Bicycle Portraits... not mine... someone else's

here is an interesting collection of Bicycle Portraits

which reminds me
I need to get back on task of my photo books through BLURB
I had the intention of having a rough draft in hand by January
somehow things got lost in the shuffle of life


Alley Cats are not my thing
race promoting is not my thing
so... don't expect me to host the TRAFFIC CAM ALLEY CAT
but... it does sound like a cool idea
take it and run

here is a list of the DC TRAFFIC CAMS and map of their locations

also handy for seeing backed up traffic
or snow conditions on the city streets

I do not agree with this list...

my sister posted this link on FACEBOOK

here is a list...
I like the list
I do not agree with this list

LIST: 18 of best songs by The Clash

I am not going to try and rework this list
but I would say...
I more than likely could find 18 songs worth mentioning by The Clash before even considering looking at Combat Rock
and Train in Vain\Stand by Me as number one?
I thought that song was written to be ironic?

image snagged from here



1. Michael Hurley
2. Beau Blank
3. Scott Maberry
4. Raymond Harwood
5. Robert Mearkle
6. Meghan Gordon
7. Peter McGrath
8. Robert Solorzano
9. Michael Farmer
10. Hiroyuki Niwa

not my photo... yet I share just the same

not my photo
not sure of the source

1998 DC Messengers out front of the US Capitol Building

lost the link... which is fine

yes... I lost the link
there was another link to a page with a set of images

but... none of these images were from this source
and... none of the sources were credited with the images
on top of that...
I had to FORCED QUIT Firefox because there were some Pop Up Windows appearing
this link could have been the evil source of that POP UP MADNESS!

on a side note...
I was looking for images to go along with a previous post
I saw one of my images manipulated and used on another page
of course... there was no request... there was no thanks... there was no LINK LOVE

I try... sometimes I do not get the link
but I try... I definitely try to credit my sources

I made that FACEBOOK adjustment...




Bike Share in Chicago and Vermont

reading through some of the headlines in the (electronic) papers around the country and the globe
Bike Share is a topic that is popping up all over the country and all over the world
I have posted links making mention of new Bike Share Programs opening in Miami, Madison, and Boulder
(that list goes on)

in Chicago Rahm Emanuel works to increase the bicycle infrastructure by adding more bike lanes each year and expanding the bike share system
Chicago B Cycle

while in Vermont it seems that they are trying to use the old "yellow bike" concept as their bike share instead of going with one of the
Putney Bike Project
sadly... these less structured systems always seem to fail

maybe the Vermont group should try to see if they could take it to the next level by using one of the more "high tech" and more controlled bike sharing systems
like Alta Bicycle Share
or the previously mentioned B Cycle


note to self... take a minute today and gather parts for the Bakfiet project...

today I got the call...
there is time this week to start in on the Bakfiet project with my buddy Adam
no more talk... time for action

in fact... Adam is not much for talk
he just likes to grab his tools and get to work
we met last week... then sure enough... by Friday he was cutting bikes and welding bikes

this afternoon-this evening I need to make sure I have what I need to get this project started
bummed I was not able to locate a rigid fork with disc tabs
but... the most important thing is to get the bike up and running
then... down the road
if "mods" need to be made
make it happen then

it will be a cheerleader-less Super Bowl

like a year without a Santa Claus
this is going to be a Super Bowl without cheerleaders
neither The Steelers or The Packers have female cheer-leading squads
go figure!

all of these following links are basically dangerous crap
there is no way for a heterosexual male to scan these pages without going down a dangerous path to images of women wearing less and less clothing
so.... NSFW!

Cheerleaders bringing in cash for NFL Teams

NFL Cheerleaders (and other nonsense)

10 Hottest NFL Cheerleading Squads

not an NFL fan... here are the HOTTEST CHEERLEADERS IN THE WORLD

image snagged from here


my last 26 inch wheel mountain bike was a Rocky Mountain

I always liked my Rocky Mountain...

my last 26 inch wheel mountain bike was a Rocky Mountain... Rocky Mountain Blizzard
it was a good bike
I still have it
if it were assembled and being ridden
it would still be a good bike

not sure why he is on this bike with these tires on this day
this is definitely a day for the fat knobby tires
that is all I am saying

perhaps you seen his maps.... or at least read about him in the local papers

this brought up a few things...
but no mention of the maps

so I try this as well...

the tangents... the mathematical equations of it all
I just blogged about Glen Friedman and the Minor Threat album cover
and here it is Nicholas Schiller who had one of his quilt pattern satelitte maps was used for a Thievery Corporation album cover
worth a glance... all the tangents are worth a glance

I was pleased when my photos were used on one and then also on another Bells of album... which was a CD release... which is not as fun packaging
yet still cool to be tied into the artist
mention of Bells of on the Gwadzilla Page

I like his body of work.

Glen Friedman

it is not an original thought
but I like the photos by Glen Friedman
I like his body of work

I like his style
but I also like his content
it is easier for me to like the work of Glen Friedman is because his work is relevant to me

just finished this article
an interesting interview that is good to be in two parts
I definitely had to ingest it in parts
Glen Friedman Interview

the first image here is of part of a Glen Friedman show that is touring
these pieces are a collaboration with Shepard Fairey

the second image is the cover of the SALAD DAYS EP by Minor Threat
photo by Glen Friedman

and I am not sure... but is the title of this blog a quote from Ian of Minor Threat?



it shocks some people...


{with a dumb founded look of shock and surprise... followed by a jaw dropping to express disbelief}

it is a pretty standard question from a member of the car culture to a member of the utilitarian bicycle culture...

"so... what do you do when it snows?

the short simple answer...

"if I can drive my car I could ride my bike"

usually followed by additional information not entirely related to the question
additional information is not uncommon for me

so I usually finish that thought with...

"and I can ride my bike in the snow better than most people can drive their cars"

this is not a boasting of SNOW BIKE PROWESS

in fact... I am not even talking about snow biking
what I am talking about is getting around town on my bike after it snows or when it is snowing

whether the roads are plowed or snow remains on the roads... if I can drive my car then the snow is not so much or the streets are not so bad that I can not ride my bike

so... if I need to go to work, visit a friend, or run an errand
even if there is snow on the ground
the bike is my primary option
but really... I often leave my bike alone if it snows
I ignore the bike and grab the sleds... the cross country skies, and of course... the snow shovel

yesterday I did a road ride in Rock Creek... not even on the cyclocross bike with its small knobby tires
a straight up road bike with the skinny road tires
this was done after days that involved
multiple sessions of sledding with my kids and the neighbor's kids as well as one trek into the woods of Rock Creek Park on the planks

the road bike was a fine choice
the road surface of Beach Drive in Rock Creek Park was more clear than many of the streets of Northwest DC or the areas of Chevy Chase and Bethesda that I meandered through after my Rock Creek Ride loop that ended at my father's house in Bethesda for the birthday party of my now 8 year old nephew Conrad

so... for the most part the streets are clear
well... for the most part
there is all sorts or snow, slush, and ice piled up along the row of parked cars
there are patches of packed snow and there are even patches of salt
at each corner there is a mass of snow, slush,
and ice with paths cleared for pedestrian traffic

so things are not completely clear
but... with a little common sense the city is bike-able

even Capital Bike Share understands this notion that that the city is still bike-able after a snowfall
bike-able for the Capital Bike Share users and mobile employees

I have found the email Updates of the Capital Bike Share to be very interesting
I have agreed with their station closures... a policy that is running a similar pattern to the city's closings and warnings

even if they are making the call themselves
their decisions to close have not seemed premature
and their return to open has seemed sensible

but understand... I am a Capital Bike Share member... but not a steady Capital Bike Share user who is dependent upon the availabilities of the bikes
I am curious about the user response to the closures?

anger? frustration? followed by understanding?

Capital Bike Share has everyone's best interest at hand
can you ride a bike when it is snowing? well... it is not just about the cyclist keeping upright
it is also about the cyclist keeping free and clear of the lunatics that have no business being behind the wheel when it snows

everyone should take their driver's test in the snow
but that is not going to happen
when I am on my bike and there is snow on the ground
I try to be hyper alert
sometimes riding a tad more submissively than usual
I think it is better to get home alive than to hold my ground

no strong biking plans for this week
I expect that I will be on the bike for the usual routine events
more than likely no SNOW BIKE EXCURSIONS
but more than likely I will put on the head lamp and take advantage of the cross country ski opportunity one or two more times before this snow is gone

I also have a rule... if I am walking my bike to the alley behind my house and I slip on my ass with my bike by my side
I re-evaluate things



CGI Chinese Mom versus Western Mom


Street Photography by Vivian Maier

Street Photography by Vivian Maier
well worth a look




and a less than active blog...


riding a bike... a key to keeping young

I am not sure of her age
I am not sure how far she was riding
but I am pretty sure
she is older than me
she is riding more miles than me

I do not always get the shot... especially in low light

I am not a patient fisherman
I am not willing to spend my day sitting in one spot with my line in the water

my style is more proactive than passive
if I see a fish jump
then I chase it and dangle my line in front of that fish
more like a fly fisherman than a boy with a fish on a hook and bobber on his line

sure... there is the chance of catching more fish if I just threw down a net and let them swim in while they go up stream
but... I am trying to get up stream myself
which does not always offer the time I would need to make all that happen

custom rig...

Bruce Gordon Custom Bikes

last week I was able to get on the bike the day before the arrival of our snow, sleet, and slush
on that ride I looped the Capital Crescent Trail
as I approached the pedestrian bridge that crosses over River Road I passed what appeared to be "the first cyclocross" bike

the bike with its drop bars and twenty six inch wheels looked like something that Jacquie Phalen would ride
but no! this is not a vintage bike
this is a custom bike with vintage design

Bruce Gordon's Rock and Road!

some great randomness and some wonderful links for Jacquie Phelan on the GWADZILLA PAGE

a lawyer gives me his card... you never know when you will need the advise of a lawyer

Union Station to the left of me
the US Capitol Building to the right of me
nothing but open road in front of me
well.. maybe not open road... but a space between the parked cars on the right and the cluster of backed up cars to the left of me
leaving a tunnel for passage in front of me

a snap of the camera and a mention of my purpose and my plan
and he brings out his card
I think it is time for me to make another set of business cards!

a PSA from MABRAcross

a wonderful little PSA from MABRAcross
MABRAcross Public Service Announcement on Vimeo



my neighborhood

if you were to only own one album by Elvis

as a young teen I somewhat intentionally decided to answer this question to myself...

"if I were to only own one album by Elvis... what album would that be?

hmmmm... first...
Elvis Costello not Presley
... England's Elvis
then without hesitation
I would select the first release by Elvis Costello; My Aim is True

My Aim is True

an amazing album
a must own for so many
a record that must be on all sorts of personal top ten lists

I am certain that Elvis had plenty more to listen to
but me... I opted for one album by Elvis
and I played it and played it and played it!

now the other Elvis?
I am not sure if I could limit it to one
when actually... I do not have any records by Elvis
go figure

before the snow...

a few photos of some cyclists around Mount Pleasant and Columbia Heights in Washington DC before our first decent snow fall of the season

snowing now!

Hank on the 13th!

Henry Rollins is on Tour
on the 13th Next Month!

image from here
more specifically here

another trike pic...

another photo of a tricycle...
this one stolen off a friend's FACEBOOK page
just saw that a college friend has become a mom
ah... the cycle of life

ah... the tricycle of life

it is funny to think about life
change just happens and we just have to adjust to it
then... what was abnormal becomes normal
we just have to step up to it

a friend of mine said he was ready to be a parent
no one is ever ready to become a parent

wow... a lifetime ago... all of it

this is a project that is over due to happen
I have wanted to print this Washington Post cover page from 1985
the system has changed
there was a time where this was easily ordered

does anyone know the process these days?
should I get this from The Washington Post proper
is there still a library somewhere that has a "micro-fisch" archive of old newspapers?

I know

the world has gone digital

it would be an interesting time capsule
the image of me and some friends sledding

then the news of he day
even if only the headlines could be read
it would still document the moment in time

this was pulled from the GWADILLA PAGE in 2005
an amazing archive
things were so much more TEXT RICH
looks like some great rants

Art by Mike Joos

Art by Mike Joos
art for sale
art to be commissioned

Art by Mike Joos on Etsy

mention of Mike Joos on Gwadzilla does not bring up the link to his page as I had wished
but what did that bring up?

and some links for you to chase

a few things...
that unicorn could use pegs
we have a unicorn on a bike
we have Obama on a bike
can we get Obama on a unicorn?

Out of Step... On the Bike!

no images to tell the tale
there is talk of a romantic bike ride
there is mention of a Felt cyclocross bike
but all I see is this stock photo

it is cool to see Kristin Stewart sporting the Minor Threat shirt