another sexy cyclist

the kinks...

landis to enter the endurance game

a few more shots from yesterday....

Edwin Moses and Greg LeMond to speak at a statue dedication for Major Taylor

IF:Independent Fabrications

last drops of the day in the dropping sun

Husky Power! and no.... I am not talking about the Clydesdale Class!

georgia has a blog

bikes... bikes... bikes... bikes...

need to see this kid on his skateboard

a few blogs that I read

Camp Hilbert is March 9th.... March 9th? yes... March 9th

bruce... boxes... bruce... boxes... bruce

short ride this morning before work

the bike man and the bike cave

danny the boy sleeping on the job

I did not take this photo... I am not sure where it came from

one last shot snapped on my way into the office

I wonder... I wonder many things

article on Messengers from Seattle

The President's Mechanic!

folding wheels?

a few more shots of scrooge from this rainy afternoon

St. Mary's College and Resort

I owe Danny 12 Dollars

Scrooge of DCBCA

Knogt and Bike Love

maxim in the news


you forfeit your privacy when you choose to live in public

need to get the copy cat on the same page

striped like tiger

I am headed to work... these folks are at work

yoga in kansas city? I had no idea