what percentage of DC drivers are Handicapped?

Hazard Lights... I do not think they mean what you think they mean

a new ticket system of nominal ticket fees... then a suspension of driving privilege if the driver got an excess of these nominal tickets

Safer Streets... a simple concept... have professional drivers drive in a professional manner or lose their right to drive as professionals

Porch Pirates... don't support the Porch Pirate

DC Jump Bike... a dance with the dark side... a bit of a fiasco...

is it my understanding the a New Belgium just celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Tour de Fat!?!?!

Dean... approaching 18... about to graduate high school... headed off to college... WaPo All Met Athlete and the stroke on the National Champion Wilson HS Varsity 8

Didg January 2012... dog born late 2011...

RACE REPORT: DCMTB hosts DCXC at Schaeffer Farms in June 2019

Dean is graduating from Wilson High School... he just went to prom this Saturday past... the Saturday before that his Varsity 8 won the SRAA Rowing National Championship