fantastic... I have been watching this with my kids

the weekend had some weather

women in sports....

potty humor

I wonder what those patches say... I bet they start to tell part of the story


cross walk

three perspectives from the same spot

soccer and sustainability...

Weekly Hazardous Waste Drop Off in DC

listening to my body or being lazy?

good morning to you too Mr. Cargo Mike

alternate forms of transportation...

projects promised... projects undone

more photos before and after work of the streets of washington dc

Express Bicycle Bus!

DC's Mayor Adrian Fenty

the beginning and the end of my day

bicycle registrations

seal... I still have not gotten enough of seal's first album

big bear west virginia

DCMTB Colors are Flying out west in AZ!

wild and crazy guys

the boston tea party

chris and his four day weekend

some stuff worth sharing... thanks chris

title to the blog post here

words about the photographs here

not sure what the protest is about...

WABA Bike Prom Photos are UP!