PT today
today my Physical Terrorist gave me all sorts of grief
she is on my team
she is working with me
she seems to get great pleasure from making a grown man cry
in addition to the high levels of physical pain I was also given a strong lecture
the words rang loud and clear


in addition to the extensive pain of which I begged for breaks
there are also two little torture devices that I am to alter between through out the day
pictures to follow
EJ: Eric Jackson
world class kayaker, husband, and father of two

must be interesting having EJ as a dad
must be interesting growing up inside a father's dream
having a father's dream being a child's reality must make for an odd place to grow up
from my outside perspective it looks like a pretty cool place
from my perspective EJ looks like he is living a pretty cool life
it is not for everyone
yet it seems to be working for Eric and his family!
son, daughter, and dad

Eric Jackson Kayak

EJ shows that you can have conventional aspects within an unconventional life
then there are those that have aspects of unconventional in their somewhat unconventional lives
yesterday I had the opportunity to hang out with a friend of my brother's
a father of two with a solid career and a very healthy approach to life and sports
this man in his mid to late 50's is more fit and more strong than I have ever been...
does this mean that there is hope for me?
I have always hoped that I may be a late bloomer!

you may see Eric Jackson towing his Mini and his family with his RV with the that ever positive Eric Jackson smile pasted on the side
his mini lacks the decals
but Photoshop was able to set things right!
conversations to avoid...
one key conversation to avoid is the CAR to BIKE conversation
those who commute via car have an opinion
those who commute via bicycle have another opinion

the conversation is as useful as two people with opposing views on Abortion trying to have a pleasant exchange
there will be no pleasant exchange
both parties will walk away hating the other

I am not sure why car drivers take it so close to heart
while I can see why the cyclists do... because it is their life that is at the bumper of the self centered car commuter

is there such a thing as a SMART CAR?
WAW: Wednesday at Wakefield
three weeks till the local Wednesday Night Mountainbike Training Series at Wakefield Park
that is a goal
I need to get my finger mobile enough to ride for this little local series
this needs to happen
action happens best with goals and deadlines
now I have a goal and a deadline
sure it hurts to try and move this finger
it will hurt more to have an index finger that does not close into a fist at my body's command

mark your calendars
a great local series with a great grass roots vibe!

the Wednesday race series has its shortcomings....
traffic is a bitch getting over there
then summer afternoon rains

life is cumulative
this morning I went for a short pre-work ride
thirty-five minutes short
does not sound like much
but that thirty-five minutes on the bike adds up
better to be on the bike for thirty five minutes rather than just sipping one more cup of coffee as I BLOG!
that short ride happened after a short hike with the dogs in the woods...
not sure of the time on foot with the dogs
maybe a lazy 20 minutes or so
not much
the dogs could use more... I could use more
but again
life is cumulative
all these little things add up
the only sad part....
as all these little positive things add up
on the other side of life all of the little negative things add up...
that midnight snack on top of that post dinner desert
a dinner that was not so healthy on top of an afternoon of grazing....
yes, life is cumulative

everything has its minor effect to compile a final outcome
I am a product of all of those minor little things

food is one of my greatest demons
each time I have a craving I buckle


mac kenzie clare
with a small window of opportunity and a definite need to ride I suited up and got out on the bike today
put on some casual gear and got out on the Karate Monkey single
not sure where to go I just headed towards Beach Drive knowing it would be closed to car traffic on this Memorial Day
as this road is closed on all holidays

being a sunny and mild day it seemed that anybody and everybody was out doing "it"

more regular joes than racers and serious riders
more of a family day out on the trail
lots of roller bladers
lots of baby joggers
lots of family filled peletons; usually with helmeted children and helmetless parents

the single speed is perfect for such a ride as high speed would lead to a greater potential for danger

my broken finger was wearing its protective splint
but I had put a fingerless cycling glove underneith it
the splint and its protective nature did very little for aiding or allowing for the gripping of my handlebar
and even less comfortble for allowing me to brake with full efficiency

so my "spidey senses" were set on extra sensative
as I approached each and every trail user I ran an algorhythm of what sort of stupid maneaver each person could possibley do

from Beach Drive I linked up with the Capitol Crescent trail
rolled on the packed gravel, passed City Bikes, over on through downtown Bethesda
as I crossed Bethesda Avenue I was forced to slow to a slow walking pace
the trail was mobbed
as I got onto trail there were two grade school boys with a little table set up
thought it was a lemonade stand... but then realized that no money grubbing Bethesda business owner would allow such competition without a permit I took a closer look
as I snailed passed I heard the two boys tell a brief synopsis of what they were trying to fulfill

as it turns out these boys were trying to get passerbys to sign a card for a young girl who had been injured in a cycling accident
immediately I dismounted my rig and moved towards the table
there was a donation box
not sure where the money would go I dropped two bucks into the box
then asked the kids for the full story

these boys did not personally know the girl who had been hurt
but they knew her story
they were out there just trying to get a card signed
not sure if this was community service for some sort of "bad deed"
or if it were some sort of social studies project
but I dd find out the details of the accident and the current condition of this young girl

they told me of an accident and paralysis
there was a newspaper article and there were several cards and a multitude of colored pens
apparently this little girl is paralized from the waste down
the odds are against her
she has just begun to wiggle her toes
but still not much positive as the odds go

it was all very heavy for this father to handle
as a father of two boys who will most certainly be taking a world of risks in my future
I began to grow sad
immediately to control my emotion I focused on the card
not sure what to write I did what I do.... I just wrote and watched what came out on the page
there was something about staying postive and staying strong
there were well wishes and a closing statement of love and luck
with my blog address
not sure if my words, my writing, or my links are for the mind of a 10 year old girl
I put it there just the same
after my addition to the card I spoke more with the boys about this girl
withough hesitation my eyes welled with tears and my throat was blocked with that lump
I thanked them for their efforts and continued on with my ride
again overly emotional

feeling depressed... Last Letters Home... and then this

once home I sat down with my older son....
we watched Baby II while Grant napped, Lisa went to the grocery store, and I Blogged
my broken finger is once again belittled by the actual problems in the world
after some a short internet search I came up with this information on MacKenzie Clare

On April 2 the Clare family was in an auto accident on the way to a Girl Scout outing. Both the mother and father were seriously injured and hospitalized for 4 weeks. Their daughter 10 year old Mackenzie Clare was left paralyzed. Girl Scouts in Loudon County are holding bake sales on June 4 and 5th to raise money to purchase a handicapped van for the family. For bake sale locations and other ways to help, go to caringfortheclares.com
it is a sad story...
but I had thought from the children's story that the girl had been on her bicycle when the accident occured
the story is sad... but not as sad as when I had thought that the injury had happened while she was out on the bike

yesterday is a very American Memorial Day Weekend sort of way I spent the day with my family doing a variety of domestic American sort of things

a good part of the day was spent in the garden...
as much as I enjoy the simple pleasures of gardening
my hobby of choice is cycling not gardening
the same goes for home improvement
although I enjoy home improvement and gardening projects
such things are are hobbies for people's hobbies are home improvements and gardening projects
again... my hobby is cycling, well, my main hobby is cycling
that is not to say that I do not have other hobbies... I have many hobbies
(all things family and father... then cycling, hiking, snowboarding.... the list goes on)
sure I get pleasure from working in the garden
the wonder of seeing a plant grow and give fruit is magical
but not as magical for me as rolling through the woods on a mountainbike

dean and made a cross town jaunt to Home Depot
the experience was not entirely dissimilar to a trip to the grocery store
dean was inside, outside, all over the cart
such is par for the course of a sub four year old out shopping
we bought an assortment of plants.... more herbs and vegetables than shrubs and flowers
back cross town

then some shoveling and planting in the garden

we loaded up the car and headed over to my dad's for a dip in the pool
the ambient temperature was not summer hot.... it was glorious spring cool
lucky for us the pool is heated for the early and late season experience

we arrived to be greeted by my brother and his family
marc's older son was already in the water
it is tough to slow Dean down... he wanted to join his cousin immediately
but he was clothed
we needed to get him to change and put on a lifejacket
once changed he was in the water
once in the water it was tough to get him out
both cousin eric and dean were shivering with blue lips, but were having too much fun to exit

also within the pool experience
Grant has a new level of understanding and experience
as with many young children his is a master of monkey-see-monkey-do
having seen Dean and Eric leap off the diving board
Grant had to have a piece of the action
so we suited him up with a swimmy (a diaper for the pool) and a life jacket
toddling at 14 months Grant climbed up on the diving board and made a mad dash
with me right behind him I took his hand and dropped him off the board and dipped him in the water like a human tea bag
we repeated the process
he loved jumping off the board more than being in the water
over and over I repeated this process until my broken finger could not take his grip any longer
with Grant wet we went into the pool for some water baby experience

a good time shared by all

the boys love the pool
good clean fun
heavily clorinated fun
Memorial Day Post:
maybe I should be riding my bike
maybe I should be in the park with my family
instead I am at home watching the HBO document Last Letters Home
although I have seen it before it affects me the same way
not because today is Memorial Day, but because it is a sad reality
a beautifully presented documetary that puts a human element to a news story that we are nearly numb to

each story is sad
the separation of a person from their family
a son or daughter taken from their parents
a father or mother taken from their spouse or children
a person taken from their friends
a person taken from this world
the removal itself makes for a sad story
but the situation on top of the consequences
the removal of the person from all that they deserve is sad enough
but the inability to answer one question, "why?" makes it all that much more sad

why are they in Iraq?
well... that "why?" sprials into so many more questions

if you have not seen this film.... seek it out and watch it
have some tissues handy
if you have seen this film... see it again
have some tissues handy

every person who goes off to Iraq as a soldier has their life changed
every person that goes to Iraq and dies comes back to a family who has been changed

I am all for Freedom
I am all for Patriotism
but I am not so sure what our being in Iraq has to do with any of those things

with the money being spent over in Iraq we could do some real patriotic stuff over here
wouldn't it be more patriotic to work on things over here rather than over there?
could't we experience greater freedom by educating our country
building better schools and giving our people an education so that they can be free to prospor and create a better United States.... to create a better world

the documentary is over
time to more effectively budget my day
this afternoon I am headed to my dad's for some Memorial Day fun in the pool
what to do before then?

more blogging?
on a beautiful day?
inside blogging?
am I sick?
come on.... am I sick?
would I let me sons sit in front of the computer or the television (or both) on a day like this?
I would forbid it!


cars and bikes

the car to bike relationship seems to be as natural a negative relationship as the age old dog to cat relationship
it amazes me the selfish OUT OF MY WAY attitude that I tend to get from cars as I move about the city via bicycle
the agression from passing car drivers creates a grand irony!
cycling which is supposed to be this great release for my anger often becomes the source of my anger!

this morning on my commute I had several drivers talk to me through their passanger window as they passed me
trying to enlighten me the the ways of the road
one woman said something about "SHARE THE ROAD is one thing... but you are taking up the whole lane!"
then another exclaimed something to the effect, "I am a cyclist too! What are you trying to prove?!?!?"
I will tell you this...
when I am out on my bicycle I am doing my best to protect myself
there is a method to my madness
I steer here and there, seemingly steering everywhere, all in an effort to steer clear of danger
when I take the whole lane... there is a simple reason for this
it is what is safest for me*... it is making a decision for the car driver's behind me
there are times when it is safe to pass...
there are times when it would be dangerous for me as a cyclist to allow a car to pass
so I make that decision for them
I am thinking for the cars around me
as car driver's have shown time and time again that they do not have my best interests in mind
so I am not trying to prove anything... I am protecting myself by making decisions for both of us
I own a car... I know what it is to exist on both sides of the arguement
SHARE THE ROAD is a bumper sticker.... my bumper sticker would say


just because this fat ass chic rides bikes as well... does not mean that she understands a thing as she tailgates me... had I been in my old truck I would have slammed on the brakes!
proven that her following distance was too close and unsafe

enough of this
just had a debate with a co-worker and his commute on a local bike route
he tongue and cheek voiced his hatred of bicycles on the road
I could see his heart rate rise
I tried to avoid letting the arguement let my blood boil
as I am coming to accept the cat and dog relationship of bikes and cars

serenity now
serenity now
these images of the enlightened one courtesyof the junk resource of Archie McPhee

*this "me" is not a selfish me, but more of a little old me
riddle me this...
what is the obsession with RETRO FASHION
in the late 70's and early '80's there was some aweful fashion
some completely dreadful fashions

Mork had me wearing colored suspenders... well.. I owned them but was seldomly bold enough to wear them outside the house... THANK GOODNESS!
there was that wacky baseball cap with the silver wings of Mercury
my roller skates looked like Adidas rip offs
and my cordaroys came in every color of the rainbow... and yes... rainbows were everywhere
people loved rainbows.... not just the OTC Crowd (Out of The Closet)

one of the worst fashions of the day were the quasi-athletic shorts
there were these shorts that always felt like they were on backwards
no matter how many times you checked the tag or flipped them around..
well... these shorts are back
guess on the ladies they look quite nice
especially when they are roller skating...

I guess someone may think my wardrobe is retro... while I am actually just cheap and wearing the same clothing I have had for the last decade plus


again, vital that I bring it back to the bike
here is a short video
don't try this at "home"

but a tad more painful
a helmet may have helped

did I mention
I hate crash clips?

*I do yoga.... but nothing like that
PT: my Physical Terrorist is a comedian
this morning at the close of my Physical Therapy meeting for my recently repaired index finger there was a discussion about my finger, my finger's use, and the use of the splint
in this exchange my Physical Terrorist frowned on my recent decision to start riding my bike again
in this I told her that CYCLING IS MY PROZAC
to that she responded... "that must be hard to swallow!"

funny! that is funny stuff
all that after she made me cry trying to get some mobility in this finger again
I want mobility in my finger




if there were to be only one NEWS SOURCE

okay.... to avoid bias
a second news source

sure.... let me bring it back to the bike

entertaining at least


for rocco and my other geeky GIS friends
map of mother earth

and for simple folk like myself...

TIME MAG article on Dave in South Africa

and most important
there is no relation... not even association with MOSHZILLA!

Lord Vader's 20 Questions

(volunteer) Police Officer Dies Directing Traffic
Washington Post Article

and do a GOOGLE for SCHOOL BUS CRASH.....

do you think that people in our society need to slow down?

I got a letter in the mail
it seems I was nabbed going 39 mph in a 25 Zone
shame on me
the photo cam caught me
to my credit... I was under 40 mph and the stretch of road I was photoed on is not a residential section
PT Today:

today at the close of my forever entertaining PT meeting
my PT said, "exercise that finger... you really only need the splint for times like... when you are riding your bike..."




I thought I was told not to ride my bike!
she tried to back it up
she tried to tell me that I am not supposed to ride my bike
but it was too late
I heard what she said... and I am going to start back up on the bike... with caution

may continue with the walk to work
was actually considering doing a ride/run commute combo
ride in... run home
run in... ride home
not everyday
but maye twice a week
my buddy HOUNDDOG sent me this link to MTB Review
it is an excellent gathering of information to companies in the industry
the industry being the bicycle industry


High Fidelity
(a great book and an equally good movie, how often does that happen? okay; Trainspotting... now try to give me another example)

this evening on my walk home from work I opted to allow my journey to go a few minutes longer in an effort to soak in some urban eye candy
no need to be listening to my iPod
no need to be fumbling though my Blackberry
no need to make any phone calls as I am really not that popular
the city gives me all of the sights and sounds my mind needs

so I marched up 18th Street from Dupont Circle rather than 19th
sure, 19th Street would be a tad more direct
but it is not everday I get to experience this pedestrian perspective
I take 18th Street with its sidewalk cafes and ecclectic shops

as I stroll up 19th I glance down different alleys and street
memories pop into my head
friend's old apartments, group houses that have gone condo, store fronts that have changed hands many times since I last passed through the store front of
then there are the milestones that remain the same
take out chinese
sit down Salvadorean at El Tamarindo
the windowless Dan's Cafe
bars, bars, and more bars... and we are still at the base of the strip
and yes... liquor stores... liquor stores that will cash your check

the notion of dinner enters my mind
many carry out options
empanatas, burrittos, subs, massive slices of pizza
thai, vietamesse, ethiopian, and even american options
but I am marching home to arrive in time to put Dean to bed
eating at home is my best option

then out of the corner of my eye I spot a familiar face
to confirm things I check the marquee of the store front
sue enough it is a record store, so I glance through the window to confirm things
it is Neal, he is inside his NEW used vinyl record/cd shop
what the heck! I go down the stairs to the basement business
I have a few minutes to spare before Dean gets to hear the saga of "Bill and Pete" for the 6 hunredth time

Neal greets me with a hello
it has been a while since our paths have crossed
we know each other from bars and parties.... not toddler parks

it is tough for me to focus on Neal
I pause to take it all in
posters, records, t-shirts, and more records
I take another spin around
cool posters, cool records, cool t-shirts, and more cool records
the set up is pretty bare bones
this is no chrome plated business for the latest and greatest dj
this is more of a down home record trader for the listener who still craves the crack and pop of a needle on vinyl
neal by the way, is dj... no electronica.... but a record spinning dj just the same

there is informal bantor back and forth as I move about the store
as a weak form of introduction a gruff exchange is shared with another employee... maybe the co-owner od the store, not sure
either way our meeting was uneventful at best
bordering closer on negative than pleasant

as I check through various bins with an intentional Adult ADD fashion I make record talk with neal
" I have this... what is that worth?"
not having the answer on hand Neal turns to his gruff co-worker
this is where the whole experience goes sour, well starts to go sour
apparently the record I have is not worth anything
reissued... I am told
"but I have the import" "never played it" "with the removable day glow sleeve" "Japanese Import... thought that was worth something"
still of no value, I am assured
no worries... as I have no intention of selling my vinyl anyway
just trying to talk their language
the topic changes
I move away and make mention that this guy is reminding me why I stopped going to record stores

I look on the wall and see an assortment of postcards...
Dischord Records Postcards.... photos by Cynthia Connelly
i make some statement to Neal about these images being just more affirmation that so much of the DC music scene was creating the year book that these people had never been in...
Banned in DC being the actual yearbook...

apparently this was more than this guy could take

my mention of me stepping away from the music scene after seeing that the anti-cliches were just as "clichie" as the "high school cliches"

this conversation was with Neal
but this other character had a comment and a rebutal for nearly everthing I said
I lacked the energy for the exchange
it is a debate that could not be won

Ironically... in my closing minutes from work today I recomended three albums/cds for a bicycle blogger in Sweden Black Flag/damage Bad Brains/I Against I and Minor Threat (any all encompassing discography)

the true humor of this exchange falls back on this uy falling into a stereotypical roll
he reminded me of all the record store guys I delt with as an adolescent
equal portions of uncool and attitude

it happens in bicycle shops
it happens in guitar stores
it happens in used book stores

the only difference now...
eBay and Amazon.com

this guy is a dinosaur
on the verge if causing his own extinction
on my departure there were good byes
when the stranger said that he would see me around I assured him he would not
as I do not plan on going back to that store
it is funny
I never noticed how much I pay attention to the weather
more specifically
I never noticed how much attention I pay to weather forcasts
that is... until after I hurt my finger and I no longer felt any grand concern for the weather to come

now the weather and its future forecasts are a little less significant to me

rain or shine? I am still not going to ride my bike
several days of rain? no matter... trail riding is not currently an option
Sunday thunder showers? makes no difference to me... mountainbike racing is not on the weekend itinerary... not this weekend.... not next weekend... not for some time

so there are far fewer moments spent glancing out the window at the street lamp checking for rain drops reflecting as they drop past the light
no need to log onto Weather.com for weekend forecasts or hourly updates
no scanning the television for the weather channel or doppler radar from the local stations
it is all information that is a little less vital to my plan making

just a few semi-recent images
as you can see....
the cast is smaller in the image of me holding Dean the NASA employee
in the overalls may have been day one
post race
LEMONADE: another glass of watered down lemonade lots of lemonade... more than two gallons of watered down lemonade

this morning I went for a short run
30 minutes in the woods with the dogs
my strides were less than gazzelle-like
working out/exercising on Monday is always the best way to start the week
a lame work out is better than no work out at all

this morning's short run was topped off with a 35 minute walk to work
by the end of my journey I was really starting to feel some strain in my shins

the run/walk combination will aid in keeping me from becoming a total slug
a non-bike riding slug


as a kid I thought I was tricking my parents, thought I was getting one up on the teachers, thought I was beating the system
PT is like homework
now I realize that I need to do my homework
I wish I had done my homework or at least some of it
right now I am doing my homework
in fact I may deserve extra credit for pulling out the heat pad to warm things up
it hurts less
and I get greater mobility
lets see if my Physical Terrorist gives me a gold star

I am feeling very fortunate that I found a Physical Terrorist who is fun enough to keep me interested and motivated
like a good teacher
this movie is a long download
but it is most definitely worth it
great soundtrack
great filming
great editing
amazing dialogue... what is sigular for dialogue?


thank gundog99 for this info
(not sure where he snagged it... but he did)

some sort of urban bicycle burning man
only it is east coast punk rock!
great documentary
looks like a wild bunch of folks getting creatively perhaps dangerously creative
the Drunk Cyclist can mess with a man's had
how can porn and Ann Colter be on the same page
might as well leave the page blank
as it would leave the reader feeling just as empty
Music in my iTunes:
currently listening to The Jam
not sure what your tastes are
but if you liked The Clash
you most certainly will appreciate The Jam

but what do I know?
most of my CDs are repeats of my vinyl
BTW: Bike to Work Day
bike to work day is usually an everyday event
since breaking my finger it has been Walk to Work Day
under my PT 's (Physical Terrorist) recommendation I have been avoiding the bike
permission to ride a stationary bike
orders to not be stupid enough to ride a bike
with the official Bike to Work Day happening I could not resist
for some reason I felt it vital to RIDE AND BE COUNTED
it was not a mishievous temptation.... it was a righteous calling
so last night after a late night on the clock and a few drinks at a local pub I wound down by collecteing my gear for my ride to work
the rigid Karate Monkey Single Speed was my ride of choice
there was air in the tires
there were pedals on the cranks
pretty much ready to go
so I gathered up shoes, helmet, GLOVE, glasses
leaving the rest of the apparrell to be dictated by the temperature of the morning
actually gear was gathered other than shoes
my winter shoes were out in the open, my Sidi shoes were revealed when I eached for my rain pants the next morning

the next morning arrived fast
lisa went to bed sick and woke up sicker
dean woke up at 6:30, which woke grant up at 6:30
perhaps it was 6:20 as our bedeoom clock is set to trick me by being 10 minut s fast
I got up to intercept all toddling invaders
in an effort to manage grant I put dean in front of the television
this is no the standard morning routine
grant walked right through me
straight to momma
with dean watching television I was able to get him to wear the clothing I selected
and eat the food that I prepared (banana and oj... not much preparation really)
with lisa sick I accepted the responsibility of driving cross town to drop dean off at school
the drop offs can be a bonding pleasure, but on this day my actions were cutting into my Bike to Work experience
back from dropping dean off I leashed up the dogs and marched into the woods

did I mention it was raining?
did I mention it was cold and raining?
did I mention it was raining cats and dogs?

even roscoe and brutus were bummed by the rain
the dogs got walked long enough out that I was able to see that at least one of the dogs had pooped
the other one will figure it out as we walk back and will have ample time to drop a load
went inside
unleashed the hounds
watched and wondered why they refuse to shake dry outside rather than inside
gathered, wallet, cell phone, blackberry, company id/building pass and headed down to the basement to suit up and head to work
with the rain coming down I opted for a full GORTEX gear
head to toe
with my City Bikes jersey hidden I grabbed a Timbuk2 messenger bag with a large red City Bikes oval patch to aid in my representation
in actuality...
I just hope that the drivers see me....
it is tough for a driver to see a cyclist through a rain covered window all foggered up because they are breathing heavy as they watch porn on their dash board DVD while they check emails on their microscopic Blackberry
with a plastic bag over my splint and a clip on fender over my rear wheel I was off and rolling
my path took me past a park in Mt. Pleasant.... not so much as a straggler from the local ralley
would like to say that it was good to be on the bike
but for some reason when it rains car drivers break out in a bad cas of stupid

bumper to bumper traffic
angry agressive hatefilled car drivers
I know.... I own a car
I know... I see their expressions as they run me off the road

down through the city
mount pleasant/adams morgan/dupont circle
the white house/treasury department
freedom plaza
not much ditance
but plenty of nice views... what can be see between the rain drops and Metro buses

arriving for the final moments of the rally
missed the speeches
but caught some of the energy
it was a large wet wheel-filled amemba mass
then with a blink of an eye
cyclists rushed off to work
volunteers began to tear down in a shockingly efficient fashion
I had almost missed the whole party
it was hard to make contact with people
everyone looked like a wet rat
as far as I can recall.. I do not have many wet rat friends
I went from booth to booth
making small talk with what wet rats I could recognize
bopped here
bopped there
scored swag here
scored more swag there

still managed to get to work by 9:25
only 25 minutes late for work
and about 10 minutes earlier than I often arrive
about to suit up in my wet gear and pedal my way home
not sure how much urban riding I care to do with one hand and one claw
pot holes cause pain
panic stops and sudden movement cause fear
all of the "what ifs" are too much for me to risk
all of the worst case scenarios are enough for my wife and physical terroist to do more than say "i told you so"
worse yet... something happened and they said, nothing

it was good to get on the bike
it was good to get out for Bike to Work Day


blogging as I break from planining my caper
not my caper, planning my escape

tomorrow is Bike to Work Day

I need to stand and be.....
hold on
I need to ride and be counted

so I scamper around for gear as I think about the opinion of my physical terrorist
PT: Physical Terrorism
had another PT meeting today
it hurts
but... that is what it will take to get better

the sessions can be a trip
definitely proving things true...
"misery loves company"
LEMONADE: Another glass of somewhat watered down lemonade

yesterday I was fortunate to score a ride home from work
sitting in a car rather than walking gave me the option (and strength) to go for a run while I walked the dogs

ran for 35 minutes
walked for 10 minutes
pushed it up the hills, slow... but more than a slow walking stride

the dogs did not get as much water time
they were a tad disoriented as I reversed a loop that they are not entirely familiar with


different times
different cultures
different responses to similar surroundings

it is not so much tha I am old
it is more a matter that I grew up in a different time
the world was a different place
I was at a certain age
my age lead me to experience the 80's from the perspective of a teenager
which world lead to a focus of different set of priorities than a young grade schooler, a young adult, a young parent, or grumpy old fart may experience during this same era

there is a group house two doors down from my mount Pleasant home
there are some pretty cool kids there
they are creative and they are productive in their creativity
they are fun and they are interesting
they are young... but they are not kids
they are young adults
and I am an old fart
it is all relative

when they have a party or a bbq I usually get invited by someone somehow
more than likely they are inviting me so that I won't be the old fart that called the cops
okay... just kidding
they invite me to chapparon
okay... just kidding
they invite me just "cause"

cause it is the neighborly thing to do
cause it is a party... the more the merrier
just cause

I always meet a few interesting people
we have awkward yet friendly conversations
as they look at me with certain suspicion wondering why I am not at home taking my Geratol

somewhere it is revealed that we grew up in different world
we grew up in different times
we grew up different
which make me old and them young
I become that old fart

somehow I just don't get their take on the 80's
these young hip counter culture kids love the 80's
not the Minor Threat at Landsburgh Culture Center, not the Henry Rollins spoken word thing ad DC Space, not just going to the 9:30 Club to dance, catch a band, to just hang out
not the community center shows and there was Fort Reno
it seemed that Government Issue and Iron Cross were the house band at the Wilson Center

no.. they gravatae more towards the pop Culture that was the 80's
more like a high school dance

sure in y past there were high school dances, of which I attended many
so Funk, Go-Go, and Pop R&B dance hits were part of my vocabulary
B-CC had very cool high school dances... Ed Mulaney packed the house
none students needed a pass that was approved the wednesay before the dance

ask anyone!
they can tell you where they were the night that Friday Night Videos had its WORLD PREMIER
MTV was not an option everywhere
cable was just starting the infection that HOMOGENIZED our country
Band Aid meant two things... my band aids as a youngster were flesh tone while my adolescent Band Aid include Paul Weller and Dan Akroyd...
riddle me that...

in any case

they have these really great parties with music, food, and fun
but I just don't get it
sure I love the music
but I do not hear quite what they hear
guess I hear what an old fart hears

vh1's version

my point?
not quite sure
still trying to figure it all out
not bike related
but funny...

here is the SHOCKER!

from my friend at ROBLOG
i recently joined up with a BLOG-COOP


I may post there from time to time
Velo Vengence!

check it out!
(this was shared with me from my brother... also a member of DCMTB)
Ride of Silence:

official link
(this information was shared from fellow DCMTB member; Dave)


can someone translate this page for me?
it looks pretty cool.

I tried to SHIZZOLATE it... it was still... cool.... but still not clear
from the folks at Britannica.com

Main Entry: 2sandbag
Function: transitive verb
1 : to bank, stop up, or weight with sandbags
2 a : to hit or stun with or as if with a sandbag b : to treat unfairly or harshly c : to coerce by crude means sandbagging the government -- C. W. Ferguson> d :
- sand·bag·ger noun
to conceal or misrepresent one's true position, potential, or intent especially in order to take advantage of
did those guys SANDBAG at Lodi Farms?

I was not there....
I have not checked the lap times or the results
I am just trying to stir something up!


lemonade: just had my first glass of lemonade... it was a tad watered down

went for a trail run
ran 30 minutes; slowed to a walk on the hills
cooled down with 15 minute walk after the run
all trail
quite nice actually
felt good
not spry
but good

no mountainbiking for a while
considered this SHOCKWAVE GAME to keep my technical
but was not inspired
it was more downhill than cross country


some fun ads.....

Leo's Sport Club; it is not porn... it is European.
more Euro Style
and this condoms
cyclist/bicycle people

there is more to being a cyclist than riding and racing
in actuality... I am more a 'bicycle person' than a 'racer,'
although I do race
I rode long before I ever raced
I plan on riding long after I lose interest in racing

cycling is part of my life
cycling is part of me
cycling is part of who I am
cycling is part of my past and most definitely part of my future

cycling is more than my corny swag t-shirts, the stickers on my car, or the yellow wristband on my arm
cycling is something inside of me
being a cyclist is many things...

being a cyclist is health and fitness
being a cyclist is a mode of transportation
being a cyclist is activism
being a cyclist is a being part of a culture
being a cyclist is riding bikes
being a cyclist is working on bikes
being a cyclist is communicating and communing with other cyclists
being a cyclist is sport, recreation, and fun
there is so much more than putting a number on the bike and pedaling fast
(or trying to pedal fast)

more than anything... being a cyclist can be measured in how I see the world
it is all weighed differently

last weekend was the 12 Hours of Lodi Farms
a great local race which I have enjoyed racing many times in the years prior
missing it this year will only aid my appreciation for it next year
I have had fun reading the reports and hearing the stories of various friend's experience racing this weekend past

the weekend prior was the AMBC Maryland State Championships at Greenbriar

both events passed me by
future events will be missed
that is what happens when a person breaks their finger crashing on the first rock in the first race of the season

in the scheme of things...
this injury is nothing more than a speed bump in my life's path

P.A.C.E. (Positive Attitude Changes Everything!)

it is important that my time is well spent in the weeks to come
off to buy some running shoes
maybe that will help me to make some "lemonade!"



WABA/DC's Bike to Work Day!
mark your calendar
tell your coworkers
tell your friends

stand up and be counted!
DC DOT' Bicycle Page


got to fight depression
not riding really has me bummed out
and honestly... this is just the first mile of a very long race

on the bright side of things I feel really good about my surgeon and my physical therapist

on that note
tv and pt may be a better option than blogging

so much to read about
bicycles and bicycle blogs are streaming by me
a good example of a time when I need to slow things down and move at a child's pace is dinner time
tonight lisa went to a friend's house for a little 'girl's night'
which put me in full control as mr. mom
luckly for me grant's babysitter, soledad, had cooked up some soup and grilled some chicken
that was better and even easier than me calling out for PIZZA!

feeding a one year old is a process
a less than efficient process
food gets tossed
food gets spat out
food lands on cheeks, the floor, inside the shirt, outside the shirt, basically everywhere
eventually I moved away from the soup to food that grant could feed himself
I let him chug the rest of the broth
he enjoyed all ingredients other than the peas
it is already clear that grant is a little more picky than dean
that is not to say he is not a good eater
grant eats most everything and lots of it
with a push of the hand and a twist of the neck and a turn of the head grant makes "no" clear
he can not speak it, but he can say it, only not in words

like Henry VII grant moved about the back deck
like a Henry VII after a few glasses of wine he merrrily stumbled about
he is such a little king
and his brother is definitely "the little prince"

the dogs were eventually sent inside to give dean and grant some room
the dogs often blur begging and snatching
why temped them?
so I put the furry vultures inside where they could look through the glass and droll

so I tried to be patient
when I could not be as patient as I should
i got creative
it seemed to work
serveral apples, a peat, lots of chicken, cheese was rejected, cookies were shared, juice was drank
what was rejected, disgaurded. spat out, tossed aside, and spilled was fair game for the dogs... when they were released for s doggie bag style scavenger hunt

enough typing

time to put on some music and read some BLOGS
BLOGGING means reading and writing
I have not been blogging
it should be fun catching up

went up to b-more with dean to go to the Science Center
this mini adventure was planned before the injury
it was pretty cool!

dean and I stopped by and grabbed my college buddy snoopy for the event
got to see snoop's new house in catonsville
dean likes those little adventures
my friend liz works at the Science Center and hooked us up with tickets for entry and the IMAX NASCAR film
the film rocked!
made me want to see more IMAX and more 3-D, not more Nascar...
but definitely more IMAX 3-D

maybe they will be making a Girls Gone Wild film in IMAX 3-D!
I think it would be popular!

the Science Center had some amazing stuff
perhaps geared to a child older than four year old... dean had a blast just the same
he may not have appreciated the "science" of it all
but he enjoyed it
it was another case where I had to balance my nees and understanding with dean's needs and understanding
i feel there was a good balance
tied to give him some space
also tried to herd him along

there was so much to do... so much to see... some exhibits could captivate us for hous
(the cyclone machine, the cloud machine, the sand dune machine... just to name a few!)

thanks liz for the hook up
it would have been a tad more expensive without that connection
worth it either way
the "new" museums that cater to children's 'hands on" needs are a great spin on the museum concept
we can not wait fo the DC Children's Museum to reopen!
dean loves the museums
the more freedom the better
not chaos
but freedom with activities

blogging would be fun
too much else to do with one hand

all is well

two PT sessions so far
my finger is killing me!
surgery destroyed all mobility

the future use of this finger is all in my "hand"
guess I will have to refill this pain medication
get on these exercises

took a week off work since the surgery
it has been less than a holiday


what a day!
time well spent
not exactly "r&r"
but relaxing just the same

the morning walk with the dogs
the morning drop off of dean and that cross town drive
knocked off some things to do
took my pain medication as prescribed
hung out with mike k. at city bikes
picked up some stuff i had ordered and shot some shit
it was fun to get some of that great bike shop club house vibe
joe foley showed up looking to meet up with some folks from MORE
it was good to see Scud... I did not recognize the fit women that they were traveling with
they were off to lead some sort of capitol staffers off road ride
sounded pretty cool
seeing joe and scud put the deadline ahead of me and excuses behind me
got to move forward on that brochure
from the bike shop straight to get dean
at school i paused long enough to tell the kids about the accident, the doctor, the x-ray, and the surgery
then a book... arthur... not my first choice but they requested it.... it turned out to be pretty good
on our exit donald's mom invited us over for a "play date"
without hestitation we accepted
with my 4 o clock feeding I told them we would have to head home
dean and i rushed in the house
without hesitation dean had his sunglasses and helmet
it was a struggle to get him to backtrack and put on his fleece
with the car unloaded, my four o clock feeding, and the fleece on along with helmet and glasses we were on the road... or should I say... we were on the sidewalk

i had to run ahead of dean
he was pedaling pretty fast
like a drill seagent I issued commands...
stop at the corner
wait for me at the alley
use the brake'
are you okay?
you are tough.... shake it off...
stop at the corner
keep pedaling up the hill
good job
no worries... I will give you a push

during the play date my mind grew a tad spacey from the four o clock meds
made for good conversation
we all had a good adults and children all played good together
a good time was shared by all

before we could over stay our welcome much longer i wrestled dean away from the action
my methods were not well thought out
again there were issues with the fleece
but the notion of the bike was a good lure

out the front door i pointed up the hill knowing downhill was more direct
but feared the pitch of the hill
dean was gung ho for the hill
so we assumed the drill seargant position
he pedaled fast rotations using the hill
yelling that he wanted to be in front
so i gave him some trust and some space
i ran along side of him and told him to slow and then stop
with dean stopped and good eye contact i pointed out acrve and the alley
he needed to slow for the curve made tight by some vergrwon bushes
then start to brakeo he could slow then stop before the alley

i ran ahead
dean again wanted to take the lead
i explained that i needed to be in front of him to help force a stop
catching him and slowing him down as i had already several times earlier
as i crossed through the bushes i moved a sideways gallop
watching dean
as he made the curve the bushes took him out
right in front of my eyes
nothing i could do
no worries
no complaints
back on the bike
moving forward as i issue more commands
another wipeout
not as ugly
not as bad
back on the bike
as it levels off
side effects of medication: HICKUPS!?!

last night I hadthe hickups for what seemed to be over an hour
it was all a tad amusing
dean woke up and wanted to get into our bed; no an option!
i need my space
i need my sleep
with his incidental kicks to the head as he tosses and turns in the night
he would most certainly make painfulcontact with my bandaged and broken finger

so already awake with the hickups i met dean half way on the stairs
i consoled him and explained to him just as i explained to you why he needs to sleep in his own bed

once upstairs i distracted him by finding his newly acquired starwars toys
with the toys in hand he wanted a story
sure it was quarter of fiur.... but how would i sleep with these hickups?
so dean got his story...
one word... two words.... hickup... one word.. hickup
and so things went
dean told me i needed a glass of water
i tried his remedy.... still hickups
back to the story...
one word... two words.... hickup... one word.. hickup
again dean sent me for more water
a gallon later.. still hickups and a jumbled story
a hug
a kiss
back to bed
finally asleep

only to wake with the hickups again asi drained that gallon of water from my system

hard times... good times?
hard to tell.

yesterday as lisa and i drove across town for my surgery... lisa old me of a tent/camper in the woods
her encounter with the camper and her impression of who or what this person my be
it made me a tad uneasy... the stories in the news... the harshness of the times... the desparation and the disrespect people can have for human life... it all made me worry about my wife and her vunerability

this morning before i took dean off to school i walked the dogs

my initial intention was to head across the street for my standard short loop
but recolection of lisa's tale had me curious and concerned so i directed myself across the bridge and into the woods where lisa had said she had seen this man, his tent, and his bicycle

days prior i had seen tire tracks and skid marks
as i entered the trail there were more skid marks, some trash collecting, and sure enough a bright yellow tent and a kona mountainbike
music came from the tent
there was static from poor reception or perhaps an old tired speaker
the setting was identical to what lisa had described the day prior

with the dogs leashed at my side i greeted the tent... assuming there was a person along with the stereo
to my hello a voice from the tent responded politely... "who is it?"
like a dim whitted fool i said, "it is me... not the cops... just me and my dogs."
the tone of my voice was more important than what i said... my approach wasfriendly yet firm

through the nylon or perhaps gortex tent we spoke
he assured me that he was tearing down
in a friendly exchange I told him that he had no found a very remote place to camp
i assued him that i would no call the cops, but that someone would
then i continued by letting him know that i knew he was here days before and that i would appreciate if he moved to a new location
again he agreed in a very polite manner
adding again that his illegal camping spot was a tad less than remote

we exchanged goodbyes having still never seen the other
as i moved forward i unleashed the digs and hiked forward and further
doing a quick little lollipop loop that would bring me back along the this same path on my return

upon my return i again leashed the dogs in anticipation of our next encounter

sure enough
there he was... suiting up and tearing down

as i got closer i asked... "hard times? good times? it is hard to tell.."
after he made a quick analysis of my obscure question he answered back
there was talk about high rent and hard times

again he was more than polite
he recognized the dogs and asked if the woman the day prior was my wife... i said yes
as friendly as he may seem
his fringe existence still left me uneasy

the condition of his bike did nothing for my confidence
no grips
no shifters
one lever
rear brake only
not a track bike. but perhaps an unintentional single speed
i had seen him downtown... having made notice of his old kona rid missing so many vital parts
highlighted be some old cream colored knobbies

like the bleeding heart liberal i am i thought of the parts i could send his way
surely some brakes in the front could be helpful
may save his life... may aid in a little more control a lot less skidding
but hesitated
instead i recommeded a better place to camp
as it was clear he is going to camp.... it is just a matter of where
it seemed best to guide him away from further human and dog traffic

we will see where this takes us...
hopefully he moves to a more remote space
hopefully he is harmless and a threat to no one


i am alive
surgery is behind me
it was magic
not like the magic of eye contact and a wide smile shared with one of my sons
but rather black magic, scary black magic
magic too dark/too scary for harry Potter
magic too dark/too scary for Star Wars
more like Rosmary's Baby*
more like real life

it was over as soon as it began
time was remove
two hours of life zapped from my conscious being
one second I was lying down on the surgical table watching the nurses strap me in and send me off on a strange ride
something was added to my IV and I found myself hours later in the dressing room where it all began
there is no recollection of seeing the doctor in the operation room
although we may have spoken
there is an amnesia side effect

in this hospital lazy-boy-like chair I assessed my body
took in the surroundings
tubes were still in my nose and maybe my arm
as I slowly gained consciousness I made small talk with various nurses

they removed the tubes and I took a further measure of my condition
my left arm was heavy from the cast
my fingers were numb with a novacaine-like tingle
I felt like I may vomit
I felt like I was going to be sick
like a frat boy on spring break I asked for a trash can... just in case

things were not right
I had a major headache... headache... pain.... and confusion
with some fresh breathes I still felt like I may be sick... but felt in control
I requested to use the bathroom
my ability to walk needed assistance
like an old man I slowly moved to the bathroom

once in the bathroom I realized vomit may come
but only after diareha

I flet better after the bathroom
still felt like shit... but better
the desire to vomit was still present... but not as strong

fresh air was needed...
once back from bathroom my wife was there waiting for me

after some medical advice, medical appointments, prescriptions, and other hospital post op stuff I was released
it was a pretty routine process
in and out in an afternoon

not sure what happened in there
still not sure what is inside my hand
but... I am confident in the advice, actions, and opinion of my doctor

now the long road to recovery

first PT appointment for monday!


function and fashion

we have to wear something...
so we try to wear something we like...
something that portrays a certain image
something that makes us comfortable both to the touch and in appearance

when we encounter someone we often try to make a few assumptions of their character
we look at there choice of hairstyle and then their shoes... after that we take in everything in between
at a closer look we look at their watch
for those with glasses... there is a major decision on what frames to choose

sadly... what we choose to drive is also an extention of ourselves....
funtionality often becomes fashion...
family wagon? mini-van? SUV?
they all say something about who we are... whether we like it or not

most of my clothing is pretty plain
"I wear black on the outside, because black is how I feel on the inside" -The Smiths
very basic stuff.. jeans.. or khakis... or whatever is in the clearance rack
(overalls were my pant of choice for over a decade... but the boss was making faces.. so I sold out to the man and put on some slacks)
no Juicy Couture in my wardrobe
most of my jackets are gear...
cycling or snowboarding jackets
most of my t-shirts are swag from events
most of my shoes are quasi-athletic... well... other than dress shoes
dress shoes need to be comfortable
ironman as a watch
shaved head as a haircut
cycling glasses as eye protection of my 20/20 vision
lots of my clothing reflects that I am cheap and have been wearing the same size for over a decade
would much rather buy new toys than a suit.... guess that explains my pilly sport coat that I have worn thin

i guess... if it were not for BAD FASHION I would not have any fashion ar all!

(as much as I hate to admit it... people can gues my interests and my job my my choice of apparrell)
What motivates people?
and other nonsensical topics to aid in me finishing the end of what was a productive day

I do not know what motivates people...
most certainly there are different answers for different people for each question

for example...

Why do some people drive their cars with their music so loud?

is it so that the bumping bass sets of car alarms?
is it so that people will look over and pay attention to them as they roll past?
I do not know...

I have not asked...
all I know is that there are times when I am in my car or on the sidewalk and some joker with after market rims goes by with their windows open and the volume so high that it is most definitely causing some long term damage!

do people do things for themselves or for other people?

for example...

do people ride motorcycles for the ease in finding an urban parking space, the feeling of taking a curve filled road really fast, or so that they can walk into a bar with a leather jacket and a helmet?

sure... motorcycles are a "way of life"

but... for so many reasons motorcycles are impractical
(here are a few reasons; groceries, friends, rain, and alcohol)

I rode motorcycles for years...
but never went without also having a car...
it would be hell driving out to the trails with my mountainbike on a motorcycle

eventually I realized... A good day for a motorcycle is a good day for the bicycle...
I had no need for both
(that is not to say that I will not own a motorcycle again... I love motorcycles as a luxury toy!)

tattoos and piercing...

the self motivation for each of these can be very personal

fashion is the only real answer...

but I do not get why someone has to wear a sleeveless t-shirt in the winter to show their ink
or why someone has to stick out their tongue and show their piercing each time they get their picture taken
(again... that is not to say that I will not get more tattoos or piercings in the future)

culture and trends.... t
his whole
"dog as an accessory" thing is odd to me....
I love my dogs... but I do not want a dog that I need to carry around in a Gucci purse!

okay... I should stay away from fashion issues... I am just actin old and uncool
I am old and uncool


in some ways RETRO Wigs me Out....
in Fashion... in Cycling...
you name it
most RETRO stuff sucks
for example..
I have an old pair of VANS skate shoes... even with inserts they are no better than slippers... running down the block would give me flat feet
(okay.. I admit it.. I am a slave to fashion.. I am not above such things.. we have to wear something)
in cycling...
thumb shifters suck... they sucked in 1985... no arguement

bad 80's fashion.... it was bad in the 80's... I know it... I lived it
why is it do the "indy rock kids" dress like kids dressed back when I was in junior high?
the haircuts... the shoes...
I am sure that they look as silly to me as a kid dressed like a "greaser" would look to my parents... just a tad out of place... perhaps a bit of a costume