another sexy cyclist

another sexy cyclist
you know those eyes
you do not even have to click on the link to tell me who she is
she is hot even when it is cold

the kinks...

the kinks
the kinks on youtube

Lola was written/recorded in 1970
but I think it was on a live album in roughly 1980
lola on the wiki page

the golden hour of the kinks is a fantastic album

landis to enter the endurance game

mountain biking is nothing new to floyd landis
dirt is where he got his start

last year floyd dabbled in the ultra endurance mountain biking game with strong second place finishes at both the Leadville 100 and the Shenandoah Mountain 100

Floyd's Blog has a mention of the NUE Series
National Ultra Endurance Series

stole that image from an article in OUTSIDE MAGAZINE

a few more shots from yesterday....


Edwin Moses and Greg LeMond to speak at a statue dedication for Major Taylor

Edwin Moses and Greg LeMond to speak at a statue dedication for Major Taylor
The Major Taylor Association Press Release

major taylor on the wiki page

other work by the artist

IF:Independent Fabrications

last drops of the day in the dropping sun

Husky Power! and no.... I am not talking about the Clydesdale Class!

georgia has a blog

georgia has a blog
georgia gould

found this when I was visiting tim
chatting with steve on the eve before he goes to breckenridge had me thinking about tim

I met georgia once
I am almost positive it was her
it was at the Charm City Cyclocross event in Baltimore
I was frazzled as I was registering just as it was time to line up
some pre-race jitters and too much Red Bull

I registered in my classic spastic way
I threw down some chicken scratch on the forms and made small talk as I passed my money across the table
I can be chatty
especially if the person on the other side is a cute woman

long story short... I ask this women to aid me in putting my numbers on and I go on my way
then during my race I see that same girl (excuse me... women) on her bike on the trainer at the course side
she cheered me (and everyone else) on as I passed

that same girl
only this time she was in her skin suit
she had said she was racing
but she did not say which class

georgia raced twice that day and did quite well as I recall

that is really not that interesting of a story
not sure why I keep telling it
is it to tell people about how georgia carries the spirit of the sport
or is it an effort to say that I met someone famous

bikes... bikes... bikes... bikes...

need to see this kid on his skateboard

need to see this kid on his skateboard
I hear that the skateboard is where he is at his best

a few blogs that I read

a few blogs that I read from some local lady racers...





I saw the chicken on Sunday's short stint on the cross bike on Beach Drive
the number of ladies on the bike were clearing out numbering the men
then again... it was late in the day

Camp Hilbert is March 9th.... March 9th? yes... March 9th

Camp Hilbert Mountain Bike Race is on March 9th
can I make this happen?

they have a Clydesdale Class!

maybe a good race to rock the single speed!

Camp Hilbert Race Info

bruce... boxes... bruce... boxes... bruce



short ride this morning before work

short ride on the fixie before work this morning

a short ride is better than no ride
life is cumulative
every little bit adds up

after a standard morning loop with the dog I dodged distractions
and headed out the door with my pack on my back and my bike by my side
wanted to do a solid morning ride
only had the time to do something short
so I pushed the pedals of my frakenfixie from mount pleasant on into maryland
went through chevy chase dc into chevy chase maryland
on bethesda ave. in the heart of bethesda i jumped onto the capital crescent trail

spotted the familiar form of this walking man
a man who I have seen walking time and time again over the years
never knowing his story
not even knowing his name

my ride was without any major events to speak of
just spun it at a healthy pace down this old railroad grade
daydreamed as I rode
had the camera dangling around my neck
snapped a few pictures when the sites dictated such

got into work and took a shower

ah... the hot shower at work is sweet
super hot with solid water pressure
then got into the swing of things all refreshed and ready to serve the man

the bike man and the bike cave

from the Dulut News Tribune
words about the bike man and the bike cave
the bike man and the bike cave
some cool photos!
nice tall bike!
questionable trailer.

danny the boy sleeping on the job

danny the boy sleeping on the job

I did not take this photo... I am not sure where it came from

I did not take this photo
I am not sure where it came from

one last shot snapped on my way into the office

one last shot snapped on my way into the office

and then...
something completely unrelated
a two man snowboard
they call it an invention... it is not hardly an innovation
I wonder if these people practice "docking"

I wonder... I wonder many things

I wonder
I wonder many things

I wonder if David Beckham were to join a kickball league would he start in beginner, sport, or advanced?
even having not played kickball before
he is professional at the main skills needed to play this game
one would think that he would select advanced

posh spice?
hot or not?


article on Messengers from Seattle

The Plea of a Dying Breed: Don't Kill the Bike Messenger from SeattlePi

photos of messengers from Seattle Pi

this from Seattle Pi Image makes me wonder how basketball has changed since I watched it and played it in grade school!

The President's Mechanic!

a blog article- The President's "First Mechanic" from Cozy Beehive

"The First Mechanic" is of course Pinkey from Revolutions!


and this
bike against bush

folding wheels?

a few more shots of scrooge from this rainy afternoon

St. Mary's College and Resort

St. Mary's College and Resort
SMC Dot Edu

times have changed
things are not as they were
this is pretty much a fact most anywhere

a short video about St. Mary's College of Maryland
a Blog of a St. Mary's College student doing a semester in Mexico

I owe Danny 12 Dollars

ran into danny just as I was trying to grab lunch
reached for my wallet after placing my order
my pocket was empty
so I had to take on a loan
apparently this account could be closed off on the barter
I have a stem that danny needs
now I need to dig up this old stem

Scrooge of DCBCA

DCBCA dot org
Scrooge works his cargo rig in his specialized niche of the messenger industry
this many has been doing messenger work for as long as I can remember
although I do not know when he moved from the standard bike to the cargo machine

gwadzilla archive with words and images related to scrooge

Knogt and Bike Love


KNOG: Bike Love
if the story line does not interest you
click on the word KNOG in the lower left hand corner
the story line may change
the story line may appeal to you


maxim in the news

maxim in the news... something about a poor review for The Black Crows
I could lose my afternoon and my job if I were to review this page
girls of maxim


this is funny... sarah silverman stuff



or actually
then... now... now... then

jason farrell
scan his design pages
jason has really done some creative work

as a designer he cut his teeth working on the record albums for the bands that he loved
the musicians who were his heroes became his friends/peers

boy has become man
I am confident that jason is still infected by the thoughts of peter pan and never never land

it has been years since i have seen jason
a country between us
him in LA and me in DC
yet I still consider him a friend

you forfeit your privacy when you choose to live in public

you forfeit your privacy when you choose to live in public
as I came in closer to get the second shot I heard a shout and a grunt from one of the men occupying this area

then the two men ducked out of site as I took my photos
I snapped my shots then got on with my day
this is a beautiful monument to who knows what it is tough to approach as someone has laid claim on this space being their own
I would have like to walked closer but did not feel comfortable

I have been run out of National Parks for trying to camp out of season

yet people take up camp where ever they choose in the city

this at the expense of those around them
if I do not feel comfortable approaching this monument/memorial/statue
I would figure that the average tourist/passerby would feel no greater sense of comfort
my point?
I am not so sympathetic to people living in the urban parks
okay... I said it

squater's rights?

need to get the copy cat on the same page

rainy morning today
got up and worked to try and get the kids dressed, fed, and out the door
initially I had intended to handle drop off... but lisa took on the task

so I leashed up the dog and headed across the street into the woods
business as usual
down the hill I could see that traffic was backed up on Beach Drive
in between the honking of impatient heavily irritated irritating drivers I could hear the sounds of the National Zoo
the chorus of the howler monkeys was within ear shot
as I walked I focused my attention on the monkey chant

having a few extra moments I repeated the short loop a second time with the dog
as I walked I tried to repair a few things on the trail
the monkeys could still be heard in the distance

there was one spot that caught my attention
a part I had worked on a few weeks ago
some work that I was proud of because it was subtle and natural looking while serving the desired purpose of controlling the hiker/runner/dog walker/dog traffic
a section that got dismantled by a friend and their good intentions
a copy cat with the best intentions

I need to meet up with the copy cat to get him on the same page
a few nights back I was trying to wrangle my boys from the car into the house after an outing somewhere
when I heard a shout from across the woods
it was jamie out walking his dog
we shared loud hellos in this hello from across the street
jamie told me in a proud tone of voice that he had just finished some work on the trails in the woods behind the rosemount center

still trying to get the boys into the house I gave a wave and a mention that I was stoked to see the work he had done
a few days later and I had not yet hiked that same loop so when my brother came over with his boys I worked a loop where we returned from the Melvin Hazel trail to cut through the section of trails where jamie had done his rogue trail maintenance

we crossed Beach Drive through a line of paused cars
I unleashed brutus then with an electronic bark of a park police officer I returned the leash to brutus' colar
with my heart rate already raised I was a tad frustrated when I got to the point where jamie had done his magnificent work
a week or two ago I had done a night hike with my old buddy tom
on that night tom assisted me with moving a large fallen limb
we dragged that limb and some other tree debrie to try and prevent some trail short cutting which has been causing an excess of erosion
the effort was done to try and replicate a natural setting
the day after the initial attempt I came into the woods with a rake and pushed some leaves in the area to make things not only appear more natural but for things to start working together
the logs and leaves could catch run off as well as block the short cutting hikers, runners, and dogs

well... jamie had taken appart my natural setting and reset things
the large limb was moved to a different part of the trail
while the logs parts were moved to the trail border
jamie and I have the same goals but jamie and I have a different set of visions
my efforts are to make the trails more sustainable
slow the erosion from the run off from the rain
slow the erosion from the hikers/runners who short cut trails or take turns too wide

jamie has built upon my efforts by lining this full little loop with sticks, twigs, and limbs flanking the trail on the left and right side
of course it helps... but I think that things could be more subtle and more natural
maybe only guiding the trail users at turns or points of possible confusion
not setting borders for each foot of trail

been expecting to run into jamie so we could try to work as a team rather than as two independent efforts
have not seen him I suspect we will cross paths on a hike in the next few days
then we can share our independent visions with the other and then put our objectives on the same page

striped like tiger

striped like tiger aiden has good energy
always good for a hello

always good for a smile

I am headed to work... these folks are at work

yoga in kansas city? I had no idea

yoga in kansas city?
I had no idea

AS I SEE IT: Riding A Bike is a Lifetime Thrill at kansascity dot com
3HO Kundalini Yoga Center

was it Kundalini who wanted his hand back?