Lovely Bicycle


good luck making a turn with that load...

saw this here...
and this

no... don't expect to see an image of me with a staple in the navel at ZILLA MAG

Cruiser on Capital Hill

excuse me...
Capitol Hill

CyclePassion 2013 Calendar... just in time for the Holidays!

CyclePassion Calendar

Single Speed... logical urban option


Donky Bike

Donky... not Donkey!

really... rocket science in a scarf?

Invisible Bicycle Helmet

cyclist in Adams Morgan...

thass wha im sa'in

Shit People in DC Say

I think this one is a little closer to the mark
Shit People in DC Say

cyclists like to bring it full circle...

Local Cyclist's Head Run over by RUN AWAY DUMP TRUCK!
story on WTOP

Alice Swanson was not so lucky...

yesterday I was rolling home from my morning shift at work and ran into AZ aka Andy Zalan
we exchanged handshakes and hellos 
our discussion about nothing in particular was cut short when a woman with a tri-pod asked if she could interview us on the topic of "cycling without a helmet"

at the time neither of us were wearing helmets
AZ only wears a helmet when he is competing in events that require such or when his mother is looking
me... I always wear a helmet... well... apparently not "always" as I was not wearing a helmet at that moment in time
but really...  I almost always wear a helmet... more than "almost always"
some where between "always" and "almost always"

the woman with the tri-pod was Kate Ryan of WTOP
she covers traffic and has a rare media perspective as a cyclist

first Andy was interviewed... and then myself

there was some talk about Kate Ryan's recent story about illegal U-Turns and the risk to cyclists as car drivers blindly U-Turn over the separated bike lanes

the attached image is of Glenn when he worked for WABA
in this image Glenn is bringing flowers to the spot where a Ghost Bike had been placed to honor the death of Alice Swanson... this photo was taken on the one year anniversary of her death
that photo is taken in the same spot where Kate Ryan interviewed AZ and myself
this morning as I rode my bike to work I passed this same spot
as I passed this spot a passenger van from the Woodner Apartments made a sweeping U-Turn from the right hand lane right in front of me
never respecting me or the risks they were creating

in Soviet Russia you do not ride a bike... IN SOVIET RUSSIA BICYCLE RIDES YOU!

Russian Reversal Joke

my kids like to play this game with the Russian Reversal 
which of course involves an effort to speak with a Russian accent

it is moderately funny
but I am not sure if any of us really get it


note to self: Darren's Map of Fort Dupont


mention of Darren on the Gwadzilla Page

AZ and Gwadzilla on WTOP

Andy Zalan and Joel Gwadz were interviewed by a Kate Ryan of WTOP for a story she was producing on the topic of BICYCLE HELMETS

not sure if that has made it through the production stages yet

but there is a story on WTOP about the U-Turns through the bike lanes and over cyclists

I did not make the final cut... but Andy did

and then 

Joe Jackson ON THE RADIO

MAYOR GRAY TAKES A STAND... making U-Turns over the Bike Lane Illegal

ironically... a good number of the cars parked in the bike lanes and turning over the bike lanes are DC Police Officers

on the fence about racing cyclcross this weekend...

I guess I am not the only one "on the fence"

bicycles passing in front of the White House

THE WHITE HOUSE on the Gwadzilla Page

amazing... it has been years since his passing

Marc Daniels
a DC messenger who died too early
although I did not know Marc well
I always enjoyed our chance meetings

always full of energy
always rolling with a smile

I am certain that Marc Daniels is missed by many

as we approach the holiday season we should try to appreciate those that we love
and make peace with those that we don't
life is too short
and well... mourning is a waste of energy
when that energy could be used to be more caring for those alive and in our lives

Marc Daniels... love to you and yours in this holiday season

Rewtired DC Messenger

DC Messenger "Scrooge" on the page...

Why do they call him "Scrooge?"
Don't ask? Because if you ask... you may find out

Scrooge on the Gwadzilla Page

Ghosts of DC...

Ghosts of DC

this shot is from SHORPY

CBS This Morning has a piece on the adventure film makers that make adventure films...

CBS had a 60 Minutes piece on free climber

need to watch these videos with my boys

and for you

it is sad that we would have to ask... but some drivers need a wake up call

that is right...


Shenandoah Bicycle Company on FACEBOOK

some good randomness here

looking for something to read?
check out the words on the Gwadzilla page on the topic of the Shenandoah Mountain 100

Sporty Pal...

I have not gone the way of STRAVA or MAPMYRIDE
but this stuff interests me
just not part of my routine
a father at my kid's school has been using SPORTY PAL
that too looks cool!



Cargo Mike passes the US Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce... 
not Department of Commerce
around from the OEOB and the NEOB

Jobs on the Gwadzilla Page

Dudley in Georgetown

Dudley on the Gwadzilla Page


Pink on Gwadzilla

Capital Cross Classic is this weekend...

The Capital Cross Classic is this weekend
I am on the fence... unlikely I will find the motivation to attend
cyclocross passed me by this season... I may have to just let it go

Capital Cross Classic

mention of the Capital Cross Classic on the Gwadzilla Page

weather is looking good... maybe I will take my boys mountain biking

the bike and weight loss...

Ernest Gagnon is TRAVLETE Athlete of the Month

Ernest's rarely updated blog

the fat guy from "My Name is Earl" is no longer fat
he lost weight by riding his bike!

did this picture make the page before?

Chip... DC bicycle messenger then... DC bicycle messenger now

Chip on the Gwadzilla Page

Dog Walker making the rounds...

many DC Dog Walkers go from point to point to pick up the pups on bike
there are those in their mini-vans full of dogs
but there are many who traverse the city with their keys jangling at their side
parking the bike
then walking the dog

Dog Walkers mentioned on the Gwadzilla Page

it had been a while since I crossed paths with the man with the Umbrella hat as a helmet

DC Messenger with a colorful exterior
rain or shine and he is wearing his umbrella hat

can anyone confirm this rider's name?
is it Jack?

worth a listen... Car Accidents and Deer Crossing Signs

a radio host takes a call from a listener who feels that "we need to move the deer crossing signs"
worth a listen


downtown in the morning.... it is an illusion that there is no traffic...

to get a decent photo the cyclist can not be obstructed by cars
so... if a cyclist is in a cluster of cars
I normally do not attempt the shot
but... if the cars are ahead and behind the cyclist
I get a clear view
I take the shot

Harisonburg Bicycle and Pedestrian Subcommittee

 Bike-Walk Harrisonburg

Did Hugh Jass submit a resume?
Hugh Jass has an impressive resume!

it is true... cars do not kill cyclists... drivers kill cyclists

Yehuda Moon


"see the world differently from a bicycle"

image snagged from BIKES on FACEBOOK