time well spent

spend some time with your bike

it is important to spend some time with your bike
if you find that you are getting a little worn our on the same rides and same trails
try riding some different routes or some different places
work on your bike
working on your bike is good for the bike and good for the soul
spending time with the bike is good for your spirit and good for your riding

air in the tires and lube on the chain are a good start
these should be regular efforts that measure as actual visits
sometimes these visits add up to spending some more time on the bike
changing tires is a task just a tad more intensive than adding air
but the reward is significantly more substancial

the other night after I spent some time riding my specialized tri cross cross bike
I spent some time working on my specialized tricross
some simple stuff... some cleaning and lubing a chain and some air in the tires evolved into swapping out the rear tire

was trying to work a 35mm Panaracer on the front and a 32mm GEAX on the back
the smaller tire was not working for all the reasons
the tread pattern was also not working for me
the small 32mm Geax felt squirrelly
so I matched up the rear with the front with an additional 35mm Panaracer Cinder Cross
well... I think that is the tire

will ues the Geax on the fixie
while I am swapping tires on the fixie
which needs to be done as I have a rear flat
seems like I should set it up and swap out the bars
a friend gave me a pair of mustache bars
could replace the mountain riser bars
the mustache bars are not as wide as I would like...
but... it will be fun to mix it up
and well
it is more fun to frankenbike for free

the panaracer cross tire I have... which is not on the panaracer site
I got the cross blade... while the Mezcal is also narrow the more standard tread paterns appeal to me

starting get get more comfortable on the specialized tri cross
still not feeling as second nature as I did on my old Jamis Nova
time will bring greater comfort and fit