we can alter our memories with our current perception or even just the mood of the moment

in an old gwadzilla archive which is all text I try to list my TOP FIVE CONCERTS/SHOWS we can alter our memories with our current perception or even just the mood of the moment just as the measure for why that concert or show was so dynamic in that list I included my first real concert; The Who at The Capital Center 1981 the reality is that the show was a bit of a let down because I wanted to see The Who of the late 60's not The Who of the early 80's this was no insult to Kenny Jones or any of the original members of The Who as I had accepted Kenny Jones as the drummer but was not that psyched about the recent releases by The Who and really craved an era of The Who that I could not have possibly experienced as I was not even born when The High Numbers formed that event makes the list due to my age and the experience more than the musical experience and its impact upon me although some of the negative aspects of that concert aided in developing my future experiences it was that concert that taught me what my sister was saying when she would talk about "concerts versus shows" as I grow older details start to fade... all the Government Issue with Iron Cross shows meld into one even if some of the memories are from a community center in Wheaton Maryland while others are from Columbia Heights in Washington, DC the specifics are forgotten even if each show were different eras of each band music is something that is experienced more than it is something that is witnessed it is hard to explain people are not boasting about being there and seeing it people are boasting about being there and experiencing it (this post has me tasting the flavor of sweat and cotton candy... there were some great shows where Tesco Vee and the Meatmen took things up a notch by renting a smoke machine... after gas I am not sure if they made any money at those Wilson Center Shows) there is an unfair arrogance about being somewhere and experiencing something that someone else has not some of that is a matter of chance right place at the right time sort of thing an opportunity that was not available for someone who was not local, of the right age , and privy to the information this post may be too complicated for my Sunday after Thanksgiving brain...

the comments are better than the article

the comments are better than the article



BOLT left me wanting a puppy!

BOLT left me wanting a puppy!


unlikely... not reason to hang up the bike

yesterday I took a ride on the cyclocross bike
it was the same snow covered bike path route as the day before
the above freezing temperatures combined with the foot activity of the day had broken up a good amount of the snow coverage
yet there was still plenty of hard packed snow to inspire me to hammer
there was some slogging through the soft muddy gravel sections
but there were plenty of points where the wheels rolled and I was able to hammer

a closer glance at my start and finish times had my ride at around an hour ten
not bad for a cyclist who battles with boredom issues when riding in road bike situations
the ride occurred as I raced the setting sun
the toes were warm in my Lake winter boots
while my fingers could have used something more substantial that the same full finger gloves I wear on a hot summer day
the Pearlizumi Lobster Claws were in my car and my fingers were numb on the bike

it gave me pleasure that I was able to get on my bike on this vacation
I was ecstatic that two days of riding were able to occur
sure the rides were short
but a short ride is better than no ride
it all fits into my belief that life is cumulative

the first day of riding occurred after a healthy hike with the boys
while the second afternoon ride occurred after a morning of ice skating with the boys
ice skating with the boys... a pleasure that involves almost certain back pain
my four year old is still of the age where he needs some assistance to make it around the rink
which means a variety of methods of assistance all of which involve me bent over to support him
but after grant had his fill Dean and I were able to do loops at our own rate
it gave me great pleasure to see Dean and Grant so excited to get out on the ice

it proved worthwhile to bring the bike on this trip
but future Thanksgiving trips may involve cross country skiies instead
the snow coverage on the trail would have been perfect for a newbie like me to get out on the trail
XC skiing would not have been an option for this trip
but snow on the ground is not uncommon for this part of the country during this part of the year
future trips may involve heading out early and taking the kids to Seven Springs

IMBA and Alison Dunlap are asking for your assistance in saving some MOAB trails from drilling!

IMBA NEWS: Famous Moab Trails Put at Risk by Drilling Leases
this message traveled through various networks
stemming from Alison Dunlap

Rollins on IFC

Rollins on IFC

last night I watched a Henry Rollins Spoken Word piece on IFC
it was pretty cool
it effected me in a number of ways

I had felt like I had outgrown Henry Rollins by the time he started the Rollins Band
in my teens I caught a number of his spoken word shows at DC Space and had seen various incarnations of Black Flag at community centers and the old 9:30 Club
Pearce Hall being the most memorable of these shows... although there are moments from the other shows that stand out
but for some reason I felt like the angst and anger of Rollins was more for my teenage self and I did not need any of his fresh material
after all... DAMAGED and it Tipper Gore labeled anti-parent lyrics offered me the emotion when I needed it
the work of Rollins was always on my radar but never on my playlist
my tastes had migrated

the climax of this Henry Rollins Spoke Word piece last night had to be his emotional recount of the war in Iraq
the words Henry shared about meeting the troops at Walter Reed hospital were very powerful
this show touched me in a way that CNN and FOX can not
although I am and always have been strongly against the war in Iraq
seeing this show last night affirmed this and reminded me how our nation has failed to put the human element onto this war

in the early stages of this war the Bush government refused any photos of coffins or US bodies
the people did not see the war as anything but numbers
numbers be they high or be they low do not tell the real story
to me the story is in the eyes of the mothers, the fathers, the brothers... sisters... and children of the victims
Henry has seen these eyes and he has been moved
in this spoken word piece Henry shares his intense emotions with the live crowd and the at home viewers

it is true that the packaging that Henry Rollins presents is not for mass consumption
not everyone would be open to Henry's energetic perspective
but I think that it would be healthy for everyone to be reminded of the reality of war
it is more than tanks and missiles with airplanes flying overhead
it is men and women
most of which are really just children who are not yet adults
many of which will die before they get to become adults
some of which will live out their lives with their bodies and/or brains scarred by the brutality of war


Happy Thanksgiving So Far!

Happy Thanksgiving So Far!

it is thanksgiving day and it has been a happy one so far
the day started off slow with the usual routine of the boys needing to be entertained
requests for Nintendo DS or a Movie got me out of bed a few minutes earlier than I had wanted
but having gone to bed early it was fine... I had slept enough
the cousins were over for bagels by 8am so we did not have to deflect these requests for too long
the kids ate a little then chased each other around

after bagels and classic kid chaos we headed over to the cousins' for a hike around a man made lake not far from their house
we headed down the block a few houses and then jumped on some deer trails
the kids were stoked
it was all muddy and the creek feeding into the lake was frozen

it was all about throwing stuff into the lake to crack the ice
classic kid stuff
classic parent anxiety

cotton and nylon gloves were soaked in no time
the various winter boots seemed to be doing their job
luckily it was in the high thirties
we migrated around letting our actions be guided by the variables around us
from the creek we moved to the lake
large rocks and logs broke through the ice
parental reminders about the dangers of the ice and the risks of walking on thin ice were repeated
a golf ball skimmed the full distance to the other side
the lobbed tennis ball bounced instead of breaking the ice
the ice was thick... but no where near ice skating thick
large logs and rocks showed the vulnerability of the seemingly impenetrable ice

no one fell in which makes the adventure a success
I had water to quench their thirst although no one other than grant got thirsty
no one complained of excessive hunger
no one asked to head back
there was not an utterance of being too cold or too wet
and there were only a few mentions of fatigue, but those happened as we neared the end of the hike

back at the counsins' house the boys got out of their muddy wet gear
grant's fleece was covered in hitch hikers
with the boys entertained by getting ready to see THE HULK I jumped into my riding gear
in and out of the bathroom like a spin through a revolving door
no time wasted and I was in my gear and driving my car with my bike on top to a local bicycle trail/path

this vacation is being spent with the inlaws in suburban Pittsburgh
for those that do not know... things are a tad hilly in the burg
so I thought that the bike path on the old railroad grade would make the most sense
also better for carrying momentum than guessing myself around unfamiliar roads
unfamiliar roads with what appear to be unfriendly cars
there was a parking lot/trail head two minutes from the cousin's house which had me on the bike pedaling in under five minutes from the house
I was racing THE HULK and I was certain that the movie more than likely had not started when I was already trying to get warmed up on the bike

my shoulders are sore
it is that good sore... but sore just the same
no I did not crash... but crashing was entirely possible
although the snow was just about melted everywhere else
a good majority of the Montour trail was covered in packed snow
about 80% of what I rode was covered in packed snow
the rest was the uncovered gravel trail which was slow and squishy compared to the packed snow
there was some occasional crunch and a little ice
but nothing that dropping pace and staying smooth could not deal with

I hammered for a little more than an hour... an hour ten maybe an hour thirty
in that time I started out hard and ended hard
once I warmed up I was loving it
the air pressure felt good on my narrow cross tires
and the upright position and the wide riser bars gave me far more control than I would have flet with the road style drop bars

the ride was all about duration
just sneaking out while my boys watched a movie
just a quick spin before the gathering around the turkey begins

the packed snow was perfect for the cyclocross bike
a few inches on top of that and that trail would be a beginner cross country skiier's dream
bringing the bike on this trip has served its purpose once this trip and will hopefully be ridden again tomorrow
future trips may call for the cross country skiies
this trip has been much happier with the bicycle than the running shoes

time to clean myself up and get ready for some turkey

happy thanksgiving
so far it has been a happy thanksgiving for me


back from downstairs
stepped out to clean up some of my riding gear
want to hang some stuff so I have one less excuse for riding tomorrow
when downstairs in the basement a glance out the back window had me face to face 8 feet away from a young female deer
after some inspection I saw another deer about ten feet to the side in the same position
doing the same thing... chewing
I watched confident that they could not see me through the glass
a combination of the reflection on the glass, poor vision, and being focused on nothing more than chewing
the deer were there and comfortable long enough for me to get both my wife and my mother inlaw for two separate viewings
but gone by the time I finally located my camera
it looks and feels like Thanksgiving Day



warhol meets bowie

stp covers bowie warhol

in this image
bowie plays warhol

what do you love?

what do you love?

you love pictures of me!
what do you love more than photos of me?


here I am test riding the lil' Belgian's course at DCCX

shot by Bruce of METROSPORTS
Bruce Flickr

WOW! MetroSports web presence looks like it is well worth a visit
I need to go through this page when I get a moment

ONE BALL RUN" and no this is not a video of Lance Armstrong Sprinting!

trying to write RACE REPORT: Tacchino Ciclocross 2008


trying to write RACE REPORT: Tacchino Ciclocross 2008 in an effort to get some recall and relive some choice moments of the race I am scanning the web for images and stories only there is one problem slow connection well... two problems slow connection and slow blogger I am a few beers down after an exhausting drive from from DC to Pittsburgh the traffic was not bad but the weather sucked which leaves me depleted yet... I stumble on scanning some blogs and scanning some images to refresh my memory of the day



those three racers were in the Elite Masters Category
each and every one of them took a few hits out there had any one of these guys been a boxer on that day they would have been that boxer who was bleeding real bad but refused to go down that guy who was not going to get knocked out and was not going to give up even if winning was not part of his reality that sort of spirit is a pleasure to watch well... minus the bleeding checked the results as posted on CX MAG's page... still no grand inspiration the images start the gestation process but no propagation is visible it is morning perhaps I will have better luck... unlikely cause the day is about to start RACE REPORT: Tacchino Ciclocross 2008 the cross season started without me the early cyclocross races and the weekly cyclocross practices occurred without my attendance there was the involvement in hosting the DCMTB-City Bikes Cyclocross practices at Fort Reno but I was caught up in the momentum like so many in the Mid-Atlantic Charm City happened without me when Ed Sander's came along I signed up and lined up I was reminded what all the buzz is about it was a day of riding, racing, and gathering with friends but there was not much cyclocross for me until the DCCX event my cyclocross bike was still caked with mud and clogged with grass and hay the night before DCCX again I rode... I raced... and I gathered with friends again I was reminded of the pleasures of cyclocross racing yet again I failed to get caught up in the momentum the burn out on the mountain bike had faded and I was using my bicycle time to hit the local trails on my single speed a glance at the calendar had me realize that cyclocross season was reaching for its finish so I decided that I had to be pro-active if I wanted to get some cyclocross racing before the season ends and the cross bikes get hung up until next year I had a mental note drifting through my head telling me to get involved in the action of Coppi's Tacchino Ciclocross in Leesburg I had raced this course before and enjoyed the venue so the week before the race with my permission slip signed I got online and registered to line up with the Men's Masters B at Tacchino Cyclocross in the days leading up to the race I tinkered with my Jamis Nova pulled the Salsa Bell Lap bars with their road shifters and Paul's levers and swapped things out for a Salsa mountain bike bar with mountain bike shifters and mountain bike levers by the time Saturday had arrived I had replaced the spoke that had broken at DCCX, swapped out the bars and broke in the new brake and deraileur cables, and packed my bags for what was expected to be a cold day on the cyclocross bike Sunday morning came without the sound of the alarm clock I woke to a quiet house after a night on the town the boys must have been tired from staying up late with the babysitter I got out of bed and walked the dog allowing the house to sleep just a little bit longer back with the dog I entered the house which had the smell of fresh brewing coffee Lisa was awake and coffee had been made... bonus I fueled up with some coffee as I loaded up my car with directions in hand I drove across town with my bike ontop of the Element and multiple bags of gear tossed in the back seat when I pulled up to Cargo Mike's place I was pleased to see that he had bought some bagels bagels were a good morning option to my pieces of cold pizza Cargo Mike and I got some extra time to catch up when the Google Maps directions sent us the wrong way on Route 15 a few minutes later than planned did not effect things too much getting suited up and lining up with nothing more than a one lap pre-ride was not too different than my usual routine sitting on the bicycle trainer for 30 minutes before the race has never been part of my routine although I am curious if that would change my performance with a release from the officials my race started with a cluster of cyclists packed on a narrow paved path entering the course at a parade lap pace but accelerating and thinning out rather quickly racers tried to power to the front there were mulitple crashes which I was pleased not to be involved in it is true... I rode cautiously on my one lap pre-ride warm up I was warned of the danger of various turns by watching friend and superior rider Family Bike Shop Jonathan go down hard on one of the slick transitions Squadro Coppi had done an excellent job of designing this course this may be my third time in four years that I have raced at this venue each year they have done a great job of fine tunning the course the course made great use of the variables provided there were fast transitions from pavement to grass wide sections where racers could pass and select their lines the fast sections fed into tight turns and some short steep climbs which forced riders to weigh the risks between riding smart and racing hard nothing ventured nothing gained or something to that effect in my race I watched the racers crash in front of me as much as I wanted to race hard I did not want to crash hard so I took many of these technical turns that grew more technical as the earth thawed with caution tried to power where I could while being cautious not to blow up gone and back again wrote the above non-bold/n0n-italic the night prior if only I knew what to say it would be said already let me see if I can wind this up it is thanksgiving morning and I have tried to jot down a report on several attempts no luck the race is a blur hard to recall the specific events of the day I will put a few images to go with this and then maybe call it a day RACE REPORT FINALLY....
Photos by Bruce

Metro Joe has some shots of various classes at Tacchino Cyclocross

me... me.... me... at Tacchino Cyclocross (Ciclocross)

me... me.... me... at Tacchino Cyclocross (Ciclocross)
photos by Darren
thanks darren!

it is true... the bigger they are the harder they have to pedal!

first race on the flat bars
a few more rides with the skinny tires with the riserbars... my comfort will only increase

Cyclocross Magazine has a piece on Tacchino Ciclocross with results

Cyclocross Magazine has a piece on Tacchino Ciclocross with results
CX Magazine

story told by Jim

the Suitcase of Sausages!


want to write a race report... but have blogger's blah


want to write a race report... but have blogger's blah
hmmm... maybe a looking at the photos from the day will kick start the machine

I have numerous photos of the Elite Masters Race


more images from Tacchino Ciclocross

more images from Tacchino Ciclocross

nothing to do with the bike...

nothing to do with the bike...
give it a look...

some shots from the Killer Bees at Coppi's Tacchino Cyclocross race last sunday... oh... that was yesterday

drove up with Cargo Mike sans his Cargo Bike
I lined up and raced with the old guys and the Masters B
while Cargo Mike got his groove on with the Killer Bees

Jason Berry hammering out his first season of cyclocross on his mountain bike with some skinny knobbies which he felt were an advantage on the Leesburg course
my prediction... next season... a cross bike and some podium finishes

Cargo Mike also has the speed and finesse to be a top five finisher... if he decides to direct his passion that way

I know that guy on the Coppi's squad... he is a turkey!

we we

an article on the bike sharing program in paris
or so I am thinking... as I have not had a second to check it out


good times on sunday...

good times on sunday
ran into all sorts of friends
this was the first time I have seen Sean since playing soccer in college

Sean is a track bike enthusiast who has been toying around on the cyclocross courses on his track bike
after his third race I think he may be considering a cyclocross bike for cyclocross
while keeping the track bike on the track... and well... on the city streets

DIY: Snow Chains for your bike


Kooza is Kool!

Kooza is Kool

before heading to Katch Kooza
we went to the Awakening at its new home

Grant trying to get up the shin
Dean was unable to get up the shin without assistance
but they each had fun trying

the boys had a great time at The Awakening
they also had a great time at Kooza
The Awakening is far less expensive

the display put on Cirque Du Soliel definitely inspires imagination and creativity