some shots from Peru

kevin dillard race images

selective memory

marsha, marsha marsha (and marsha)

the king of siam

made is australia

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Quiz Show... le Tour

last night's ride... tonight's ride

dillard at quantico

I do not know anything about this

my mind has turned the corner...

Momentum: the magazine for self-propelled people

Weather... just another demon for this weekend

Cabin John Trails

what happend at the cranky monkey number 4?

less thinking... more riding

more heads


digging through some images


will we ever know the truth

no beard.... no photos

PV Glider.... a hundred bucks!

saw dilllard at the race

faces... some from the winter

some faces

pretty ladies, pretty bikes, and a grassroots team

a few things from the weekend

Cranky Monkey #4

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Camps and Wakefield

training wheels worked just fine


rc squared

touch and go

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nice bob jackson

yesterday's post work ride

another federal building

just some stuff to read.... injury on the bike

thirty-nine today

dj yellow fever

discipline.... I just want to play with them

26 letters in the alphabet

the more simple toys often take more complex thinking