a new ticket system of nominal ticket fees... then a suspension of driving privilege if the driver got an excess of these nominal tickets

the driving style of the average DC driver during the commute times is selfish and short sighted

the percentage of drivers talking or texting while drive is absurd
the world around these drivers is at risk
bicyclist and pedestrians go unseen by the distracted driver

I am surprised there are not more fatalities with drivers driving as they do

blocking the box...

double parking...

cell phone use while driving...

if there were DC officials... they would not need to be police...
these hired\paid officials would issue traffic tickets

tickets for minor offenses
with a low fee... maybe 5 dollars... 5 dollars then doubled if not paid
if the driver were to get 5 of these tickets in a certain period... then their license would be suspended

driving is not a right it is a privilege

may people are abusing this privilege
if we were to remove the scoff law drivers fro the streets... we would have better flow to traffic and safer streets