hip bicycle mom

this is pretty cool!

pretty cool perspective

the search for bike or bicycle did not deliver any images of Obama on a bike
but I thought this one was fun

darn cyclist in the background messing up my shot!

the bicycle and the sidwalk

rants and ramblings online...

waking up with my coffee I often scan the news and travel the web GOOGLE ALERTS give me a list of cycling related articles this is my morning routine while the kids get dressed and while I wake up scan the web and wake up with some SCRABBLE on FACEBOOK a press release on the topic of transportation had me ranting in the comment section I wonder what I said?


it is clear that the BICYCLE-PEDESTRIAN issue is not as far up on the list as it should be
it is good to see this issue climbing up the ladder
it is good to see that there are those stopping others from pushing these issues off the ladder entirely

government needs to lead by example
our government needs to embrace alternative forms of transportation
our government needs to be forward thinking and proactive

safer streets!
more bike paths!

the government work places should enable the efforts of those who walk-run-or bike to work

it is more than just transportation
it is about people co-existing in a healthy-civil sort of way

then on the side of energy consumption
energy can be saved through shorter work days
flex days
and of course working from home/tele-commuting

in Washington DC when Congress takes its month long vacation in August
all the government agencies whose work drops to a trickle because their work is with Congress
well... what about these workers moving to a 3 day week
the energy saved by not having these people drive to work in addition to the lights off and less computer/printer/etc. activity
well... it would have a cumulative significant energy savings
as well as maybe a mental health bonus for the workers!

a fun course that lilypons



not sure if this is available any place other than FACEBOOK


DC would do well to have a forum like this...


Klingle Valley Trail Meeting October 7th

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), in cooperation with the National Park Service (NPS), are preparing an Environmental Assessment (EA) to assess the potential impacts of constructing a multi-use trail within the DDOT right-of-way in Klingle Valley. The multi-use trail will be constructed on the currently closed segment of Klingle Road between Porter Street, NW and Cortland Place, NW. The EA will analyze a range of alternatives for the multi-use trail. The alternatives will also include environmental and drainage system improvements of Klingle Valley.

You may recall that thanks to the efforts of WABA members and local advocates, the DC Council's Public Works and Environment Committee voted 3-2 to remove funding that would have jump-started the reconstruction of Klingle Road in Rock Creek Park. Instead, the $2 million that had been budgeted for the roadway has now been reprogrammed to pay for the remediation of storm water issues in Klingle Valley and the construction of a multi-use path. The path will be constructed with environmentally-sensitive materials.

Details of the Environmental Assessment may be found at http://www.klingletrail.com/main.asp.

WABA urges all interested parties to come out and show strong support for the Klingle Valley Trail.

Meeting details:

October 7, 2009
6:30pm - 8:30pm
National Zoological Park
Visitor Center Auditorium
3001 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008

Hope to see you there.


(posted without the consent/permission from WABA)


great recovery from a somewhat comical crash

not sure how it happened...
I only caught the impact itself

on the first lap Terri was hammering pretty hard
it looks like she was trying to make a pass on the outside line
her choice of what path was met with what must have been a divot or a sink hole

she went over the handlebars and straight for the water

in an "I wish I had my camera set to video and pointed in that direction" sort of way I watched
I watched rather than record something worth of an intro from Bob Saggett

Terry went over the bars and landed in a roll
her body moved in what looked like a yoga head stand
she rolled forward and raised her feet to the sky with her legs bent
when she got vertical her head went into the pond as if she were bobbing for apples

and well... she pulled her head out of the water
gather her wits and her bike and got back into the race

great job Terri!
that is the spirit of the racer!

Bruce got a shot of Terri coming up from the dunking booth

I wonder if she saw that article in the washington post?

FREE Repairs at the BIKE COOP in Blacksburg!

FREE Repairs at the BIKE COOP in Blacksburg!

this leaves more money for the starving student to spend on beer.


I think kids are free at BIKE DC!

I wonder how many XTRA CYCLES will be there this year?
I bet more Xtra Cycles than Penny Farthings!


ESPN has a FIXIE story... who is next? Fox News?

ESPN has a story on Fixed Gear Bicycles

ESPN has a FIXIE story... who is next? Fox News?
I am sure that they could work in the sticker/band that reads "MY BIKE IS A PIPE BOMB" in one way or another

some of the woman at the NCVC Ed Sanders Memorial Cyclocross Race

Arley Dominated this race... she took off like a rocket
she never let off the gas

this morning rolling into work.... camera slung around my neck... a few shots as I roll through the junction of 18th and Columbia Road in Adams Morgan

this morning rolling into work.... camera slung around my neck... a few shots as I roll through the junction of 18th and Columbia Road in Adams Morgan

this is all very interesting... I like WABA being linked to more culture than just cycling culture

WABA Bike Valet at the CRAFTY BASTARD!

but honestly... why is DCCX not on the WABA Radar?
Bike Portland is all about cyclocross...

WABA... come out and play... WABA... WABA... WABA come out and play...

nice to get in a post work ride...

wanted to glance at this
a week has passed and I see it never made the page
guess I will PUBLISH AND POST and leave it there

the seasons are definitely changing

the commute is starting will start to get more mental attention and actual preparation
I have already been caught with nothing more than a blinking light
perhaps it is time to start packing a a charged light in the morning

tonight I got out early enough that it was still light for a few hours
so I was able to get an hour fifteen on the bike before walking the dog for a short loop in the woods when I got home
all without the assistance of any light
I had a wind up flashlight in my back pocket but did not need it
and the ride did not call for a single flashing light

got out of work pretty much right on time
did not stall getting out of the stall
jumped out of my business casual and into my old black and red DCMTB kit
already hydrated and a tad caffeinated I was ready to ride

out into traffic and then right onto the sidewalk that is the path crossing Key Bridge into Rosslyn
threading traffic all the while trying to be fast smooth and unoffensive I play the bicycle version of frogger all the way until I get across to the Virginia side
of course there is a car in the crosswalk on the merging ramp
there is always a car in the crosswalk at that merging ramp

onto the Mount Vernon trail for a quick out and back
just past what I still call National Airport and across the first marsh boardwalk that feeds into the split just before Old Town Alexandria
usually I turn on the grass just shortly past the marina parking lot
but on this day I went onto the wooden board walk before making my turn around

it was all very uneventful
the bike and body were feeling okay
there was some drag in my rear hub which covered up for the drag that existed in my legs
still a little tired from Sunday
still a little tired from life

yet I managed to move at a good clip out and back
just early enough that I did not get caught up in too much of the race that is for the top dog on the bike path
on the back I rolled head on... almost literally a few people racing like fools on the multi use trail

it is cool to go for it
but chill lax a pedal when zipping around grandma or that pregnant jogger

I know... my behavior on the bike can be a tad too fast and a tad too close for some of the people that I pass
I try to pass safely...
when I am making a pass that looks like I am coming head on
I let it be known with eye contact and often a wave of the hand that I know I am coming at you and I got it all covered
of course while giving a gentle on your left
that utterance is at a conversational tone right to the right side of the shoulder as I am making a pass

for the most part with my creaky bike, my jiggling keys, and my heavy breathing... if a person is paying half attention to the world around them they should hear/feel me coming

out and back never really wishing that the camera was around my neck instead of in my bag
this was a ride of moderate intensity

on this ride out and back I tried to take advantage of the occassional cyclocross like options
the beaten dirt path or even the packed grass
this caused a leap in intensity to maintain the same speed with greater resitence
and of course... some of these paths had me passing people on the path while I am on the right
it can spook people... I get it... it may spook me...
I try to be respectful... even if I am doing what may appear to be illogical
at times it is logical and often it is the most fun

we are all out there trying to get ours
I try to get mine... but not at the expense of others
there are logical rules... pretty much the same rules that would be logical in a car
thoughts of safe passes with safe sight lines
brakeing distances and quick thinking alternate exits

some people are just pedaling along as blindly as so many people are driving around

what was I saying?
I can not play SCRABBLE and BLOG at the same time
especially when I need to put my feet up and finish this glass of red wine

there are definitely more bikes in this city!

fast and smart... taking the fast efficienct line of least resistance

pinups for pittbulls

Velo Photos!

a man... his bike... and his dog

funny... I had had email communication with this rider about how he had expected to see me one afternoon as he rolled down to the dog park with his pooch in the trailer

sure enough... it was all a matter of time

District Cycles...
and the dog's blog!

people and their bicycles in washington dc

we need more liz hatch...

Woodward at Copper!

an article in the Denver Post talks about High School Mountain Biking Programs!

Woodward at Copper!

Jim Morrison was right... THE WEST IS THE BEST!


dupont after work...

in town from cali and down on dc

September 2009 on the corner of 18th and Columbia Road in Adams Morgan

Cross Magazine has a write up from NCVC's Ed Sander's Memorial Cyclocross Race

September 2009 on the corner of 18th and Columbia Road in Adams Morgan

Bicycle Art Exhibit!

a bicycle art exhibit!

photos of bicycles as art?

in Art Daily
at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

cyclocross is tough to capture... I think that the portrait guys do a better job

a few more photographs from the Men's Masters Elite

Dillard has some shots from the Ed Sanders Memorial Cyclocross Race

Kevin Dillard has some great photos from NCVC's Ed Sander's Memorial Cyclocross Race at Lilypons

15th out of just under 100

and if you have not seen it...
IN THE CROSSHAIRS has a video of the Masters B that follows me for a bit!

Cyclocross can be an evil mistress... cyclocross can be a widower... cyclocross can be a dirty little (BEEP!)

Fatmarc loses his front wheel on the 180 bend that fed into the first set of barriers

Cyclocross can be an evil mistress... cyclocross can be a widower... cyclocross can be a dirty little (BEEP!)

cold ones served up on the back nine...

he looks like he has some miles on him...

Kevin Dillard of Velo Photos

Velo Photos at Demoncats Dot Com

trying to find some air after the sand pits at Charm City

East... a collection of photographs by Bill Crandal shown at Marvin


Screening of photos from Eastern Europe, 1998-2009
Bill Crandall/Robin Bell
Sunday, October 4, 2009
8:00pm - 11:00pm
2007 14th St NW
Washington, DC

more photos not of me... not by me!


Joe's Photos from Ed Sanders?


Bruce's Photos... nice shots after a strong race!


in the Washington Post... something about fixies

in today's Washington Post
something about fixed gears and urban hipsters
in the post

David Byrne writes about trying different helmets... but often riding helmetless

more photos of the 2009 Ed Sanders Cyclocross Event (men's elite masters)