
as a matter of introduction and small talk
I snapped pictures as I asked her where her helmet was

she had her reasons
within my friendly ribbing I got more information
the bicycle is not just a bicycle for her
she has MS and uses the bike to aid her as a walker as well
the bike instead of walking
the bike instread of a walker

seems to work for her
great to see on the bike getting around on such a great spring day

I must admit
I did enjoy the tangent posted prior

spring is such a wonderful time of year

mom yet?

I wonder if Marla Streb has had that baby yet?

like they say... it sells

more cycling smut

I am really rolling my tires through the gutter
oh well....
guess spring fever has me acting extra male
I am what I am

some sort of helmets

that pose is either really hot
a tad crude as it looks like she is trying to restrain some violent bowel movement

ladies night


Ladies Night Featuring Sue Haywood!
presented by The Bike Lane April 27th


from the looks of it
she has the lungs but not the legs to be a great cyclist
the photos are a high gloss production
that is april
february is nice
why not june?
definitely july.
do not skip july
you have gone this far
you might as well check out november
how is that a calendar?

I didn't see the numbers

if mechanics looked like this... I would bring my bike by the shop more often

no... I did not make that collage/collection
no I was not lucky enough to take those pictures
found them here

rained all day... no bikes in the alley

grantman cruising without a helmet
against the rules
but it happens
especially when he is playing musical bikes

powers for good rather than evil

a friend of mine went to law school
actually... a number of friends of mine went to law school
I am not so bright
thus... no need for me to go to law school

a friend peter has decided to use some of his powers for good rather than evil
Dear Cycling Friends,

I'm thrilled to announce that scbikelaw.com is live!

The site is designed to be a legal resource for SC cyclists. Please take a look and send me your comments.

It will get better over time, with more information about laws and advocacy. Especially concerning the great work of Natalie and Paul of the Palmetto Cycling Coalition to improve SC bike laws. And the local work of Charleston Moves

Bike to work!


P.S. Robert Prioleau and others from Blue Ion and Tom Jeffrey and Brady Waggoner from Hook are responsibile for this site. These guys are the BEST!
that is good stuff
-gwa monster out


bike blog new york style

a bike blog new york style blogs about a pittsburgh alley cat

fast guys blog too


stole this from

stole this from timmyp

stole this from timmyp
as I told him in his comments
(comments all the way in colorado)
I told him that I like to capture myself in the reflections
in one of the images posted earlier bellow I tucked myself in the doorway

this is a fun one

love how this unfolds
the music
the action
it is beautifully composed
parkour video

izzy wants to learn to ride a bike

izzy wants to learn to ride a bike
there is all sorts of talk about the with training wheels and the without training wheels
I think you may want to follow this lead and start the training wheels method

google instructional video
izzy... do you speak japanese?
(I thought that izzy had moved, but she did not update her profile and she certainly would have some new photos of her new friends if she had moved)

thought this was nice as I walked to get lunch

sometimes I walk at lunch
sometimes I walk to get lunch
sometimes I just walk

at work... speed/effieciency/skill

not sure if I posted this collection


tonight's ride.... well, this afternoon's ride

today I went in early... real early... tomorrow I need to be in by 7am so I better throw this down quick
to out early and went out for an endurance dirt loop that I do from time to time
okay, I do not do it as often as I would like or as often as I should
but... today I was excited to be able to fit this endurance dirt loop into my day
I need some miles on my mountain bike
any miles
my body needs to grow familiar with this bike again
the positioning of the legs
the balance of the upper body

this post work ride was not decided as I left work
to a certain degree most post work rides are dictated by what bike I have selected in the morning
it can take some planning as bikes may need to be prepped or tunned
so my geared Karate Monkey had to be ready to ride to work if I wanted to ride it after work

things panned out as planned
got out of work after my straight eight
got straight on the bike

went down that same old path down M Street
that same street that takes me to so many biking options

on this day my trajectory was clear
I went down to the Capitol Cresecent Trail, moved onto towpath along side of the the C&O Canal, then over the foot bridge off the towpath then up the trail to MacArther Blvd
across the one lane bridge
across the road and through the parking lot towards the toddler park
I immediately dismounted and started a little hike-a-bike on the most technical section of the cabin john trails

it was a good up and back
it felt great
the pace was not fantastic
there was a great amount of warm up an equal amount of cool down
with some tastee singletrack stuck in the middle
not as much single track as I would have liked
but I was working on a time budget
rolled into across the start line in roughly three hours and then finished the pedal home
the legs could feel it
it felt good

got home and lisa and I took the dogs and the boys into the woods
dean brought some climbing rope
he wanted to climb a tree
there was this big search for a tree to climb
there was this big thing that the rope had to be slung over his shoulder
we eventually found a tree or two for the rope and some climbing
one little tree hung in such a way that I tied a loop at the base of the rope
allowing the boys to stand in the loop and swing
it was over leaves
I spotted grant pretty close
gave dean some space

the hike was good for me after my ride
not just good for my body
but good for my soul

the other evening has a moment of humility and an moment of fear

the other day after work I had a moment of humility and a moment of fear

after work I looked at my watch and rolled out of the office all energize to make the mose of my commute home
the spring day was at it district best
amazing temperature for a town that is either uncomforably hot and humid or extremely wet and extremely cold for a good portion of the year
so days like this are to be appreciated

the glance at my watch had me thinking I had roughly an hour of riding before I had to meet up with the family at home
as I rolled in the thick traffic down M Street I decided my course
this route leads to many options
there are many car free options
the car free options tend to be my prefered routes

the capitol crescent and mount veron trail each sounded appealing
the canal can be a pleasure when the moment is right
then the memory of my chance meeting on the morning commute with fellow dcmtb/city bikes mountain bike team member matt
matt was headed to work after hitting the hills in rock creek park
while I was dressing my kids and walking my dogs he was hitting the hills

the hills of rock creek park would be my afternoon destination
a destination that is not far from my house so the hour work out fits in
although it only offers for a few times up and down the rolling hills
the hills are not steep and the hills are not long
but the hills are wooded and beautiful and moderately bicycle friendly

the rock creek bike path along rock creek parkway along rock creek through rock creek park took me there in a dash
as it is all not very far from downtown
once on the hills I rolled up the hills
my pace was good
spinning in the saddle
not rolling backwards
so good for me
I did the hills twice

on my second hill up and back I felt a tad smug
smug that a female in her red and white riding get up did not bridge the gap
the gap was increased
as I worked my way back up for a third up and back I recognized a body screaming down the hill
the yell was not heard
so I turned around and chased at an unimpressive speed down the winding curve

at the base of the hill I made contact with fellow dcmtb/city bikes mountain bike team member evan
evan and I made small talk
but rather than stand and chat I asked evan to turn off the power meter and take a slow one with me
we took the hill at a casual conversation pace
a little slower then I usually go

we went up and rounded back
a variation of what I usually do... but more logical in some ways and it goes up and back
rather than up and down before going back
as we rode we saw some deer and some other cyclist
once back at our original desination we spoke for a moment then realized the time
we should be riding before we headed back
so we got ready to ride
with a glance at the watch I felt like I could squeeze in one more ride

I told evan to do his thing
he told me he was going to take off
so we nodded and evan took off
I decided I would try and take off with him
in too easy a gear and riding in the saddle evan pulled away fast
so I dropped it a few gears and got out of the saddle
the distance between us was holding true
we were moving at the same pace
I did not think I could catch him
but i felt that I could pull in behind him

so we pedaled
I thought for a second... this is how long? how much time is that? how much time had passed?
I slowed my pace
I turned around
20 seconds had not passed
we had not clearned the first curve
I was ready to blow up
I let him go
I used the hill to carry my bike
pushed the pedals towards home

feeling a little pumped
not so much humiliated
just seeing more reality then I usually like to see
I took the energy from that moment and recovered from my over expendeture and hit the hill in front of my house a few times
sure it made me arrive home a few minutes later than expected
but I could not resist

as I entered the back gate the boys were getting ready to exit
guess they were all headed out after an afternoon snack
I went in to change then returned to hang with the boys as lisa walked the dogs
dean and grant were out on their bikes
grant at two doing quite well starting and stopping on his little bike with training wheels
while four year old dean was enjoying about the seventh day of his first week with the training wheels off

it is an anxious affair watching your children do certain things
watching a young boy discover his limits is a very difficult thing at that
watching them jump off obstacles that may be high
watching them ride their bikes faster than they can control

both the boys were full of smiles and an inch closer to crashing than I like
trying not to be too protective of a parent I try to give them space
only to interfer when I feel I must
only to give occasional guidance rather than excessive coaching
as I am forced to spot grant down the slide grade to the alley behind our house
my being by his side is not only to slow him down
but also to monitor for cars entering the alley
people can drive a bit too fast coming down the alley
some people have unknown business and may not expect children in our alley whidh dead ends into the woods of rock creek park

with grant at my side I hold his shirt as I run along side of him
he giggles and takes his feet off the pedals
he is accustom to pushing the tricycles up the little driveway hills and riding them down
I try to explain to him that on the bicycle you can keep your feet on the pedals
and then you can us the pedals to stop
I try to demonstrate by backpedaling the cranks with his feet still on the pedals

dean rolls up the hill getting out of the saddle to get up a few more feet before he turns around
still not fully comfortable without training wheels he allows the bike to stop pointing up hill
then walks the turnn around

with grant pedaling down the flats I watch as dean grins his way down the hill
going down the hill is not enough of a thrill
for some unknown reason he feels compelled to wiggle the handlebars back and forth
he is getting wild
I try to instruct him not to get so wild

some time passes
grant has needed a few pushes to get started from a stop
grant has switched between bike and trike a few times
there may have been a discussion about the helmet
grant never wants to wear his helmet
daddy wears his helmet
dean wears his helmet
grant wears his helmet
well... those words arenot always enough
there can be a fight some times

dean crashes
he is down the block a few garages
it was not a bad crash
he is tangled in the bike
I give him a shout
I give him a way

I get a shout and a wave back that he is okay
he is back on the bike
he is a touch kids
he works his way up and back a few times
there is some wildness
there are some near crashes

at the back gate to my house I hear the sound of the dogs coming up the wood stairs
mommy is back from her hike
I walk towards the gate
dean comes screaming down the alley towards us
he starts with the wiggling of his handlebars
turns out he is showing off

sure enough he gets wild
he gets out of control and crashes
this time is different
the speed and the direction of the crash
and how he hit
face first
a serious face plant

lisa runs over with me a few steps behind
I intercept him
not sure how
not sure why
before the tears there is some serious heavy breathing
a list of questions
as I clutch him close he tells me he wants his training wheels back on
without being too unsympathetic I try to explain that he crashed because of the wild wiggling of the handle bars and not due to not having training wheels off
we did not argue
then his very red face let out some very big tears
then some bawling

as I rush towards the house with my son in my arms
I check over his body for tender points and areas of injury
as I touch his arms and his legs
dean tells me it is his face
by this time we are inside and I am trying to get him to drink some cold water so we can rinse the blood out of his mouth
the cold water is not to his liking
too much heavy breathing and tears

there are a whole lot of questions coming from this small little four year old
I try to interpet his questions and his thoughts
so much of a child's fears are their lack of understanding that certain things will pass
experiencing something for the first time can be scary
getting hurt can be scary
dean is convinced that he lost a tooth
I had scanned his mouth
but outside when it was filled with blood
now after a little sip and spit... just like at the dentist
I take a look at his mouth
I go through his mouth tooth by tooth
dean tries to tell me where the tooth is missing
he tries to touch it
it is not missing
but it is loose
I try to explain to him that the tooth is attached and held by the gums
I try to show him my gums and then assure him that it will tighten up
I also tell him that I have experienced this same thing many times and I know that it is usually better the next day

we sit down for pizza
dean still a little shaken sits in my lap
it is vace pizza
we got a medium white pizza and a large pepperoni
pepperoni is his favorite
he is not going to eat anything
he is not sure about eating with his loose tooth
there is no arguement
he would eat if he were really hungry

that was a few days ago
since then dean has ridden his bike without training wheels
he has also ridden a neighbors tricycle and a neighbors bike with training wheels
he is four and I am very proud of him


parkour... it is interesting that it is given a name and a philosophy
then again I never saw it as a focus
urban obstacles were just part of our crossing town
but the world of parkour has taken crossing town to a whole nother level
parkour is like a sport
in the same way that skateboarding can be a social activity and a sport
only without the board

what is interesting about parkour and the sub culture that surrounds it is the existence of a modern day paradox
while parkour takes no equipment what so ever... just your body and the surroundings
it seems that documenting the action seems like part of the excitment

parkour is so simple it is virtually timeless
yet there are these kids that take still photos and video then make mini-movies on their computers
it is the wonderful modern cross of high tech and low tech
and a great deal of it is really cool
the music, the edits, and the tools used to create the record is all very high tech

my four year old is hooked
we have not made a movie yet
he and his buddy have already been pushing me
I need some more little mpegs
then I need to figure out iMovie
and I need to keep my four year old from jumping off something too high
while I need to try and keep my 2 year old from jumping at all

here is GOOGLE VIDEO RESUTLTS for Parkour
the music and the edits really capture the energy in some of these short videos

reminder: washcycle

just a reminder to cyclists in the dc area
WASHCYCLE has vital news and information that may effect your cycling future

check it out!

run forest run

lance armstrong is scheduled to run the New York City Marathon
in an interview with lance he was quoted saying...

“I’ve been training some, but I wouldn’t call it serious. It’s just something to fill a void in my life after I quit competing as a professional cyclist.”
(news shared with me from my brother)