another shot from Old Time DC on FACEBOOK... then of course... another shot of ME!


La Dinga with the Red Rims headed back from some fast laps at Haines Point under the moon light

ah... those Merriam/Sheldons...

Ernie and Bert... more than just best friends... special friends

Rock Creek Bike Path a few years ago... photo on Old Time DC

I have lived this...

rolling down Mount Pleasant Street in the night

This is cool...


slow messenger does an imaginary run to the hill.

my new FAVORITE show... How I Met Your Mother

at camp this week... mountain bike camp...

there is another Diamond Derby this fall... info on the book of face

Photo Hunt Fun(D)racer Alleycat (PHFRAC)

ah... that great film... THE FAMILY BIKE SHOP

they say that a shark can smell a drop of blood a mile away... they why do they use multiple five gallon buckets of chum when they want to fish for them?

DC is hot... DC is humid... riding with a backpack can be an necessary evil

my older son possesses empathy and compassion... well... for everyone but his brother

(brace yourself for an inappropriate joke) ARE YOU BLIND?

I just like that he rides a bike to the games... Every Single Shot Lebron made in Game 7 in one animated Gif

not my photo... stole from JJ Foley off Facebook

raining cats and dogs in DC... good thing I hit the trails yesterday

missed it... I was out doing other things... as they say... you can not do it all... you can not be in two places in at the same time

today is Liz Hatch Appreciation Day!

How I Met Your Mother... the Friends of the Next Generation...

watched the movie COLD MOUNTAIN last night... again

without a trip to Colorado with the kids this summer... I need to compensate for their lack of a bike park in the DC area!

As much as i love the food trucks-

Another food fad in DC...

This frozen yogurt fad is "cool"

pleasure and pain in seeing people's posts about last nights weekday race at Wakefield

ran into Larry from King Face yesterday...

short video of some DC Messengers in 1984

The Bike Snob NYC

no Colorado trip for me and the boys this summer... maybe next year... maybe we should move there


an article on education and boys...

Shake It! Shake It like a... or don't... as it does nothing for the emulsion process

Diane Lane...

Solidarity... is there solidarity? what is our relationship with one another?

Cultura Inquieta has cool stuff to share daily... this street art is bicycle themed

Kato out looking for the Green Hornet at the June DC Bike Party