both boys got a post work ride on Monday

Malcom X Park aka Meridian Hill Park

on Monday after work I took both the boys for a ride around town on the trail-a-bike
first grant then dean grant
while dean was at tae kwon do I spun around town with grant
then after dropping grant off at home I looped around and grabbed dean from tae kwon do
then repeated an almost identical loop before heading home for dinner

Malcolm X Park...
around the playing fields on the upper tear of the park
a water break at the top to look down on the terraced fountain
both boys asked similar questions about the cycling of the water

then we rolled down the sidewalk and carried the bike up the stairs
a few seconds to soak in the splendor of the fountain from the lower perspective
then we got back on the bike
we bounced down the stairs... we have to ride down the shallow stairs! and then did a loop around down to and around Dupont Circle
slowed long enough to take a slug of water from my bike mounted water bottle
then back up the hill to Mount Pleasant


again... the bicycle is just background noise to the actions of the day
it is about hanging out
it is about checking out the city
it is about being out of the house
it is about doing something other than watching television and playing video games

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