Happy Halloween... Scott Scudamore is Smiling... and that makes me smile

this is why we love Scott... because he is this great mixture of super cool and super goofy

maybe more goofy then cool
and his coolness is not is a Fonz sort of cool
but it is cool to be Scud
Scud is a one of a kind... a bicycle riding super hero of sorts

Scott Scudamore crashed his mountain bike and suffered some serious spinal injuries
very scary... glad it was not worse
we all hope for a full recovery
if anyone can do it... Scud can!

at the MoCo Epic Jim Boles made a video with what he called the SCUD CAM
glad I could contribute

Riding with Scud at the 2013 MoCo Epic

previous mentions of Scud

Boys and School... and the unfairness of rewarding on group for their nature while punishing another group for their nature

it is like dogs and cats...
if a dog chases a cat... the cat owner is enraged
but... that same cat owner is more than likely proud of their cat's hunting ability 
smiling with a great glow when their cat shows us with a bird, chipmunk, mole, or whatever in their mouth

the dog is punished for expressing their nature
the cat is rewarded for expressing their nature

What Schools Can Do to Help Boys Succeed

agreed... Submissive Cycling Enables Aggressive Driving

the Rebel Metropolis and the Tour de F-ck You!

Happy Halloween!


Jack... Jack-O-Lantern?

Jack and his paper cuts on the sidewalk in New Orleans

New Orleans



I think my son Dean was trying to describe something like this...

Great Halloween Costume Ideas!

I ride my bike with my son!

Get Bloody

jackass is a guilty pleasure


I got an idea for a costume for me... need to see if I can pull it together


bananas... fantastic fuel for the body


Wanna Great Job? Then Shave!


my first ride on my New Belgium Fat Tire Cruiser! Rode with Dean and Grant around town... ended up at City Lights of China at Dupont

 very fun bike to ride... feels as good as it looks
it is as heavy as it looks
but so am I
as good as I look and as heavy as I look

come on... gotta do something with my archives of photos... especially my Poland shots

did I post this? I bet I did... either way... CHECK OUT THOSE LINES!

I have never been to Hooters... but I think I have said that before

yes I have... Hooters!

I heard they have carry out... WHY?
that I would consider

I was never cool enough to be a Lou Reed fan...

Lou Reed dead at 71

Jay Moglia... long time DC Bicycle Messenger

an old shot... ran into jay taking the elevator 
him doing his messenger thing
me doing my computer thing
our paths crossed

beard brand.... beardbrand?

I am not sure
well... I am sure I can not afford their quality products
12 dollars for a comb?
I guess if i used one

beard brand

according the the beard blog... I could use some beard oil

beard oil for the beardo

Grant on the New Belgium Fat Tire Cruiser... this bike is beautiful to look at and fun to ride

seasons have changed... summer is but a memory

fantastic randomness on the Gwadzilla Page

Rock Creek Park

Capital BikeShare and the US Capitol Building

an attractive couple with silver hair

ran into a cowboy and a zombie on our way home from dinner last night....


the woman who designed and built those pillars died in a car accident in rock creek park

astroboy... dc astroboy

grant rolling on the New Belgium cruiser
decades ago when I live in Columbia Heights I met this woman Hester
Hester Nelson was a potter with a studio a few blocks away from my group house
I did not know her well
but i did stop by and play with clay with her from time to time

made some stepping stones in the shape of fish 
never went by to glaze them after they were fired



I ride my bike with my son!

a must watch video
a kids video game and a catch pop techno tune
with a message that I get



just put a handful of random photos on the Gwadzilla Facebook Page

some MoCo Photos...
some random urban shots...
some shots of my kids on bikes

some shots of Graham from our bike ride on the eve of the end of the shutdown

it is funny...
during the MoCo Epic my son Dean was dreading the C&O Canal
I get it
off the tow path and onto the single track
so much hard work for so little reward

unless you are into counting turtles

pedaling on the tow path along side the C&O Canal may be an acquired taste
a taste I acquired at a very young age

lots of great memories on different mile markers of the C&O Canal

this shot in Georgetown with an old barge and some great examples of the lift locks

flanked by historic buildings
a wonderful time-capsule surrounded by the ever evolving Washington DC

I have ridden bikes with my boys to a spot just a few city blocks north or is it west
over by Moby Dicks
we get lunch and eat
the boys eat while I prep the rods

then the boys fish for blue gill with the naan bread
the blue gills love the food from Moby Dick and so do the boys
win win
catch and release

Graham doing his best Dudley

Graham and I were doing another tour of the Smithsonian during the Federal Government Shutdown
Graham is a horticulturist at the Smithsonian
I think that is a fancy name for a gardner 
but I am not entirely sure

we were curious what was happening on the National Mall and around all the Federal Buildings during the Federal Government Shutdown

the city was a ghost town
tumbleweeds blowing through Dodge City
DC stands for Dodge City
or so I am told

we made a detour on our way down town
at this moment Graham is pretty close to mile zero on the C&O Canal
which is National Park land
which means that we were enjoying the peace and serenity of an area that was closed during the Federal Government Shutdown

a ride that took us through Rock Creek Park... along side the National Zoo... then more National Park land along side Beach Drive

it was the Federal Government Shutdown that gave us the moment to appreciate so many great places that are owned, operated, serviced, and maintained by the Federal Government
National Parks and National Park land... that is a good percentage of the green space in Washington DC
all closed during the Government Shutdown

shamelessly.... virtually guiltlessly we crossed through invisible lines
passing some signs
but also passing Park Rangers and Park Police
as if our behavior was not just accepted but allowed

Mount Vernon Trail, Capital Crescent Trail, and of course Rock Creek Park and its various trails
all wonderful local amenities

what is my point?
just trying to add some words to go with the photos

dog is barking and I just started an episode of Breaking Bad on Netflix
it is good
not life changing, but good

things are getting back to normal
people are at work
I am back at work
working a contract and looking for work