green tea versus coffee

GREEN TEA VERSUS COFFEE yes... I am going to try and swap out my coffee consumption for green tea not across the board but at least in the afternoon health benefits it also will save me a buck some green tea at my desk with some honey versus the purchase at the coffee shop I will still drink a recreational afternoon coffee for taste and pleasure from time to time I like the taste of an afternoon coffee yes... I enjoy an afternoon tea but I also enjoy an afternoon coffee

with kids in the house
we have juice in the house
I drink way too much juice
I drink juice when I need water
water is what I need

days off...

the week started off strong... went running for an hour before work on Monday then on Tuesday after I dropped the boys off at school I weighed the scales of a short ride after short walk with the dog or a run with the dog then straight into work after dropping the boys off at school I drove home and climbed back into bed some sort of bug all sorts of tired all sorts of sick was barely able to make it through the work day got home and got horizontal was in bed from the time I got home till the time I had to go to work the next morning no dinner as dinner would have raced through me I woke every thirty minutes to readjust my situation in bed trying to find the least painful achy position and of course... there were a number of sprints to the bathroom some false alarms... but better safe than sorry this morning I was feeling pretty good lisa was out of the house and I was awake and dressed enough to take a short run with the dog the short run is really just a little longer duration that the standard walk except I am running rather than walking I left out with my running shoes on felt real good for the first hundred steps then realized I still did not have the energy for exercise there had been a day of recovery tucked in there but I was not fully recovered rode my bike after a walk with the dog since there was no run or no long walk after did some rogue trail maintenance I hung the bird feeder then took a few block detour into work on the bike the karate monkey single was creaking a little less after a massive allen key to the crank bolts the rear sprocket is crying out to be replaced it is hard to tork the machine because of all the noise it makes like fingers on the chalk board tomorrow is friday hopefully this weekend I will have the energy and the time to get out on the bike today the earth was frozen enough for some time in the woods on the bike lets see what the weekend presents calf stretches calf streches and other strech videos parkour move video

which has me on bunny hop videos

Graceful Edge

Graceful Edge
there needs to be a Graceful Edge for men
there should also be a Daily Candy for men
there is no Daily Candy for men
there is no Graceful Edge for men


the cycling culture is small

we need to stick together

it always amazes me how interconnected the culture can be

total skull

I have never heard or seen this TOTAL SKULL line of clothing

although pugs are not my favorite breed
those pugs look pretty cool in their total skull gear

what is sheri moon zombie's relation to rob zombie?

this is not advertising
I just like skulls



a girl on the phone, long a and, the 42

a girl on the phone, long a, and the 42

the girl on the phone again

the little prince and lessons on dating

the little prince

you do not need to read french to meet your mate
you do not even need to read a book
you can just sit back and watch the movie of the little prince

not easy enough
there is a Cliff Notes version of the little prince and lessons on dating
easy enough

go to youtube...
on youtube...

the taming of the fox

the snake in the grass

the little prince on the wiki page
that is in english
but I am sure you could get it in french if you want to show off

*of course this is all theory
as I have been old and married way too long to know about the world of dating
but this is an old book and an old movie
so I seem to recall there being some relevance

**often I make these posts as messages to myself to finish a thought
so that I can follow the tangent
so I can follow the links and read the story or watch the film
I just returned and watched the two clips
the two clips are wonderful
in this case I was well entertained
the notion of trust is more abstract than I had remembered

the rose... the rose

passing through the park

ladies and gentlemen... ADAM WEST

ADAM WEST @ myspace

Rock Harder than a DIAMOND!

Jake Starr aka The Glass Cutter!

I see a red door...

I see a red door...

caught up with anna over lunch

anna kelso

International Velvet @ Myspace

the shots I shoot for... the shots I miss

the shots I shoot for... and the shots I miss
the shots I miss are always the best shots

this morning I rolled into work with the camera dangling around my neck
it is an awkward process
the camera swings such that it is just inches from the lens cap-less camera striking the stem
and of course
the awkward approach of the stranger with a camera
all the while on a bicycle

as I slammed down the stairs of Malcom X Park the camera is over the shoulder instead of around my neck
at this point my concern is more on my ability to brake or turn at the base of these stairs after attacking the stairs at speed than capturing the shot

once out of the park the camera returns to around the neck in front of my chest rather than over the shoulder under my arm pit

on my short ride into work I see a site I do not normally get to capture
this man riding this woman on the rack of his bike
she may be above the maximum capacity for that seat post mountain rack

I greet them as I approach... I get nothing

I snap a few shots... then I make another attempt to make contact... still nothing
so I move from a hello in my native tongue to a rough hello in what I assume to be their native tongue

hola... buenos dias!
a mi me gusta!
es mas bueno!

I get a smile from the woman and a hello from the man

I snap a few shots
not exactly the epic photos I had wished for
that is the drawback of shooting on the fly
less poise... less prep... less likely to get the epic shot

still nice documentation of the cycling culture of Washington DC
I part with a friendly hasta luego
knowing that they are curious about what just unfolded around them

in the series
I think there was a better image than the second image
but this is what you get
as it is not entirely worth digging up the slightly better straight on shot

photo credit to the artist named mike

photo credit to the artist named mike

mike took the photo of anna kelso
mike's blog
mike's art
mike's comic book

Delgado es el Diablo!


someone buy me a plane ticket to Spain so I can punch this JOKER in the nose.

Salsa Delgado

don't know a knot... tie a lot!

I am not much for knots
with knots I do not go much further than tying my shoes
no... I am not much of a boy scout
was never a scout... not even a cub scout

I went to St Mary's College of Maryland
St. Mary's College and Resort as we used to call it
freshman year was a bit more like Camp Itchy Owie than MIT
I was introduced to new things like lacrosse and windsurfing
while given time to do things that I loved like skateboarding and soccer

windsurfing was a hoot, a tad confusing to someone who had never done much sailing in their life
yet a hoot just the same

there was this girl that I had a slight crush on.... she would invite me to go windsurfing with her

the relationship was mutualistic
she wanted someone at the beginner level to go windsurfing with
I needed someone to teach me how to rig my sail

this relationship extended to my motorcycle

she wanted to ride motorcycles... I wanted to hang out with her
we would go for these rides out to Point Lookout on my Suzuki sport bike
the relationship never went beyond windsurfing and motorcycles
I still enjoyed our friendship

even if I never got the goods
I accepted that friendship was all was being offered
so I just enjoyed our friendship

this morning as I hung a bird feeder from a tree limb in my front yard I went to go tie a knot
without thinking I tied a knot that I used to rig my sail for windsurfing

I laughed to myself
I laughed to myself because it may not have been the most appropriate knot for the task, I laughed because I can not tie knots for shit, and I laughed because of my pursuit of this girl
the girl who like windsurfers, motorcycles, but not me

since these times we have both tied the knot
not with each other
married all the same

she and I are still friends
I enjoyed being her friend then

I enjoy being her friend now
sometimes being friends is enough


national treasure star marcia

star of national treasure two

wooden bicycle

wooden bicycle
careful... this page is a tangent of The Superficial.com

what do you do?

what do you do?
not that classic DC question that backs strangers from out of town into the corner but
what do you do to make the world a better place?

what do you do?

no need to answer to me

answer to yourself

ask yourself...

what should I do?

we should all be more respectful to others
we should all be more respectful of the world around us
we should all do what we ask of others

respect for others...
basic stuff... give people the benefit of the doubt
give people the basic respect

help that old lady cross the street?
how about just giving people the space they deserve
sure... help that old lady if she needs help... but better yet
try not to buzz her on the bike
definitely do not buzz her in the car
give people their right of way
give people their space
give people their right to a placid time

litter is unacceptable... even at the slightest level
smokers... after you suck your butts... pack it up and pack it in
toss your butts in the can
don't try to play it cool by kicking it to the curb
it is not cool

the same goes for gum chewers... I am guilty of this
I am trying to curb my behavior

this is a given... we should all recycle
it goes beyond our bottles and cans
we need to recycle our batteries and our hangers from the dry cleaners
the cynic in me doubts that DC has a legit recycling project
but I hope I am wrong about this

it goes on
it should go way beyond this

we know right from wrong
choose right

as the bumper sticker reads
be the change that you want in this world

swampy... swamper... pat riggins

pat riggins
the professor of deliverology

Open Office Dot Org

Open Office Dot Org
why steal what you can get for free?


sorry... I am no DEMONCAT

snip snap

small things considered

Kerry Litka:Small Things Considered

Madonna goes from Playboy to Forbes

a not so secret admirer of KL

thought I would share

Mariko @ Myspace

Ian MacKaye on the Wiki Page
Ian on YOUTUBE fighting for the ALL AGES SHOW

Ian is one smart dude...

catch SEE-I

SEE-I @ Myspace

SEE-I in DC tonight
SEE-I in West Virginia this weekend

you need to SEE-I to BELIEVE-I




mohawk keeps a blog at dcbca

mountain bike First Aid

Utah Mountain Bike First Aid
thanks Euan for sending the link

The Epipectic Bicycle

brakes by flintstone

daniel is out on the streets with no brakes
go figure

soda.... back on the streets

chris soda... back on the streets

last year there was the Destination Dublin Alleycat Series
Chris Soda dominated the series until close following Skandar stole the series victory in the final stage

AZ the promoter of the event decided that he could afford to send the top two men and the top two women to the Messenger Worlds in Dublin

Chris Soda was stoked!

then two weeks before the departure date for the event
an aggressive driver took a U-Turn and took out Soda
a broken femur took him out of the game

made in australia

it is odd...

it is odd... it seems like there are a few new faces camped out on the streets of dc these days

Big Wheel Bikes.... from DCist

Big Wheel Bikes in Old Town Alexandria
image found on DCist
Big Wheel Bikes

other important news on DCist


grab the january issue at smash


another sexy cyclist

another sexy cyclist
no I did not take the photo

a not so sexy cyclist

an image to start the day

thought this would be a good image to end this day and start the next
roubaix girl in maxim


a hamster in another life?

a hamster in another life?
stole this from some folks in Oregon here... jbraetzke.blogspot.com
short video of this man inside a tire

SMASHING PUMPKINS: rat in a cage
((I was always let down by the Smashing Pumpkins... as I had figured that their name was seasonal; Burning Christmas Trees, Blood Covered Valentines, Biting the Heads of Chocolate Bunnies))

nice bike rack!


Unicycling In Manhattan

Unicycling in Manhattan
I had to go across the pond to London Cycling Diary to find this
YOUTUBE Unicycling in Manhattan

image from boulder

money well spent...

money well spent...

the other day as I exited the district and drove down Route 4 towards Rosaryville I caught sight of a beacon in the distance...
it was the red concentric circles of Target
I had an agenda after riding

after some solid hammering with some friends at Rosaryville I made a run for the border and grabbed some Toxic Smell
after consuming twice the calories I had just burned I went into my second favorite box store; Target

for christmas my brother had bought my older son a Nerf dart gun...
cool toy.... a cooler toy if you have others to play with
so I bought three more

each gun comes with some sweet goggles!


my recommendation...
get some of these and storm a Super Bowl Party this weekend!