Obama's Response to the Riots\Looting in Baltimore

at by Shepard Fairy

Obama on the Baltimore Riots: It's About Decades of Inequality

it could be time to institute a social service program like they have in Europe
a post high school program where all US citizens have to give 12-18 months of social service
something pre-college\post high school
this would give training to those who don't plan to go to college
while helping those college bound people to grow and mature so that they enter college better prepared for what is ahead

it will take decades to reverse our class structure
it will take years to break the poverty cycle
what is better for the poor is better for everyone

yes... equality now
better schools
better health\medical opportunities
how do we make this happen?

Jon Stewart is also worth listening to


looting is not a political expression...

Googled Mount Pleasant Riots and saw a nice set of images

I am not a fan of the acts that occurred in Baltimore last night
those were not the protesters

then... I said the following statement on FACEBOOK
shocked that anyone could disagree

thinking that all police officers are bad because of a few bad police officers is like thinking that a race of people is bad because of the behavior of a few people of that race
yes... there has been a long series of completely unacceptable behavior by a large number of police officers
yet still I want to think that these are the minority and not the majority

I need to work on my core... not DC Hardcore... my physical core

some core exercises

wonderful randomness on the gwadzilla page


Trailblazing... STAY ON THE TRAIL! Keep Single Track Single... STAY ON THE TRAIL!

this weekend in the woods I was appalled by the number of people just marching off trail and exploring or short cutting the trail
it disgusts me to see how wide the trails have gotten and how many cheat routes and walk around have evolved over the winter

people like to think of the mountain biker as the villain
but really... people need to look in the mirror rather than pointing the finger
I try to balance the scale
lessen my impact
and work towards sustainability

Big Wheel Bikes on Wisconsin Avenue... decades ago

Big Wheel Bikes... the saga of Big Wheel
lots of stories of Big Wheel
I have my stories... anyone who ever worked there has their stories
I almost feel bad about these old posts... almost

dc is a bike park

DC Needs a Bike Park
DC is a Bike Park

I Love Riding in the City
it is always fun to discover new places to ride
on this ride the other day we found some stairs and some ramps that were fun to ride

the boys really impressed me
not just going down the ramps but going up the ramps
not just hammering the stairs
Dean was LAUNCHING the stairs

I snapped some shots
but I also wanted to ride the architectural obstacles
I am not certain if this is an approved behavior
but really... if they want to talk about liability
they they should make the cars behave
because the cars on the city streets are a liability 

Grant was super stoked to inherit Dean's old Gunnar single speed

Grant's shock on his geared bike has been ineffective for a year now
he was enjoying having a working shock

Dean on his new-used Salsa Juan Solo
Eric Loaches old bike
built up as a six niner
29 inch wheel in the front and standard 26 inch wheel bike in the rear

I have always found this topic to be curious... the "human zoo" is a topic worthy of debate

there is a town on the West Coast of Florida that many of the circus sideshow "freaks" retired to

Geek Love by Katherine Dunn is a classic worth a read

Smithsonian Folklife Festival is Looking for Volunteers!

Volunteer at the 2015 Smithsonian Folklife Festival

last year the programs were Kenya and China
this year's program at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival is Peru

mention of Festival and Folklife on the Gwadzilla Page

decades ago I went to Peru
beautiful country with beautiful people
wonderful country with wonderful food

Peru on the Gwadzilla Page

Spring morning Rock Creek hike with Didg


chris... I want to clone Chris Merriam

chris is awesome

funny...chris did me a huge favor... chris often does me favors... chris does everyone favors
so... when chris did me the favor of doing a totally pro job of building my older son's bike for me
I gave his wife a t-shirt and gave her a couple of beers
it was metaphorical
chris is always doing stuff for other people
so... I stayed consistent with that 

the build was sweet... thanks Chris
thanks Eric Loach... WHAT A HOOK UP!
a beautiful build of a beautiful bike
that bike is gonna get ridden

Eric's old Salsa Juan Solo with the 29er in the front and 26er in the rear is SWEET!

steve nash... I do not follow sports... but I am loving this documentary on Steve Nash

steve nash is dah man
watch this film
I will watch this film again with my kids



#valmont Valmont in Boulder... bike parks build better communities...DC would benefit from a bike park

Valmont Bike Park in Boulder Colorado

Valmont raises the bar...
bike parks are popping up in cities all over the country
pump tracks... skill lines... jump lines
lots of square footage
lots of acrage


last week I went to Colorado to attend New Belgium Brewing Company's Bike Summit
bicycle advocates from all over the country gathered to discuss various aspects of bicycle advocacy as well as how to host a more successful Tour de Fat

The Tour de Fat is a philanthropic effort hosted by New Belgium
100% of the Profits at the Tour de Fat go back to the bicycle advocate groups that volunteer at each event
that is amazing
what a great opportunity for the 10 cities that host the tour de fat
they get to have this amazing-unique one day bicycle themed festival with bikes and beers
and then all of the money goes right back into the communities

but that was not my point
but rather that I went Boulder for a few days before heading to Fort Collins
while in Boulder I was able to spend some time riding at Valmont Bike Park
in between rides I snapped a few shots of some of the riders

my visits to Valmont were mid-day mid-week
yet there were still a diverse spectrum of people at the park
well... maybe not culturally diverse as Colorado is not the most culturally diverse part of the country
but it was diverse collection of people
people of all ages
men and women

there were mothers and fathers with their small children
clusters of small kids on push bikes
the park has a variety of terrain for different aspects of riding
several pump tracks... some smaller ones for the kids with their little bikes with tiny wheels

then a series of jump lines
for beginners and experts
a number of cross country lines for the land dwelling mountain bikers
then also some flat singletrack loops with rocks and log skinnies so that mountain bikers can work on their technical handling

very cool
what a dynamic contribution to the active community of Boulder Colorado
but really
bike parks should be as standard as baseball diamonds, tennis courts, soccer fields, and swimming pools
none are free
all are equally as vital

field of dreams
you build it... they will come

all ages
the multiple skill levels allows for people (kids) to progress and build up their skill level

it does not have to be jump lines
pump tracks and single track
technical loops and skill lines
but jump lines are cool for those who are into that sort of thing

people young and old

that guy in the last photo
he was in the air long enough that I could have painted that image

goto the gwadzilla facebook page for albums of images

Mac Book is giving me issues... so I am on an old beaten down PC laptop that just gave me the BSOD

so many old laptops stacked in the corner
too many boat anchor quality laptops
all of which a loaded with images
bicycle images
blog images

lots of images 
my photographic images and images that were downloaded to either go with the stories I was trying to tell
or information I was trying to share

I love the archives
the images themselves and the memories that the evoke

this image from the sidewalk on Capitol Hill

ah... Lucy and Bakfiet
a few years ago I built a Dutch Cargo bike with my old friend Adam
this was Adam's first Dutch Cargo bike... 

my bike was similar but different
that bike has long since been disassembled

then this... not my photo
I think it is from the WaPo

Alice Swanson...
killed  on her bike on her way to work
her death has been pretty much forgotten
except by her friends and family
she seemed like a nice person
 I bet her friends and family think of her often
but the rest of us... life goes on

Dean and Grant
my boys and their bikes
their onto bigger bikes
video games

video games are the devil
dean and grant are my favorite people on the planet

and then this randomness
I dig the randomness

The Joy of Cycling
I do love bikes... this sort of thing cracks me up
unfortunately that is an obscure reference
The Joy of Sex was a book of my parent's generation

I will not search for links of joy or sex
but I bet there is something on those topics

this is a great image
my younger son grant in period garb on a period bike

my younger son Grant had a bit part in Jason Berry's film Chasing Legends
amazing documentary
Jason is quite the story teller
it is cool my son was able to be a part of this

this spring Grant is Captain Hook in his school musical
not many 6th graders can claim to have an IMBD identity

bought this bike from my neighbor-friend 
he was super generous
small talk at a Christmas party and I walked away with a sweet bike for only hundred bucks 
that is a real deal
that was really generous

Neighborhood Pace Car
GENUS IDEA that never took
cyclists in cars become car drivers
parents pushing strollers only care about appropriate behaviour and how it effects them
instead... people are self righteous only seeing the faults in others
never seeing the errors of their own actions 
http://gwadzilla.blogspot.com/search?q=pace                                                                                                                                                                                                 `

Sunday Drum Circle Malcolm X Park

Lots going on in the park
Drum circle
Slack lines
Frisbees flying
And a free power stilts demo
And that was just what my boys involled themselves with

There was much more going on
Acro yoga
Dogs dogs and more dogs
Some cirque du soliel sort of stuff
Various ball play
Skateboards and bikes

And people just hanging out