Obama's Response to the Riots\Looting in Baltimore

looting is not a political expression...

I need to work on my core... not DC Hardcore... my physical core

Trailblazing... STAY ON THE TRAIL! Keep Single Track Single... STAY ON THE TRAIL!

Big Wheel Bikes on Wisconsin Avenue... decades ago

dc is a bike park

I have always found this topic to be curious... the "human zoo" is a topic worthy of debate

Smithsonian Folklife Festival is Looking for Volunteers!

Spring morning Rock Creek hike with Didg

chris... I want to clone Chris Merriam

steve nash... I do not follow sports... but I am loving this documentary on Steve Nash

#valmont Valmont in Boulder... bike parks build better communities...DC would benefit from a bike park

Mac Book is giving me issues... so I am on an old beaten down PC laptop that just gave me the BSOD

Sunday Drum Circle Malcolm X Park