missed it.

Clint... I have always like Clint Eastwood

I like her basket!

photos of nothing... photos of something

THIS SATURDAY! Stage One of a Messenger Stage Race

Adam and his box bike...

Nokia Ad... not sure what they are selling... but I am buying

lone wolf...

Fat City Ride!

DC Bike Messenger... Nomadic Bicycle Messenger...

Watch Georgia Gould Kick a Guy in the Nuts!

focused... totally focused...

same day as DCCX... but if Martinsburg WV is more local... this may be for you

Sean on Conn.

who can deny...

I need to get in the habit of setting up the slackline

Wrong Way on a one way... while on the phone...

trail map for Keystone's Mountain Bike Park

from my table at lunch while on vacation in Santa Fe

a few shots from the Bike Lane on my short direct ride home from work

you give a man a fish.... he eats for a day

DCMTB's cyclocross clinics... I need to get on the bike

is the Tontine a dying tradition?

nice... very stylish

Stacking rocks in a tributary of Rock Creek


nice work Phil Marques

a few photos of bicycles rolling down Mount Pleasant Street


I was sorry to hear of Ron's loss... hearing it first hand gave me strength