appropriate attire for hanging Tour de Fat posters and handing out Tour de Fat Flyers

no... I do not have any photos of Edward Hermanson

I hung all sorts of posters for the Tour de Fat.... #tourdefat... recognize any of these places or faces?

Josh and I were volunteering at set up for the Tour de Fat today... nice shot Jason Miller

that was the wrong advice...

in her bicycle basket I tucked a flyer for the Tour de Fat right along side her six pack of Fat Tire Amber Ale... #tourdefat

some photos of people getting flyers for the Tour de Fat...

Spencer had seen my Facebook Social Media SLAM of TOUR DE FAT in DC... yet I gave him a flyer just the same

she got a flyer for the Tour de Fat...

Lolly... back in town and working for WABA...

no invite to the Tour de Fat? the LITE beer from Miller had me thinking New Belgium man not be his flavor

she got a flyer for the Tour de Fat in DC that is happening TOMORROW (Saturday June 1st)

on the bridge... in the street... not on the sidewalk

she got a flyer for the Tour de Fat the other day...

Sarah of the MORE Board crossed the bridge into the District to attend the New Belgium Tour de Fat Happy Hour at Church Key

Contra Flow Cycle Tracks on 15th Street in NW DC... some people still keep to the streets