we can alter our memories with our current perception or even just the mood of the moment

the comments are better than the article

BOLT left me wanting a puppy!


IMBA and Alison Dunlap are asking for your assistance in saving some MOAB trails from drilling!

Rollins on IFC

Happy Thanksgiving So Far!

tolerance... this is not tolerance

The Children's Museum in Pittsburgh

Photos by Bruce from Tacchino Cyclocross

Harlan Price of IF... good on the bike... good with the camera... good guy


what do you love?

trying to write RACE REPORT: Tacchino Ciclocross 2008

Metro Joe has some shots of various classes at Tacchino Cyclocross

me... me.... me... at Tacchino Cyclocross (Ciclocross)

Cyclocross Magazine has a piece on Tacchino Ciclocross with results

want to write a race report... but have blogger's blah

more images from Tacchino Ciclocross

nothing to do with the bike...

some shots from the Killer Bees at Coppi's Tacchino Cyclocross race last sunday... oh... that was yesterday

we we

good times on sunday...

DIY: Snow Chains for your bike

Kooza is Kool!