I was sorry to hear of Ron's loss... hearing it first hand gave me strength

Ron Green is an exceptional individual
although I do not know him well
I always enjoy our encounters
our greetings as we pass or the few words we exchange when we have a chance

I had heard that Ron's son had recently passed away, but had not known the circumstances
so... when I ran into Ron I asked him to give me the details
the death of Ron Green's son was a senseless tragedy
another gun related crime where people allowed things to escalate to an unnecessary level

it should not have played out like that
things went too far
no one would have thought that that nightmare would become a reality
yet... Ron Green remains positive

although deeply saddened Ron remains positive
seeing his son in his grandchildren
staying strong and staying positive as an example to his family
 Ron is the patriarch of his family... the "Lion King"
and The Lion King has his "pride" and the Lion King displays his "pride"

I feel I have a great deal to learn in this world
knowing someone like Ron Green helps me to try to be a better person!

thank you Ron for being so positive and so strong
good luck to you and yours in the future
I am truly sorry for loss
I wish that day had never happened