I love Coca Cola

splenda... not so splenda

all sorts of bikes downtown...

similar... but different

cherry blossom fever

the times are changing

tit for tat? show-n-tell? one up ya?

a single down the block

Park Service Trike

caption please

advertising.... sex sells

commuter with a camera


more pink

gary fisher

fight club

my iPod

pink-stars-headphones-a track bike

sex education

clever and cool

cycling movies

lessons in humility- learning new stuff

The Collective



scrooge (again)

interesting game

bicycle truck

lunch time ride

ghost bike

missing links

morning ride on the fixie

finally finished the fixie


its madness I tell you

red bull road rage

dream job

images from the hill

just some stuff from the city

kill my television

not all cyclists are messengers... not all messengers are hypsters on trackbikes

saturday... this saturday... today