got on the bike... a bit of a tradition

Dean and Grant with their buddy Roane at the Sculpture Garden Ice Rink

I took the boys ice skating yesterday
today they had an offer to go with some friends from down the block
they were excited and I was stoked
their being occupied freed me to ride my bike to grab the goods to make my traditional Christmas Eve Paella

but... since my destination of Eastern Market allowed the ice rink to be on the way... I strapped some skates to the outside of my pack and cruised down to the ice rink to take a few laps with the kids before heading over to the open air market on Capitol Hill

the skates and lock had some weight
then when I added all the mussels, clams, shrimp, scallops, drum sticks, and sausages all on ice
well... I was happy to have my Ergon pack
it would have been a good load for the Bob Trailer
but the Ergon was able to keep that oversized load well balanced and not causing me any great pain