both boys got a post work ride on Monday

Malcom X Park aka Meridian Hill Park

on Monday after work I took both the boys for a ride around town on the trail-a-bike
first grant then dean grant
while dean was at tae kwon do I spun around town with grant
then after dropping grant off at home I looped around and grabbed dean from tae kwon do
then repeated an almost identical loop before heading home for dinner

Malcolm X Park...
around the playing fields on the upper tear of the park
a water break at the top to look down on the terraced fountain
both boys asked similar questions about the cycling of the water

then we rolled down the sidewalk and carried the bike up the stairs
a few seconds to soak in the splendor of the fountain from the lower perspective
then we got back on the bike
we bounced down the stairs... we have to ride down the shallow stairs! and then did a loop around down to and around Dupont Circle
slowed long enough to take a slug of water from my bike mounted water bottle
then back up the hill to Mount Pleasant


again... the bicycle is just background noise to the actions of the day
it is about hanging out
it is about checking out the city
it is about being out of the house
it is about doing something other than watching television and playing video games

were these shots previously posted?



well... mikek is no longer with City Bikes
so... Big Daddy Mike has moved his page
and changed his name
along with changing emails and cell phones

bummer... it will take some work to get ride of that tattoo!


MikeK is no longer with the shop
but MikeK is still with the DCMTB Team



(I am not really sure what this is... I just like that Vargas-esque image!)

what is that link?

what is that link again?

the velo cafe


the velo cafe

on his way to The Uptown

on his way to The Uptown
I have seen so many fantastic films at The Uptown

Star Wars when it came out and I was just a wee one
The Fugitive, Lord of the Rings... a list of classics too long to list
so many movies that are flattered on the big screen
so many movies that deserve the true theater experience

it has been a while

the alice project

the alice project

Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams
on youtube

I think she should raise her seat...

I think she should raise her seat...

which reminds me
my Karate Monkey needs the seat raised and air in the back tire

DCist has a Themed Thursday!

DCist has a Themed Thursday...
I did not catch these stories until Friday morning

Dead Dogs...
Undercover Turtles...
and GRASS!

in The Washington Post

Police Raid Berwyn Heights Mayor's Home, Kill His 2 Dogs

also in the Washington Post

Slow and Steady Gets the Bust As Turtle's Trail Leads to Drugs


Most Beautiful People on The Hill?

The 50 Most Beautiful People on The Hill?
I think what they mean is the 50 Most Physically Attractive People on The Hill!
honestly there is nothing Beautiful about any Republican


another post idea stolen from DCist

oh... I bet that a couple of third graders from Columbia Heights would school this girl in Double Dutch

traffic out of control? it is not due to lazy cops...

traffic out of control?
it is not due to lazy cops...

traffic is out of control
people speed with no concern for the SPEED LIMIT
most cars travel as fast as the roads will allow
only slowing for other cars
usually opting to swerve around things than to push the brake pedal
seldom aware of the pedestrian traffic around them
rarely anticipating things much further than the bumper in front of them

the speed limit is ignored
the speed of the vehicle is not really part of the mental process of the car commuter
unless there is a Speeding Camera!
car commuters memorize the placement of SPEEDING CAMERAS on their routes around town
they slow for these cameras... then gas it when out of view
what a great lesson to the next generations of drivers!

"son... when driving... always remember... you need to stop at the Stop Sign when a police officer is present... but! all other times it is SLOW AND GO!"

"oh... and remember where the SPEED CAMERAS ARE... you do not want to get a ticket!"

it is not about not getting a ticket
it is about not causing an accident
accident is really not the best word to describe things
well... definition #2 works
1 a: an unforeseen and unplanned event or circumstance b: lack of intention or necessity :accident rather than by design>2 a: an unfortunate event resulting especially from carelessness or ignorance b: an unexpected and medically important bodily event especially when injurious accident> c: an unexpected happening causing loss or injury which is not due to any fault or misconduct on the part of the person injured but for which legal relief may be sought

but really... an apology does not do too much to make things right
I am sure that the garbage truck drive is sorry he killed Alice Swanson
but a sincere apology means nothing

professional drivers are some of the least professional drivers on the road
it pisses me off
bus drivers, taxi cab drivers, police officers... and yes that garbage truck drivers
this is just a short list of assholes and idiots that are putting the world at risk because they lack common sense and common courtesy
but I am not ranting about the Unprofessional Professional Drivers... I am ranting about everyday you and me

it amazes me

everyone is driving around like Dagwood Bumstead rushing pregnant Blondie to the hospital!
even with the kids in the car parents are driving like total assholes
when I drop my kids off at school... it boggles my mind how the parents drive
they approach the school like they are crossing finish line in a drag race

parents rolling through the Stop Signs
paying little attention to the ever present children
only yielding to pedestrians if their path is obstructed by the fellow parents/students
they park where ever they choose...
many have their favorite illegal spots for speedy drop off
again... it is not an issue of LEGAL OR ILLEGAL
it is a measure as to whether or not they will get a ticket
it is a matter that it is against the law for a reason!

"oh... kids... remember... never park in front of a hydrant if you think you are going to get a ticket... but! if there the odds are low that you are going to get a ticket? feel free! because life is not about right or wrong... it is about getting caught or not getting caught!"

this behavior needs to change
what changes behavior?


well.... I do not think that tickets change behavior
tickets punish behavior
it is like spanking your child

spanking your child does not change behavior
but oddly... the threat of spanking your child does change behavior
a tad confusing... but obvious
tickets... tickets... tickets...
people get them... they cuss... they scream... they slow down and drive in an orderly fashion until the officer is out of view... then they go about their day just as they did each day before... they cuss again... then they pay the ticket
only to speed or run that stop sign another day

Red Light Cameras, Speeding Cameras, an Officer with a Radar Gun, or a Cruiser Parked within view...
these things all change behavior
it is the threat of the ticket that changes behavior
but the threat must be consistent
the threat must always be there

but in the end... Our Traffic Being Out of Control is not due to lazy cops...
the traffic is out of control because the drivers are out of control
if people just spent a little time police-ing themselves
a little common sense and common courtesy goes a long way

if people brought down their acceleration and their maximum speed to a ration level
then made complete stops at the Stop Line
well... the roads would be a different place
that simple start would change so much
it would lessen the car chaos
it would lessen the dangers on the road
it would lessen the raised heart rates that lead to road rage

there needs to be a mass awakening
people need to be shaken and woken up
this should be so easy

well... a good percentage of the population would be in control
even if these parents improved their driving only when their kids are in their cars... this would alter the behavior of a good percentage of the drivers on the road!

teaching your child to drive does not start when they are fifteen and a half
your teaching starts when you drive that baby home from the hospital
that lesson in driving continues each and every time you get behind the wheel with your child in the back seat

think about it!
it is a simple rule of life... an adolescent child pushes the parameters of what is modeled around them
what sort of imprinting are the parents of today presenting?
not so good!

adam craig... ready for the olympics!

adam craig...
ready for the olympics

some words about adam craig in a maine newspaper
adam craig is from maine

Adam Craig Blog
(I need to read that Mount Snow Report!)


dad and grant on the trail-a-bike

dad and grant on the trail-a-bike

bike passing in front of my camera

corner a bunny and it might attack


corner a bunny and it might attack

action and re-action
action and over reaction

it is normal for a person when pushed to push back
the cars have been pushing bicyclist around for some time
it is amazing that this sort of stuff is not more common

Christian the Lion

Christian the Lion
on youtube
worth a look

my mom sent me this...
she even included verification from SNOPES


Jeff Schalk... Current Leader of the NUE

Jeff Schalk... Current Leader of the NUE
NUE:National Ultra Endurance Race Series!

where is the discovery channel?
where is national geographic?

jason berry and team of gripped films showed that there is a story in every mountain bike race
just as the multi-stage tour de france has its build up so do these races

bc stage race? the cape epic? the National Ultra Endurance Series as a whole?

weekly docu-drama updates?
the National Ultra Endurance Series is filled with so many stories
the story of the person finishing first
the story of the person finishing last
the top twenty is filled with characters and super heroes... just point the camera... the story tells itself!

why is Versus not chasing this story down?
what about those other adrenalin channels?
ESPN2? H20? I do not even know!

how can this action pass with little more than some electronic mention here and some black and white print mention there?

Fenty Injured in Bike Accident

Fenty Injured in Bike Accident

heal up
you have a city to run
and you can not run with a bum foot

I am at work at lunch... these guys are at work

the bike club... not to be confused with the fight club

the bike club... not to be confused with the fight club

the bike club

this is so messed up... it is messing with my head

liar liar pants on fire
the smoking gun

this guy sucks
he looks like he was a jerk in high school
some kids never grow up


it is true... there is something about a woman in heels on a bike

libbey and chris

libbey and chris
commuting to work together
sometimes I see chris
sometimes I see libbey
today I saw them both and I happened to have my camera as I walked the dog

I should have stopped at The Argyle to grab a six pack

I should have stopped at The Argyle to grab a six pack
it all worked out
ended up marching up with the dog while lisa put the boys to sleep




I say option number three...
the hottie with the grapefruit

on the ride home from work... other people on their way home from work

NON-RACE RACE REPORT: The Liberty Jamboree V

it is mid-week... the past weekend is long gone and next weekend is rapidly approaching
two weeks ago the family went to The Beaver Dam Swim Club...
that experience seems like a century ago
while last saturday's WUSS Adventure seems like decades ago

just the same... I will try to see what I can dredge up to try and summarize the tone of the day
had I had the energy on saturday night I would have told a thousand stories
now some of those stories have drifted from the surface

NON-RACE RACE REPORT: The Liberty Jamboree V
an official WUSS event as all Washington Underground Single Speed events are unofficial!

somehow... not sure how... but last year I got on the invite list to the Liberty Jamboree IV.. not sure how I got invited... but I got invited... I was stoked to be invited
I was stoked I attended
I had a blast
so when the invite came my way this year via Jim at one of the evening races at Wakefield... I penciled things in

via email I got more information
the date of The Liberty Jamboree V approached and I made tentative plans with Cargo Mike to carpool up from DC
there had been talk with the family about me leaving out in the morning while they drove out in the late
afternoon with plans to arrive after the non-race activities had ended
it was all agreed... specifics were not shared... it was understood... but the reminders as the date got closer were too vague

the weekend arrived without actually confirming the dates with my wife lisa
there had been several vague mentions... but I had not emailed her the specifics
so on friday night on our way to get some mexican with the kids it took lisa by surprise when I mentioned that Cargo Mike was picking me up the next morning at 7:45
lisa was a tad aggravated

lisa's frustration was understandable
I understood that I had just derailed all the Saturday plans she had sculpted in her head
my early departure removed any opportunity for her to go to morning yoga
my early departure and day of riding meant that she was on full time mom duty
it is tough to keep those two boys entertained
it is tough to keep those two boys from killing each other

I felt like a heel... I felt a tad selfish... but I still did not want to deviate from the plan as I felt that the day would develop into not just a great day for dad but also a great day for the family

lisa did not guilt me

there was never a hint that I should not attend this event
nothing covert

nothing overt
never did my ever supportive wife make me feel that I should alter my plans

we ate our dinner and went about our evening with no more mention of my failure to keep her informed or my being a tad selfish

I felt a tad guilty
I felt a tad selfish
but I thought the day would work
I felt that it would be a good day all around

when we woke the next morning lisa was in a fine mood and was on board for a strong maybe for driving out to BBQ-gathering after the riding was done
directions were printed out and bicycles/helmets for the kids were out of the garage and ready to be loaded in the car
Cargo Mike arrived to pick me up with bagels for everyone everyone was stoked to get some fresh bagels
Cargo Mike hung out while we toasted some bagels before hitting the road
Cargo Mike and I drove northeast to the undisclosed race location
I felt good about the day and had no worries about abandoning the family
Lisa was not angry... but she was still not sure about driving out to the event after a day of children's birthday parties and brothers bickering
everything was set for her to drive out if she felt she could make it
Cargo Mike and I arrived at the undisclosed race location to see the area filled with so many familiar faces
cars were being unloaded and bikes were being assembled
people exchanged hellos as they suited up to ride

lots of friends and lots of familiar faces
it was a gathering of the usual suspects

the Single Speed Outlaw FACTORY TEAM had a strong presence as well as some visible vacancies
the Pedal Shop Crew had representation in and out of the jersey
there were number of people from The Bike Lane

no one from DCMTB but Cargo Mike and myself
Jim may have been the only rider from Coppi's
but really... this was not a formal race so many people were in gear minus their " kits"

for the most part it was a gathering of single speeders from the DC area
a good number of people from Northern Virginia, a few from Fredrick, then some from various parts of Maryland, and then a handful from DC proper

it seemed that everyone was pretty local
the furthest traveler may have been one of the Clayman Brothers who traveled from Charlottesville

the drive to the undisclosed location was roughly an hour fifteen minutes from door to door
no one got lost
we left on time and we arrived on time
when we arrived we had plenty of time for a slow assembly of bike and body before the games began

people rolled around on their single speed bikes and exchanged hellos
there was the usual banter
friendly exchanges... perhaps some teasing
excitement was starting to brew

most people had been here before
but for some there needed to be some explanation

so our host and leader jim casey gathered the riders and gave a brief explanation of what was to be expected from the day

being a good listener is not one of my strengths so I am unable to retell what was told
or perhaps I can not tell what jim said because my inability to listen is one of my many weaknesses?
either way I am sure that he said something about the multi-stage event that has come to be known as THE LIBERTY JAMBOREE
his words may have sounded like this...

this was to be a ten stage race in the woods followed by a game of BLACK JACK
the winner of each stage gets to wear the yellow jersey for the next stage
the top five finishers of each stage getting awarded points for each stage
in the end after the stages are completed the winner would be decided by one hand of BLACK JACK
each person qualifies for the
BLACK JACK game with the points they earned in the prior stages... the points earned would count as chips

there would be a men's and a women's category

in addition to the points scored by being a top five finisher each stage also has a yellow flyer hidden off trail
this flyer (called "an outlaw") being worth the same amount of points as winning the stage

there was also discussion of the YELLOW LEAD PONY JERSEY
the winner of the event gets to take home the Yellow Jersey
the Yellow Jersey is not to be washed... not between stages... not between races
the Yellow Jersey was not even to be worn in the traditional post ride swim in the reservoir
Joe Whitehair showed disrespect by breaking that rules some years prior
while Jonathan showed his honor to the jersey by hanging it in The Family Bike Shop for all his customers to smell

water bottles were filled and bikes were ready to ride
any unanswered questions would answer themselves as we rolled into the woods and started riding

the riding started on some dirt trails right off Jim's inlaw's horse filled backyard
the stages were short sprints up and down rolling singletrack through various levels of technical complexity
one stage had a leman's style start with a twist... that twist being that each racer grabbed another racer's bike
which of course was a riddle to find a bike with a decent match in frame size and a correct match of pedals
some of the stages offered clear markings but there were some wrong turns
other stages offered trail options
some of these trail options were wrong turns forcing you to backtrack
there was one or two opportunities in different stages for the racers to take either the clockwise or counter clockwise option around a lollipop
this of course giving the chance for head on fun!
I went the route with JoeP that took us head on into the madness

there was one of those last man standing games
where a dab pulls you out of the circle
and there was even two man trials competition between RickyD and Cargo Mike
they each pogo-ed about on a picnic bench as we took a piss break at one of the state park facilities that we passed as we rode a like a parade from the finish of one stage to the start of another

it was a blast!

it was intense dirt interval fun
it was competitive camaraderie
I tried not to run anyone over
I tried not to crush anyone's rear wheel
I tried to have fun!


the competition was high
Family Bike Shop Jonathan showed up with the Yellow Jersey from last year
I showed up with Cargo Mike... I figured if I could not bring the Lead Pony Jersey back to DC maybe I could bring someone who could

each stage starts as a sprint
like teenage boy on prom night I started fast and ended quickly
that same effort was repeated for each and every stage
fast out of the gate and slow into the finish
all I can say is... I tried

early on I scored a few points landing in various places in the top five
then I faded fast
the bagels were a good start... but I needed more
the 10am start had the day blending into noon
the body was calling out for a lunch break
hammer gels and cliff bars could not satisfy
had I had a bottle of Red Bull I could have made an attack like Popeye fueled with spinach
but I was empty

my tank was empty
I was running on fumes
in between stages I tried to make contact to my wife lisa to see if she and the boys were headed out for the post non-race bbq
cell service was sporadic
we made contact a few times but not a good enough connection to communicate
my last effort to make contact from the trails I learned that lisa was on the road I could hear the boys fighting in the background in the back of the car
but she was headed up... I was stoked
I was confident that lisa would head up with the kids
she knows how to have a good time
she knows how to entertain the boys

after people had some time to chill in the reservoir
bodies worked their way up to the house where
burgers and dogs were just coming off the grill
and beers had spent their day cooling

a short time later after a refreshing dip in the reservoir lisa rolled up with the boys just as I was stepping out of my cycling gear

the boys were ecstatic!
the horse filled staging area was a large grassy area that spelled FREEDOM!
it was some sort of meld between farm and suburbia
wives and children other families started showing up
there was a swing set, a cool swing hanging from a tree limb, a small inflatable kiddie pool, a long
drive way good for biking, and a pedal car that the kids needed to line up behind DC Tony to ride

nick's wife and children arrived as did family bike shop jonathan's
todd bauer and unholy roller jim's families showed up

people who were too hung over from the night prior in margaritaville started to show up
it was madness! kids were swarming everywhere!


my boys were pushing to go swimming

but I delayed our approach to the water so we could attend the kid's race
the kid's race was a long straight not so technical section of trail which was perfect for this group of young riders
the length amused me... I dubbed it the SM100 of Kid's Races
there was a good group of kids on bikes
maybe more kids with training wheels than not

and even some fast pedaling young ladies

after the race the boys got their wish
we hiked down to the reservoir
by this time I was tired... but I did not give up on chasing the boys
I jumped into the water and did the requisite splashing with the kids
had they not been so drawn to the water I would have been content to stay seated on a chair drinking a beer while they ran around on the grass

but I knew how they would love the reservoir so we took them swimming
and well... it I am going to be that close to this glorious body of water
I am going to go swimming as well

they got thrown a few times

I swam under them and blew bubbles
grant took breaks from swimming by climbing on my back

I made sure I did not cramp up and sink to an early grave
then we headed back up to join the party for more fun
there were points were I just stood at a level where my it was just right so that my head poked out of the water

after a healthy swim we suited up and hiked back up to the party
the kids were still swarming around
the swing off the branch and the pedal car were in high demand

the boys had a blast
the whole family was having a good time

we were the last guests to leave
my boys wanted to stay the night
jim's inlaws
are so mellow thatI am sure that they would have allowed it
but it was time to go home
everyone left smiling
time well spent

it was a good day on the bike with good friends which added up to an amazing day
I may have bonked
but I was not out there to prove anything

it was riding hard and fast with friends
there was so much smiling going on you would not believe it
we were shoulder to shoulder or maybe my elbow was to other people's shoulders

it was fun... it is why we ride
we pushed ourselves
we pushed each other
I pushed Cargo Mike and bumped him out of a stage... well actually I grabbed his seat and pulled him to a stop at the top of a climb
while this year I refrained from pushing over JoeP and running over his delicate light weight rear wheel


Todd Bauer's account of the day's events at wrenchout.blogspot.com Uholy Roller Jim of Coppi tells his tale over at unholyrouleur-jim.blogspot.com no words as of yet from RiderX of the Single Speed Outlaw www.singlespeedoutlaw.com not sure if anybody will add anything over at Bikecentric/bikecentric.blogspot.com l

ike a lift ticket on my ski jacket

images by todd bauer from Liberty Jamboree IV
also by todd images
from Liberty Jamboree V