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2015 was a year with strengths and weaknesses... I plan for 2016 to be a year with more strengths and fewer weaknesses

2015 had its strengths...
while also having an assortment of weaknesses

2016 will be better
try and focus on some of my favorite things
and adventure
adventure linked to info better than travel

and of course..
Dean and Grant!

2015 had all sorts of good times
2016 promises for more... much much more
there is so much potential
I will try to make the best of 2016

you do the same...

public space... shared space... making public space private...

this is a difficult topic
I know that people will offer up a more diplomatic line of logic
yet I will spit out this thought just the same
as I am a little agitated by all the trash pick up I have been having to do in the woods by my house

each day I pass beer cans and liquor bottles...
wrappers from junk food...

it is there... I march past it once... twice... then I leave out my house with a bag and pick it up as it is clear that no one else is going to clean up after these people

I try to be sensitive to the plight of others
I try to offer up compassion and understanding
I know that people can fall on hard times
I realize that mental illness is a plague in his country

but... but... but...

which brings me to this

homelessness is an epidemic in urban areas in the United States
it is not clear if the homeless are from this area or migrate here

no matter on the how or why... but it is clear that this is a growing issue in this country 
it has an effect on our day to day

it is more than the panhandler on the sidewalk...
heck... some of these people are my "friends"
over the years I have built minor relationships with an assortment of people all around the city
usually offering up used clothing or dog food as assistance rather than my pocket change that really is not spare
some of these people I look forward to interacting with... while others I accept our morning exchanges and try to leave it at that

but that is not my problem...
it is more about the camping around the city
not just under the bridges but in our parks
the urban parks and the wooded parks

it is irksome when I find that people are camping in the woods near my house
for years I encountered this in Rock Creek Park
now I am experiencing it in the little bit of woods near my house
people setting up camp... their trash... their foot print
but beyond that... their presence

the camping brings about an array of issues
I am irked by the footprint that tent creates
I am bothered by the trash that surrounds their camping spots
just as they camp their... they must release their bodily waste in the area around them
this is not sustainable

and beyond that
I am anxious about the notion of allowing my children to hike the dog or play in these woods with these people "living" there

their use of this public space makes this area somewhat private

their presence will keep other people from feeling comfortable about using this space

inappropriate use of space

this happens in our parks... this happens in other public areas

public libraries are often chill out zones for homeless people
making it such that these areas are not comfortable places to be used as they were designed
when my children were little it was exhausting having me run advance screening of public bathrooms before my kids used the urinal and the sink

I was more times then not forced to clean up the area for my children when they were small

now that my kids are a little older they travel to these places on their own
subjected to the irresponsible use of space

city parks have become the domicile of the homeless
often the homeless occupants are territorial
seemingly aggressive to anyone entering "their space"
other panhandling politely unless their request is refused then they show their true disgruntle persona

there is a spot along side Rock Creek Park down by the Kennedy Center
I would drive by there and see this tent village
a little homeless community
with their collection of stuff... where did they get this stuff
did they go to bicycle shops to buy those bicycles?

were those tents donated to them?
why are they allowed to be there?

I have been run out of camp sites for camping out of season

how can someone throw down a tent and just call that place home?

what is the solution?
what is the answer?

well... better services

better education prepping people for life
better services for the mentally ill
safer shelters

I do not know

all I know is these people are not monks and priests
these are the fringe of society
many of which are shady... many of which leave me ill at ease...
while I may be okay with the tension and anxiety of an encounter with a homeless person and their possessiveness of their use of space

it bothers me to think that my kids would have to contend with this sort of individual

my thoughts here are not popular thoughts
I want what is best for them
I want what is best for me
I want the world to be safe for my children

my older son rows at the boathouse across from that tent community under the bridge near the Kennedy Center
too close for comfort



"Get in the Bike Lane" is maybe the second most common statement shouted out to me as I ride my bicycle around the city
the most common utterance is more than likely... "Get Off the Road!"

give me a break..
give me a brake...


this logic evokes the bad nasty me
I am likely spit, shout, or cuss
or maybe all three
I can not take this sitting down on the saddle or standing on the pedals

I can not help but over react... actually... I ignore it... I let it roll... it does not bother me...
then the 100th monkey gets the response that I contained for all the assholes before them

well... maybe not 100... maybe 1 in 5

really... I can not engage every asshole on the road
there is not enough time
I do not have enough energy

but really...
Get in the Bike Lane?
Get off the Road?

this is selfish 
this is ignorant
this is illogical
this is obnoxious

it is also often ironic
I am not telling car drivers to take the Highway rather than the side streets

really... I would love to use the bike lane
I would... I really really wound

I would ride in the bike lane... only one problem...
the bike lane is occupied

the bike lane is often occupied
the bike lane is misconstrued as a Right Turn Lane... a Delivery Truck Loading\Unloading Zone... a Taxi Cab Pick Up\Drop Off Area... a parking space...

yes... Really...
I do not want to exaggerate

but I do not think I could ride three city blocks down the 14th Street Bike Lane without having to exit the bike lane to avoid any number of these hazards
and that does not even bring up the dangers of THE DOOR ZONE and all the cars that have to enter or exit alleyways, parking garages, or parking spaces or the need for cars to cross over the bike lane to turn left or turn right

it is open season on cyclists
the Bike Lane
well... the Bike Lane is like a hunter's trap

what should be the safest place to ride can often be the most dangerous place to ride
I scurry in and out of the bike lane seeking sanctuary where ever I can 

and then...
my presence
my annoying presence on the bike
am I altering anyone in their car's pace?
are they getting to their destination any more late because of me?
no and no

am I creating traffic?
well... I am traffic

I have just as much right to the road as anyone else
as far as my Charlie Brown t-shirt style riding style with my Zigging here and Zagging there...
this seemingly erratic movement is the logic of trying to put myself where I am most safe
avoiding danger... avoiding the point of intersection... avoiding the worst case scenario



yes.. I do have a chip on my shoulder
I am exhausted
I am tired of submitting
I am tired of being the one that compensates for those around me

I try to do my part
contribute as little as possible to the chaos

I would not ride the way I do if people did not drive the way they do
it is that simple
my action is a reaction to the variables around me

people in cars SUCK!
driving in traffic brings out the worst in people

traffic makes shitty people more shitty

Happy New Year!


DMK... the BEST cover band of ALL time

quite simply... 
if you like Depeche Mode... you will LOVE DMK

Show Me A Bike...

Shoe Me A Bike

Thank you Dino (aka Bryan Smith) for this time capsule

St. Mary's College of Maryland
Dorchester Hall
3rd Right
too many memories... links worth chasing
some stories worth telling

St. Mary's
or maybe

what I call finishing school for the rich

Damian Dead Center
or is it
Damien Dead Center

sadly... Damien is Dead
Damien has been dead a long time

the loss of one of my best friends to a car\pedestrian "accident" sent my mind swirling

and then yesterday it was announced that Meadowlark Lemon had passed away... Iconic Individual!

RIP Meadowlark Lemon

there are more famous people these days
lots of famous people from the 20th Century are in their "Golden Years"
lots of influential people passing away

a little Curtis Mayfield... Freddy's Dead

RIP Lemmy...

RIP LEMMY of Motorhead

Ace of Spades
by Lemmy and some friends


anyone have a roller recommendation?

Rollers on Amazon

heartless and cruel... hard to watch... but really... please... humans could be more humane

or here
this is old
but was drawn to watch it again

Godzilla not Gwadzilla sighting...


with that holiday behind us... let us look to the next one and the new year

phones... people and their phones... people walking with their phones... people driving with their phones... PHUCK PHONES!

that is right... I said it...

the PHUCKING pedestrian on the phone is a nuisance
while the car driver with their phucking phone is a menace

it is all a matter of time
the "worst case scenario" could so easily be avoided

people fear mass shootings
people fear a terrorist attack 

our biggest fear should be ourselves
we are far more likely to be a victim of a negligent driver on the cell phone than either a mass shooting or a terrorist attack

this is something that we can control
lets control our urge to use our phones while driving

if your foot is on the gas your phone should not be part of your focus
hands free brings a loss of focus
texting... come on... is it really that important... THEN PULL THE PHUCK OVER AND TEXT!


watch this video...

the pedestrians are fools... but I think that the drivers are equally unaware
Pedestrians Learn the Hard Way that they must "look before they leap" or at least put down their cell phone before crossing the street


Worst Case Scenario


bummer... no SnotCycle in 2016!

SnotCycle on the Gwadzilla Page

Go Time Racing on Facebook

Food Trucks... and then this... KUSH GODS... I was curious how this worked... apparently the "donations" loop hole was not enough...

DC Police Cease Three Kush God Vehicles and make two arrests

DCist wrote about this service some time ago

I had seen the vehicles... 
am not shocked that this happened

ah... the box stores have an outside company handle the bike builds... at least during the holiday season

National Assemblers

macklemore... my younger son is a big fan of macklemore... in fact he saw his live show on his last tour through dc

Thrift Shop

I am a big fan of the Thrift Shop
right now I am trying to decorate my house
need to hit a few estate sales and some thrift store
unless you already have what I need


this warm weather is confusing to all of us... I am seeing Cherry Blossoms in Bloom... just in time for Christmas... it is gonna be a pink Christmas in some yards

an old shot of the Cherry Blossoms at the Tidal Basin as I rode into work
I wore that blue shirt today on my commute
that pink fixed gear is no longer in my stable
no fixed geared bike for me currently

Cherry on the Gwadzilla Page

Blossoms on the Gwadzilla Page

that green Jamis went to flat bars and single speed
well... that bike is geared and drop bars again

then of course this BEAVER SHOT
Beaver Shots will always bring more hits
especially if it is a massive beaver like this one
yes... Beaver Shot at the Tidal Basin when passing by to check out the Cherry Blossoms
Beaver Shot on the Gwadzilla Page

Rock Creek Park in 1912... Pearce Mill and Tilden Intersection... not far off from my old house in Mount Pleasant that was built in 1911

Ghosts of DC
Rock Creek Park in 1912

yes... those are AMAZING photos...
I know those spots
that road is pre asphalt 

and then
on the Gwadzilla Page
Rock Creek Park and RCP

Six Transportation Projects that could change Washington... why not just ride a bike?

I like the notion of more underground parking...
but really
we do not need to get all sorts of multi-million dollar infrastructure

people need to walk more
people need to ride their bikes more
more people need to take public transportation
vehicles that seat 4-7 people need to transport more than one person

Washingtonian Article
6 Transportation Projects that Could Change Washington

Washingtonian on the Gwadzilla Page