hip bicycle mom

this is pretty cool!

darn cyclist in the background messing up my shot!

the bicycle and the sidwalk

rants and ramblings online...

a fun course that lilypons


DC would do well to have a forum like this...


great recovery from a somewhat comical crash

I wonder if she saw that article in the washington post?

FREE Repairs at the BIKE COOP in Blacksburg!


ESPN has a FIXIE story... who is next? Fox News?

some of the woman at the NCVC Ed Sanders Memorial Cyclocross Race

this morning rolling into work.... camera slung around my neck... a few shots as I roll through the junction of 18th and Columbia Road in Adams Morgan

this is all very interesting... I like WABA being linked to more culture than just cycling culture

nice to get in a post work ride...

there are definitely more bikes in this city!

fast and smart... taking the fast efficienct line of least resistance

pinups for pittbulls

Velo Photos!

a man... his bike... and his dog

people and their bicycles in washington dc

we need more liz hatch...

Woodward at Copper!

dupont after work...

September 2009 on the corner of 18th and Columbia Road in Adams Morgan

September 2009 on the corner of 18th and Columbia Road in Adams Morgan

Bicycle Art Exhibit!

cyclocross is tough to capture... I think that the portrait guys do a better job

Dillard has some shots from the Ed Sanders Memorial Cyclocross Race

Cyclocross can be an evil mistress... cyclocross can be a widower... cyclocross can be a dirty little (BEEP!)

cold ones served up on the back nine...

he looks like he has some miles on him...

Kevin Dillard of Velo Photos

East... a collection of photographs by Bill Crandal shown at Marvin

more photos not of me... not by me!

in the Washington Post... something about fixies

David Byrne writes about trying different helmets... but often riding helmetless

more photos of the 2009 Ed Sanders Cyclocross Event (men's elite masters)