danny doran

local artist... bring it back to the bike

right choice? wrong choice? I have to be me

jesco white

a few shots down the block

new look

music and memories

heavy metal parking lot... well not really

at the base of the hill

another shot of Kevin Dillard at Charm City

more on the dc music scene

they guy has got his own style

some shots of prentice at lunch

NCVC: Ed Sanders Cyclocross Event this weekend

ian mackaye.... a great topic for documentary film or maybe a feature film

some shots on the move into work

it is all very curious

looking into the sun

bike swap... cool flyer

queen of the mountain jersey?

dirt rag magazine

rites of spring... rites of passage

ian svenonious

important to ask before taking anyone's picture

pretty ladies

banned in dc... a year book for the kids who did not want to be in the year book

Capitol of Punk: a yellow arrow tour

in town for lunch

rolling down the sidewalk on Capitol Hill

mike and joe from DCMTB aka City Bikes

passion is part of the formula

dillard in with the killer bees

name that gwadz

a few did not get accidentally deleted

american hardcore

the process

Tesco Vee

City Bikes Adams Morgan

Big Wheel Bikes in Georgetown

traffic calming.... sidewalk road thinning... and bike lane

rise above

who would think that so much could happen in 20 minutes