an extra with a camera... I was just an extra with a kid

I never really cared... but here it is

the hover parent and the Tom Sawyer Huck Finn Experience

WABA is already prepping for The 2010 WABA Gala and Auction

in Colorado you may have the mountains in the background... while in DC

Phoenix Bikes is having a BIKE SHOW in early April

Reko and his bike... another photo from a few years back

Traffic Calming on the Mount Vernon Bike Path

What can we do?

The Story of Stuff... I have too much stuff...

I am not such a fan of the faux trolley... I find it to be a tad corny

more than just bikes... bicycle culture and urban culture without mention of the bikes...

I am almost willing to buy one just to get someone like Cargo Mike or Tar to give it an honest test ride and product review

it may be a marketing tool... but it is still cool even if it is just the GOOGLE RANKS

Cherry Blossoms... two or three days till the explosion peaks

addiction... some of us have to ride

I like it...

Cancer is Bitch! F_CK CANCER!

these photos must be four or five years old...

Some of the folks from WABA at the Congressional Bike Ride

an old set of photos... a nice document of a time not so long ago

I had words... the words are gone... but I still have images

some things turn out to be easier said then done...