another shot from Old Time DC on FACEBOOK... then of course... another shot of ME!

vintage photo from Old Time DC on FACEBOOK

shot of me taking advantage of a rare opportunity to ice skate on the reflecting pool
this does not happen every year
so when it does...  I try to take advantage of it
on this year I went with my older son Dean

I figure... if people are walking on it
it is fine for us to spend a few minutes skating on it before we head over to the ice rink at the Sculpture Garden 


The Reflecting Pool
so many memories from the reflecting pool
lots of them from various 4th of Julys

"back in the day" the "4th" was a "punk rock extravaganza!" 



nice hanging out with Chip last night
mellow night ride
chatting as we pedaled
heat and humidity had dropped
nice time to be in the bike tooling around the city

Chip on the Gwadzilla page

slow messenger does an imaginary run to the hill.

time capsule video from the past

not sure why the camera is pointed at this guy

it is amusing

mainly because the cars are really old

my new FAVORITE show... How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother

fantastic show.... yes... it is just the "Friends" of the next generation
but really
it is a document of our time
and yes... I am older... so it is not really a document of my time
yet it appeals to me

So This Is Forty may be the document of my time
but I have yet to see it

at camp this week... mountain bike camp...

Wednesday at Wakefield is not going to happen for me and the boys this summer
Wednesday at Wakefield WAS a summer highlight in years past for me and my boys
but not this year
last year we went to Colorado... 
this year... there is no Colorado for me and the boys

well... hopefully the boys riding mountain bikes at camp will balance the scales

this week at camp I was proud of my older son for riding in the advanced group
I was also proud of my older son for accepting that he got to ride with the more advance group which by proxy separated him from his brother, his cousins, and an assortment of friends
all of which were put in camp by their mothers so they could hang out together
then today....

today my younger son got bumped up to the more advanced group
yes... my younger son got bumped up to the more advanced group
and they went to GAMBRIL STATE PARK!

I too am bummed about missing Wednesday at Wakefield
and sure... I am bummed that there is no Colorado trip
but it is not about me
it is about the kids and the kids' development
their development as people and their development as young athletes

their development makes me proud
but I am still bummed about not getting to experience this development with them

there is another Diamond Derby this fall... info on the book of face

what is a Diamond Derby?
story in GRIST

on the book of Face

and of course
on the Gwadzilla Page

Photo Hunt Fun(D)racer Alleycat (PHFRAC)

more info on the book of face

ah... that great film... THE FAMILY BIKE SHOP

Jonathan of The Family Bike Shop in Crofton MD
great randomness about my favorite bicycle shop

fantastic short film from The Family Bike Shop

they say that a shark can smell a drop of blood a mile away... they why do they use multiple five gallon buckets of chum when they want to fish for them?

Russian Tampon Commercial

you may have seen this
yet I share just the same

DC is hot... DC is humid... riding with a backpack can be an necessary evil

back to the grind...

unemployment is not fun-employment
found a nice six month contract that is getting me back into the swing of things
as it turns out
my balance of testosterone to estrogen and the organs between my legs had it such that my wife did not see it fit for me to be a stay at home dad
but really... if I had a uterus
my part time employment and my time with the kids would have had me as an over achieving mom rather than a slacker dad

oh well... the world may be ready for the modern woman
but the world not quite ready for the modern man

that said... I am back to commuting... 
a short ride in and then an extended ride home
good to be logging mandatory miles again
that has me sweating it out in cycling gear and then changing at work

as they say in Bangkok... it is hot is it Washington DC hot
and it is not the heat... it is the humidity
swimming to work on the bike would describe my commute

unlike my last job where I had a closet all my own to hang my sweaty shit and leave a change of clothes at work
I have to lug everything including shoes and lock back and forth

good thing I have an ERGON PACK!

the Ergon Pack carries the weight off the back and balances the weight on my hips
so I can sweat... but I sweat slightly less as my back can breath
and I do not suffer an excess of pain
as the weight is on the waist strap and my hips rather than my shoulders and back

Ergon Packs

I have this Ergon Pack (an an assortment of other Ergon products)
all of which are "ergonomically" designed
I know... I have two packs (one commuter and one hydration) and then also some gloves and the AMAZING ERGON FLAT PEDALS

my older son possesses empathy and compassion... well... for everyone but his brother

this is a story in the WashPo about a kid from my boys' elementary school
this young man Caleb was in my older son's class
for years he was paired up with him
hard to go into it
as I really was proud that he was able to be friends with this kid, but at times I wished that he was being linked with the "cool kids"

Caleb like many young boys did not track with the rest of the kids and was held back
then got into a groove the following year
next year he will once again be in my older son's school
but not his class

good kid that Caleb
for years I spoke with the parents about getting a trike or a hand bike.... or another low to the ground bicycle like vehicle for the experience of freedom that so many kids experience on the bike
emails the parents
called and emailed and finally narrowed it down to Mt Airy Cycles

not sure if they ever chased that lead



(brace yourself for an inappropriate joke) ARE YOU BLIND?

that is The Little Prince
maybe this works better for you!
but really... that is cool
sorry about the blind joke...
luckily no one reads my blog
blind or not

I just like that he rides a bike to the games... Every Single Shot Lebron made in Game 7 in one animated Gif

\and if it does not play
find it here

not my photo... stole from JJ Foley off Facebook

and JJ says...
"Absolutely no crit racing at the ferry terminal...cyclocross is fine though"

raining cats and dogs in DC... good thing I hit the trails yesterday

no time to proof
I will just have to hit PUBLISH AND POST
that is... if anyone still reads this stuff

Friday was my boy's last day of school
the last day of school
the first day of summer

Alice Cooper Sings About this Day
School's Out for Summer

with the end of school comes camp
this is not the same world I grew up in
my summers were a little more flexible
my summers were a little more free flowing

my camp experiences were few and far between
only did one sleep away camp
wish I had done more

now days...
it is structured
everything is structured for kids these days
they do not hang with friends
there are scheduled "play dates"

summer is no different
it is either summer camp or some sort of adult supervision
for my world it was different
we got so bored that we had to make things happen

but not these kids in this day and age
it is structured
it is scripted

this weekend the kids went to Pittsburgh to visit their grandparents
then when they get back
it is time for camp
next week they are going to mountain bike at camp

it is not a "mountain bike camp"
it is a camp that has mountain biking
slight difference
an easy explanation of this would be the thought of "soccer camp" versus playing soccer at camp
get it? got it? good.


missed it... I was out doing other things... as they say... you can not do it all... you can not be in two places in at the same time

The Smithsonian has added Tony Hawk's first skateboard to its collection at the museum

there was some sort of mini-skateboard festival on the National Mall this weekend past
Rodney Mullen and Tony Hawk were there for the event
would have love to have been there for the Q&A, the Bones Brigade Film, and whatever skate session demon unfolded

but no...
I did not schedule it
I was off doing other things
in fact... I was riding my bike
the skateboard has been collecting dust for years
except for the infrequent long board sessions with the boys

some Smithsonian web articles about their event this weekend past

today is Liz Hatch Appreciation Day!

Liz Hatch on the Gwadzilla Page

Appreciation on the Gwadzilla Page

How I Met Your Mother... the Friends of the Next Generation...

not to confuse you with the Star Trek reference...

Doggie Hauser Carries this SHOW!

I need to check out the Barney Blog


if you do Netflix and you can find How I Met Your Mother there

how did I hear of this show?
well... my kids were watching it
so I popped in to check it out to see of its age appropriateness
and well... I told them I did not want them watching it
they begged to watch the last five minutes... I allowed them to watch it
later I learned that they were on the last episode of the final season
 or something to that effect

watched the movie COLD MOUNTAIN last night... again

years ago... I read the book
then when the movie came out
I watched the movie... liked it
it had been a few years
so last night
I watched it again... enjoyed it again

Cold Mountain trailer


without a trip to Colorado with the kids this summer... I need to compensate for their lack of a bike park in the DC area!

photo from Valmont Bike Park in Boulder Colorado
Washington DC needs a bike park
do you hear me? the word NEEDS was used in that sentence

we have an obesity epidemic
the streets are no place for kids to play
so... it is up to us to give them options

Valmont Bike Park on the Gwadzilla Page

As much as i love the food trucks-


How fo they justify the pricing?

No table- no chair/. No ac- no bathroom


Another food fad in DC...

PHO is Pho-king awesome

But how long will this fad sustain otself

Like the food tructhings co

This frozen yogurt fad is "cool"

But- it would be more jeathy is we did not cover the conyrnts with an assortment of cushed candy bars-

And the there is that whole by the pound pricing

pleasure and pain in seeing people's posts about last nights weekday race at Wakefield

Last Night Potomac Velo hosted their Summer Classic Wednesday at Wakefield
my new work schedule has things such that it would be a near impossibility for me to attend this event
not bitter sweet... just bitter
seeing the Facebook post of my mountain biking friends who attended W@W
well... it brings me pleasure and pain

ran into Larry from King Face yesterday...

King Face
King Face was a somewhat atypical band out of the DC Hardcore scene in the mid-1980's
and when I say "hardcore"
the reference is the sub-genre of punk... not porn

King Face had a little more bravado than most DC bands
more machismo
a little more David Lee Roth and a little less David Bowie
to put it in lay person terms

yes, stepped out for lunch yesterday and ran into Larry formerly of King Face
although I never knew him... I said hey
we caught up
we talked like old friends

cool chatting with him... Larry has started a two drummer band with an ex-DC messenger named Rodney

King Face on the Gwadzilla page

more mentions with King Face as two words

lots of good stuff when the page is scanned for Rodney... but those one or two images I shot of Rodney before he retired from messenger work do not seem to surface with this basic search

that photo was from the King Face reunion show a season or two back
not from the original incarnation where the band was younger, thinner, and shirtless


short video of some DC Messengers in 1984

may comment on this later...
looks like a thousand years ago
I definitely recognize some of these people

The Bike Snob NYC

I do not normally read blogs...
who does?

The Bike Snob NYC may be the best known bike blog in the business
in fact... 
The Bike Snob may be the only bike blogger making blogging into a business

The Bike Snob

no Colorado trip for me and the boys this summer... maybe next year... maybe we should move there

last summer there was the opportunity to go to Colorado for a few weeks

glad we took it
Colorado on the Gwadzilla Page



what has been a summer tradition for so many years... will not happen for me this year
no Wednesday at Wakefield this year for me
total bummer

started a new job
which does not allow the same freedom that the previous job or joblessness offered
so... no Wednesday at Wakefield for me or for my boys
I will be bummed... they will be bummed


an article on education and boys...

stop penalizing boys for not being able to sit still in school

it is a shame when people are rewarded or punished for their nature
rather than their efforts

Shake It! Shake It like a... or don't... as it does nothing for the emulsion process

Punk May Be Dead... but not Polaroid!

Polaroid is Not Dead Yet!
Polaroid has a cool digital camera that prints hard copies on the fly!
Polaroid Camera
oh... they have several options

when I got married I bought a Polaroid camera and a whole mess of film so that people could sign the guestbook and leave a photo

I forget how it went...
I think that people wanted to keep the photos where they looked good and wanted to throw away and retake the photos where they did not look as good as they wanted
and when I say "people" I mean women

I think I will try to dig up that "scrapbook" when I get home to see how thin everyone used to be

Polaroid is Not Dead Yet!
Polaroid has a cool digital camera that prints hard copies on the fly!

another portable print option...

well, not entirely portable, as it is not battery operated
VuPoint Print Cube

Diane Lane...

last night I saw the film MAN OF STEEL
enjoyed it... saw it with my kids for my older son Dean's 12th birthday
yes... enjoyed it

Diane Lane plays Superman's "earth mom"

well... she is definitely aging gracefully

Diane Lane was AWESOME when I first saw her in Rumble Fish
Diane Lane is AWESOME NOW!

Rumble Fish is a fantastic film

just realized Laurence Fishburn was in both Rumble Fish and Man of Steel as well
my kids were a little bummed to see Morphius so barrel chested
okay... they said fat 

Solidarity... is there solidarity? what is our relationship with one another?

I may need surgery
that may be the only way to get the chip off my shoulder

ya know...
if I were one of those beer drinking power boaters... I am not so sure I would be waving to ever other passing boat out on the water
so... why would I think I would be so friendly on the bike
maybe a nod of my head or a raise of a finger off the brakes
but really...
there are so many cyclists out on the roads today that it would be exhausting to say hello to each and every one of them

the hello is different than the audible warning

the audible if a safety measure... not a social thing

I remember some time ago having words with an older gentleman on the Capital Crescent Trail about the need for him to give "an audible" as he passed
he tried to give me some idea about how long he had been riding that trail
and his feeling that the audible warning was not neccessary

does my being a user before him give me the right to decide what the safest and smartest action or non-action is?

Cultura Inquieta has cool stuff to share daily... this street art is bicycle themed

Kato out looking for the Green Hornet at the June DC Bike Party

Robert Lett took some solid shots at the June DC Bike Party
the older folks "got it"
that I was Bruce Lee as Kato
not sure it if was the best costume
the beard sort of creates some limitations

and yes...
my chain is slack