Obama Spoke Cards Have Arrived!

Obama Spoke Cards Have Arrived!

earlier this week I got an envelop in the mail with a stack of Obama Spoke Cards

last night I started spreading the word of Obama via the SPOKE CARD

for Change to happen... Change needs to start at home
so I outfitted my boys with their own Obama Spoke Cards
the boys were stoked
they know about the election
they know about Obama
they know about Spoke Cards
they know that George Bush is the Worst President ever
they know that George Bush should not have become president... due to a flawed voting process and lack of intelligence
don't get me started on the war in Iraq... if you support Bush and support the war... keep it to yourself
you are more than likely an idiot and should not be president either

young people should be filled with HOPE
Obama gives us HOPE
young people should be idealistic
Obama is idealistic

the world needs change
Obama is change

after the boys went to bed I went down to the Black Cat to the WABA Bike Prom!
bikes bikes and more bikes
"the cat" was packed
the DJ was spinning some great tunes
the fact that the 80's music made it sound like a high school dance from my era did not make me feel old
in fact I was almost inspired to dance
should have got a sitter and brought lisa
she would have had a blast and I would have had a dancing partner


the WABA Bike Prom was loud and fun, but not the place for clever conversation or political exchanges
it turned out not to be the best place to start the OBAMA SPOKE CARD HANDOUT!

both dean and grant got their cards...


then at "the cat" I gave an Obama Spoke Card to Eric "James Bond" Gilliland then also Chantal "SMC Seahawk" Buchser also was awarded with a Spoke Card

the action was loud
the crowd was young
tried to lure Sean Smith formerly of City Bikes Adams Morgan into saying Obama
but I think my line of questioning was not where he wanted the conversation to go
so I enjoyed a shot of Bourbon with him then went on my way

there must have been a cluster of 100 bicycles out front of The Black Cat
more than likely a number of these bikes could have used an Obama Spoke Card... but I was not loaded down to feed the masses
my stack of ten cards were intended for.... well... I am not sure who they were intended for

much like the sock give away at the National Bike Summit... it is a strange process trying to find the right hands or in the case of the summit... the right feet to pass these things off to

outside "the cat" I saw familiar face/familiar as seen on late night television infomercial familiar face of Matthew Lesko
Matthew is the guy with the question marks and all the answers
he and his wife would have loved the party inside The Black Cat
I am certain that the music on the turn tables would have sent them straight to the dance floor

Matthew Lesko's Page
gwadzilla image of Matthew Lesko on his scooter

in the end I left with a pocket full of Obama Spoke Cards without ever stepping foot on the dance floor
which does not mean that my evening was not fun
it was fun... better than fun...
dancing and spoke card give aways will have to happen another time



darren said...

Go seahawks football (class of '97)

gwadzilla said...


different Seahawks
the SMC of my era had no football team
Ultimate yes... football no

but that could have changed

Did you go to St Mary's College of Maryland?

that would be weird

darren said...

Stupid joke, same school. still no football, but there's a starbucks, and lots of very smart kids now. BTW i think Church Point is eroding away, visit with a six-pack while you still can.

gwadzilla said...

I do not think that the kids are any smarter at St Mary's today than they were 20 years ago
unless of course
you think that all twenty year olds are more intelligent than all twenty year olds twenty years ago

bummer about church point
but the shoreline is a cycle of alteration
some sort of chaos stuff
you know the drying up and birth of different estuary

sad... just the same

after I graduated I rode my bike down a few times for Govenor's Cup and camped at Church Point

it was a good spot for campfires back in my era

funny that you went to SMC
and yes
seahawks football rocked!

(the proper joke back would have been Greek Week 1990! but it would have just confused people... because there were no Greeks at SMC)

J said...

Thanks for the information on the Obama spoke cards. I went and ordered five of them!