more randomness

I have neither an iPad or a BMX bike
but still think this is neat

not sure if I get this..

Amusement Park in Chile
saw image\ad here


saw this
liked this
figured I would share it
found it here

ah... the unicycle

I need to get on the unicycle...
although I have learned to ride it... I never ride it

better than that
I have inspired the parents of two of my older son's friends to buy their kids each a unicycle for Christmas
now Dean can ride his unicycle with his friends instead of with me!


image from here


the tangents work for me

Portlandia Bike Clip

photo by Jonathan Maus of Bike Portland

the wind in their face...

so many dogs love that sensation of the wind in their face
not all dogs stick their heads out of moving car windows
but those that do... LOVE IT!

nice video of dogs riding in cars and LOVING IT!

this image of me riding Adam's bike with his dog Lucy some years back was on the Cargo Bike Gallery



a commodity as full of shit as diamonds

and that is not a fossil fuel joke


abandoned bike blog in NYC

up for grabs?


Boliva is now McDonald's Free

it has been a long time since

it has been a long time since this was the Wilson Center

the Wilson Center had steps out front and lacked a fenced in playground on the roof
funny to think how many times I was on this corner hanging out before heading into the basement for a "show"

that was many moons ago
a life time ago
what seems like a life that was not my own
that is how long ago it was for me

who is she again... and why do we care

I guess I would be curious why any marriage would diffuse after 18 days

that image has nothing to do with the link
unless you want to stretch the tangent that this guy does wedding photography

2011 was flavored with pepper spray

something about bike share and banks...

yesterday there was a window of opportunity for a short ride
not that much time... but enough time to get the blood pumping and get out of the house
totally worth getting out of the house

so... with no objective I had no firm trajectory
just got on the bike and rode the wave around town

with my camera in my bag I was ready and willing to snap a few shots

it is a tough thing to mix... taking photos and getting some exercise
taking photos means stopping the bike
the more I stop the bike... the less I push the pedals
the less I push the pedals... you do the math

on my way home I was in the bike lane headed up 14th Street
headed down 14th the other way I saw this Bike Share BIke with another red bike in tandem
so... I chased him down

I caught the rider who was riding so confidently down 14th and asked if I could take a picture
with the answer yes I asked him which way he was headed
before hitting Thomas Circle he said New York Avenue when meaning Mass Ave
we hit the circle... he must have made all the lights because I took things at speed counter clockwise and was not staged on Mass Ave with the camera for more than a second when he arrived

managed to get one shot

then sprinted ahead and tried to get another

I blasted through a few lights and then stopped on the side of the road
just as I was pulling the camera from my bag there he was
again making good time

managed to get these somewhat blurry shots
they capture the moment

if the bike is not moving neither are my legs
if my legs are not moving... my legs, lungs, and heart are not getting a work out

my trip around town took my no place unfamiliar
I meandered down 16th Street weaving through traffic
at H Street I kept straight towards 1600 Penn
the streets were moderately quiet
bicycles were few and far between

the infrequency of the bikes had me lose my focus on photography
my path weaved in and out of the Pennsylvania separated bike lanes
staying in the bike lane if and when it made sense
clusters of pedestrians, parked cars, U-Turning cars, left turning traffic
all of these variables not only obstructed my flow but also put me at risk
the bike lane is not a force field of safety
the bike lane is a false sanctuary

down to the Capitol Building and up the little hill that is Capitol Hill
with no particular place to go I just rolled with the flow of the traffic and the lights
when I was forced to stop at a Red Light that would not turn green for another 30 plus seconds I figured that turning around made more sense than waiting

by this time the ride was more about pushing the pedals than taking photographs
there were a few bicycles on the street
but nothing that merited pulling the camera from the bag
on the Specialized cyclocross bike with flat bars and nearly ineffective brakes I hustled back across town

not enough coffee in the system to find this information interesting... but it may be interesting to you
it may be more interesting to me after I wake up
Bike Sharing Unbanked

The Modern World

At The Black Cat on December 30th
if those are the stewardesses.... I AM FLYING!

this is The Modern World.


hunger strike

this photo is a few years old
just a random photo of a random cyclist

then to the present
a few years later I see a image on Facebook
that person in that photo reminded me of the moment I took this photo
with the aid of Google I tracked down this image
through the powers of electronic communication of this modern age I made contact
we had some back and forth
both recalling the day
each of us remembering the photo being taken

now Adrian is involved in a Hunger Strike in an effort to bring voting rights to Washington DC

I did not take this photo
I would have tried to get both high heels in the shot

Adrian Parsons is the last remaining person able to maintain the hunger strike

I hope Adrian made it to Christmas
and for his health
I hope that Adrian calls off his strike and resumes eating

Christmas Eve Longboard Session


Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

Tool Library?

this is cool...
so many own stuff to use once or twice year
I had not know that such a thing existed

Takoma Park has a TOOL LIBRARY
I wonder if they have a gear coop?
Gear Coop would make sense too... how often do I go camping?

Walter Rave died in what sounds like a hoarders house fire


Haymarket Winter Bike League

that is right...
you heard me...

Haymarket Winter Bike League
group on Facebook
rides in the cold with fast people



Zooey something or other...

funny... how can she be such an underdog when everyone is rooting for?

funny... she has that look that makes people think that she is not unattainable
which makes the average Joe think that he has a chance

funny... she has that attractiveness that makes people think that they are the only one who can appreciate her beauty

not over staged
not obvious

Indoor Bike Park! HELL YEAH!

it is cold outside
it is wet outside
it is not legal to ride your bike on the natural surface trails of Rock Creek Park
the cars are potential killers

where are people to ride their bikes?
especially the kids!

oh... at the indoor mountain bike park

this is classic

another wonderful piece on XTRANORMAL

The Perils of Dating Cyclists

worth a watch-listen

this cracks me up... they are young and I am old

"Do They Know its Christmas"
Band Aid

yes Bono... that is the sentiment... "thank god it is them instead of you"

a method to her madness...

pregnant on the bike

while passing through Georgetown the other day I could not resist asking this mom-to-be if I could snap a few shots of her on her bike

she was riding to the left here... at first I thought her foolish
but as I rode on the right I saw the method to her madness
the cars were screaming down this side street short cut
not giving any space to me being on the right

great to see the pregnant woman on the bike
this often angers people
honestly... I think people need to relax on telling people to wear bicycle helmets or to not ride when pregnant
do these same people give instructions to fat people about over eating or smokers and the risks of cancer?

Photographic Collages... delivered by bike

Matt and his Cargo Bike
not Cargo Matt and his Cargo Bike

Joey's Bike Shop in Elkins

Joey knows bikes...

Joey knows how to ride em....
Joey knows how to race em...
Joey knows how to fix em...

my guess...
Joey knows how to sell em...

Joey's Bike Shop in Elkins West Virginia



Miracle on 34th Street in Baltimore
of course I centered in on the house with the sculptures with bicycle wheels
the artist had an Open House

the whole block experience was a piece of americana
loved getting to step out of my friend's birthday party to witness the Lights on 34th Street in Baltimore

lots of history past, present, and future in all the backgrounds

got on the bike... a bit of a tradition

Dean and Grant with their buddy Roane at the Sculpture Garden Ice Rink

I took the boys ice skating yesterday
today they had an offer to go with some friends from down the block
they were excited and I was stoked
their being occupied freed me to ride my bike to grab the goods to make my traditional Christmas Eve Paella

but... since my destination of Eastern Market allowed the ice rink to be on the way... I strapped some skates to the outside of my pack and cruised down to the ice rink to take a few laps with the kids before heading over to the open air market on Capitol Hill

the skates and lock had some weight
then when I added all the mussels, clams, shrimp, scallops, drum sticks, and sausages all on ice
well... I was happy to have my Ergon pack
it would have been a good load for the Bob Trailer
but the Ergon was able to keep that oversized load well balanced and not causing me any great pain

Happy Holidays from Gwadzilla!

Good Luck and Long Life
no matter what you believe


Matisyahu sheds his orthodox exterior yet maintains his religiosity

Linus explains the meaning of Christmas

Cutting it a Litte Close

Angry Bicyclist Slams Bike into Roller Skier

it reads like a scene from Repo Man... "cutting it a little close" being the quotable catch phrase


going through the archives

mary with her then new bike
wonder if that is still her main bike

store front by store front... block by block... the world is changing

oh man...
oh oh man
The Guitar Shop just south of Dupont Circle is CLOSED!
how did I miss this happening?
oh... I only work around the corner part time now
and I am not a guitarist
two things from kept this event from being front and center

first we lose Candy's Hardware
then we lose The Guitar Shop
DC is going through a massive changing of the guard

no more Comet Deli... no more AV's
what is old school DC that still remains?
Shirl's on the Hill? NO! what is still in the game?

in the Washington Post
Mourning the Closure of The Guitar Shop

ran into Lon in the park...

nice light on the building in the background

not the shot I was looking for..

Fixed or Single?

not the shot I was looking for..

Fixed or Single?

fire on the mountain

the other day after I dropped the boys off at school I ran some errands
already being in the car I tried to make efficient use of already being out and about and zipped around in the car picking up things that I can not so easily carry on the bike

to the grocery store... the kids toy store... then the liquor store...
filling up the car with far more than I could carry on the bike
trying to time things such to arrive with the stores open
grocery stores open earlier than toy store and the liquor store
which had the ice cream melting as I waited for these other stores to start their day while I tried to get on with mine

after checking off everything on the shopping list I headed home very proud
proud that I was coming home with more than a handful of beans
proud that this shopping spree was not some sort of Jack and the Bean Stalk scenario

heading back home I dipped into "the park"
as I rolled down Broad Branch I saw a sign saying "LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY" as I approached temporary one lane bridge
well... the sign should have read BRIDGE CLOSED because I was traveling locally but could not get past the bridge that was working on

unable to pass I made a three point turn and headed for home
no raise of heart rate... no slamming to the steering wheel... just turned it around and headed for an alternate route home

reversing my tracks and headed for Grant Road in Rock Creek Park I saw a fire up on the hill
in the yard of what must be a multi million dollar house I saw a fire
curious I stopped the car
I did not see a ring surrounding a fire pit
I did not see laborers with racks burning leaves

still in my car I sat and watched as this small fire grew

with cell phone in hand I thought about what to do
it seemed that calling the DC Fire Department could be overkill
so I pulled into a driveway and knocked on the door of a neighbor of the house with the fire in the yard
the man at the door was quick to get his shoes to stomp the fire out
with him feeling comfortable about going in his neighbor's yard I also felt comfortable

on the hill at the fire I started trying to stomp out the fire
it was like a game of WHACK A MOLE
I would stomp in one spot and the fire would just grow bigger in another spot
there was a small throw rug that I used to suffocate larger sections of fire at once

things were starting to be contained
I was working alongside the man whose door I had knocked on
me working with the throw rug and him with his snow shovel
by this time a woman who must live in this house was by our side
I asked her if she had a hose... she did not... so I sent her to get some buckets of water

it was not clear... but it appeared that she may have taken the ash and ambers from a chiminea or a fire pit from a fire she had the night prior
I was too focused on the fire to translate her thick European accent

we cleared a ring around the fire or leaves so the fire could not grow
while snuffing out what fire remained
I instructed the woman who arrived with water to douse the ashes with water
with things appearing to be under control I left off for home

we exchanged goodbyes
I accepted a thank you

on my drive home I thought about what could have been
how much park land and how much residential property could have caught fire if the helpful neighbor and myself had not lent assistance to this woman who may have not been capable of containing this fire

I also thought of the back yard fires that I have in my back yard
I thought about the tinderbox effect of these dried leaves
it was a good little wake up call to the danger of fire

glad we were able to resolve things quickly
lucky that I happened to take this route home to the closed one lane bridge
which pushed me to backtrack past this small fire that could have easily grown out of control
a fire that was starting to get out of control

The Grateful Dead
Fire on The Mountain off Shakedown Street
when I lived in Breckenridge Colorado there was a Grateful Dead Tribute called Shakedown Street that was quite good
a tribute band that is good?
a band covering the Grateful Dean good?
never thought I would catch myself sharing that set of sentiments

Secret Santa- Secret Snowman- Sea monkeys

this week as I tried to finish up the few Christmas purchase I also had to grab a few Secret Snowman - Secret Santa gifts for each of the boys' classes

there was a ten dollar limit...
what can be purchased for ten dollars?

well... lots of stuff can be bought for ten dollars
especially when thinking of a second or fifth grader

I thought about mini Nerf guns... there were all sorts of great little LED Lights... small LEGO sets...
no shortage of under ten dollar items

I could not resist stepping up to 12.99...
12.99 for a Sea Monkey starter kit!

so... Dean and Grant were excited to have their Sea Monkey kits as their Secret Santa - Secret Snowman gifts...

the boys left off for school with their backpacks on their backs and their wrapped Sea Monkey kits stored inside
when I met the boys after school I was to see how the Sea Monkeys were received
as I know... the Sea Monkeys can either be a super hit or a super miss

Grants answer to my Sea Monkey question was short and sweet... a girl named Lila got them and was SUPER STOKED... Lila knew what Sea Monkeys are and she has always wanted them
while Dean's answer was more confusing... Dean was coming home with the Sea Monkeys

after short explanation Dean's explanation made sense
apparently there was some serious trading going on in the 5th Grade
the Sea Monkeys changed hands a few times
Dean had traded up to a Harry Potter mini set... which had him excited... then Dean's blond haired buddy James gave him the signal... "no... not that!" Dean questioned James if this was the same gift that James had bought Dean for their after school among friend gift exchange... James could not answer that... but it seemed obvious
so Dean made one more trade

Dean traded for the Sea Monkeys
which worked out fine... as it turns out... people who wanted the Sea Monkeys got the Sea Monkeys
an aside... in Dean's class the kids got to pick the random wrapped presents
James picked the present that he brought knowing he wanted it
which is similar but different than what happened with Dean