what percentage of DC drivers are Handicapped?

It seems that everybody and their brother has a handicap badge hanging from their rear view mirror...

it seems to me that this system needs a push of the reset button...

there is no way that all of these cars have a driver or a passenger with a handicap that need to take the handicap space

if a non-handicap person occupies the handicap space... then that space is not available for those that are actually handicapped

Take away the Blue Rear View Mirror Card... change the color and demand that people re-apply for the handicap pass
have a short education attached to the process so that people can understand what the pass is for and the negative consequences of using that pass when not needed

Hazard Lights... I do not think they mean what you think they mean

everyday cars are parked illegally with their hazards on...

what do the drivers think this means?

ticket these cars...
tow these cars...
penalize this behavior so it stops

why do we accept the unacceptable?

a new ticket system of nominal ticket fees... then a suspension of driving privilege if the driver got an excess of these nominal tickets

the driving style of the average DC driver during the commute times is selfish and short sighted

the percentage of drivers talking or texting while drive is absurd
the world around these drivers is at risk
bicyclist and pedestrians go unseen by the distracted driver

I am surprised there are not more fatalities with drivers driving as they do

blocking the box...

double parking...

cell phone use while driving...

if there were DC officials... they would not need to be police...
these hired\paid officials would issue traffic tickets

tickets for minor offenses
with a low fee... maybe 5 dollars... 5 dollars then doubled if not paid
if the driver were to get 5 of these tickets in a certain period... then their license would be suspended

driving is not a right it is a privilege

may people are abusing this privilege
if we were to remove the scoff law drivers fro the streets... we would have better flow to traffic and safer streets

Safer Streets... a simple concept... have professional drivers drive in a professional manner or lose their right to drive as professionals

the violations on the streets of DC are created by the same drivers every day in the same way...

so many of these drivers are professional drivers
if we could "curb" the double parking
if we could reduce the parking in the bike lane

why do we accept this unacceptable behavior

Fed Ex and UPS have a delivery strategy
but really... I do not think that we should accept the unacceptable
why do we allow them to drive and park the way that they do
would you rather have less traffic and safer streets or your package delivered in 24 hours?

that is a rhetorical question
do not answer that

Delivery Drivers... not just Fed Ex and UPS have a tenancy to double park or park in the bike lane even if there is an open space along side the curb

Why does our system enable this behavior?

If there is an excess of daily deliveries to a certain area then maybe there needs to be a DELIVERY ZONE

when I lived in Mount Pleasant I suggested this to DDOT
and the DDOT representative was dumbfounded.... "a delivery zone in a residential neighborhood?"
yes... and why not?
get the delivery truck out of the road

that is a simple concept
well.. reduction would be a start

Porch Pirates... don't support the Porch Pirate

as a rule I try to steer away from grey market deals in the park

it is tempting...
a guy selling a 12 dollar bag of Pistachios for a couple of bucks
or worse yet... the guy with bicycle parts
usually new bicycle parts

DC Jump Bike... a dance with the dark side... a bit of a fiasco...

I am not a fan of eBikes

it is very similar to guns
I have no issue with guns
my issue is with people with guns
the problem is people

I have no issue with eBikes
it is people with eBikes


is it my understanding the a New Belgium just celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Tour de Fat!?!?!

New Belgium Brewery has brought the party for 20 Years!
Thanks New Belgium

for a few years the New Belgium Family came to visit DC for the DC Incarnation of the Tour de Fat
Tour de Fat

made so many new friends
many friends became better friends
because of the Tour de Fat
New Belgium

so many great memories
thanks New Belgium!


Dean... approaching 18... about to graduate high school... headed off to college... WaPo All Met Athlete and the stroke on the National Champion Wilson HS Varsity 8

ah... my older son Dean
so happy... so proud
I love this kid
and yes... I love his brother Grant too

such a great kid...
so proud of his achievements and the person he has become and the adult he is headed to be

so many great experience shared with this boy over the past (almost) 18 years
lots of bike rides... lots of dog walks...
lots of adventures
lots and lots of fun

various stages
different interests

a strong cyclist
a solid soccer player
grew into being an amazing rower

rowing all four years at Wilson High School
(and novice at Alice Deal)
developing in strength and skill such that during his senior year Dean took on the Stroke seat and went on to hold the fastest PR for both the 2k and the 20 minute erg events

so proud...
Dean put a good deal of energy into making all that happen
extra work outs... proper diet... rest... etc.

I Love Dean So Much!

high school is ending... college is right around the corner

Dean landed a rowing scholarship to nationally ranked Syracuse University
Dean will need a new winter coat... 

that kid...
can crack me up... can make me proud

wow... these photos bring back so many memories from Deans various stages of growth and development 

WaPo All Met Athletes 2019

rants on the gwadzilla blog containing Dean

Didg January 2012... dog born late 2011...

My Main Man Didg!

Didg and his four legged family


RACE REPORT: DCMTB hosts DCXC at Schaeffer Farms in June 2019

RACE REPORT: DCXC Schaeffer Farms 2019
Hell Yes!

What a collaboration between DCMTB and MORE to bring a XC mountain bike race to the DMV

Several key DCMTB team members worked very very hard to make this event happen
this all started months and months in advance... ideas... meetings... emails... etc.

Who was it?
Will Sanders\Todd Keller\Kelly Gray\Mark Drajem... who else? Did Matt Conte do anything?

DCMTB\MORE hosted several trail work days that did everything that needed to be done to make this roller coaster of a trail be race worthy... there were fallen trees and lots of green over growth that had to be trimmed back

Mauricio\Dave McGill\Todd Bauer\Bob Caverly and others brought the muscle (WHo else? Who am I leaving out)
the city boys from DCMTB followed the instructions of the seasoned trail builders on making things happen

then on race day...
DCMTB volunteers showed up early and ran an efficient machine
did you see those Awards? Thanks Jed Dinger

there was some last minute juggling of the order of the releasing of the categories
that worked out well
flexibility is important in sports... not just yoga

it seemed that everything went off smoothly

lots of smiles on people's faces after they finished their racing

the course was well recieved
it was fast and flowy... lots of change in elevation...
the temp was favorable... hot in the open area... not too bad in the woods... no so humid...
course was dry but not dusty


this day gave rise to a notion

There should be more mountain bike racing in this area!


If local cycling teams could partner with local shops and create a local race... we could build a local race series

Mountain Biking could host races similar to how Cyclocross happens through no for profit teams versus promoters

Any thoughts on this?

it would be great to see more mountain bike racing in the DMV...


of course Greenbrier! What about Gambril or Green Ridge State Park?

Cabin John may not work...
What about Fairland?

I am certain that people have finished a ride at their favorite set of trails and thought... "This would be a great place for a race!"

well... consider it
start the process

make it happen!

more photos on the Gwadzilla Facebook Page

How was my day? How was my race?

in short... it was not my best effort
had fun riding\racing the course
it was no my best day

but I had a good time getting out on the bike!


Interest in DCMTB
Check us out Here

Dean is graduating from Wilson High School... he just went to prom this Saturday past... the Saturday before that his Varsity 8 won the SRAA Rowing National Championship


I have a child who just went to their high school prom...

Congratulations Dean and Mabel!

Go Tigers

and yes...
Dean rowed stroke on the Wilson Varsity 8 that won the SRAA National Championship
What a journey for that boat of young rowers!?!?!
So thick with talent...
to get the strength, speed, and synergy to peak at the end of their High School rowing career

Dean is a National Champion
Off to Syracuse University in the fall...
Congrats again to the Men's V8 -- 2019 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!

Friday's Heat:

Saturday's Grand Final (from Grandstands)

Saturday's Grand Final (Official Livestream Feed, qued up!):

Post-Win Docking Celebration

Post-Win Celebration (continued)

Awards Celebration Start



Oh man...

What a BUMMER!
What a Fing BUMMER!

Rain Rain Go Away...

So... as my summer vacation approached I watched the weather
the weather this summer has been odd to say the least
not exactly the summers I would expect in this region
rather than sporadic afternoon summer rains... we have had monsoons for full weeks

so... watching the weather I hesitated on my approach to our family vacation to Raystown Lake
while watching the weather I contacted Rothrock Outfitters in the Raystown Lake Area... Caleb on the other side of the phone was very helpful with the updates on the trail conditions
it appeared that the trails would be "okay"
but camping?

I am not looking to camp in the rain

Gwadzilla at Raystown

this had us in a holding patern
watching the weather and waiting to make our appropriate plans

there was a chance of rain everyday... higher chance of thunderstorms on other days
rather than set up in the rain... we decided to delay our approach

rather than picking the boys up from their mother's with the car packed... I grabbed the boys and updated them on our lack of itinerary
then posed up a classic option... Beaver Dam Swim Club!

Summer Highlight every Summer... Beaver Dam Swim Club!

Gwadzilla Beaver Dam Swim Club

Gwadzilla on Instagram