Tar... I have not been taking any photos lately... but when I did take photos... I was always looking for Tar... Tar and Ali

another unrelated photo of my boys this one from NOLA... just stumbled on these images and shared so I could see them front and center again

thinning the herd...

Life Paint... tastes a great deal like Life Cola!

Bruce Buckley put more images from the Wednesday Night Spins on his photo page...

this shot is from week three... interested in seeing what Abe captured from night four of the Wednesday Night Spins

Bruce Buckley has some Wonderful Photos from the last night of the Crosshairs Cycling's Wednesday Night Spins

cool photo... Dime Messenger Service in 1912... not the same as dime-bag messenger service 1982

daydreaming on the bike is not an option in DC right now... the potholes in DC make for a risky situation... it is like riding on the surface of the moon

I hope you are never in a bicycle accident... but if you are in a bicycle accident and you need a lawyer... then you should contact a lawyer that specializes in bicycle specific cases

this weekend during a ride with my boys there was a request to attend Wednesday at Wakefield... not sure if job or life will allow me to make that happen... glad I made it happen when I could

this photo is great... even if Brook's publicist says it is not her... it is funny to think that HR was hanging with Brook Shields

Keith... cool cat... years ago we would brush elbows at the Granny Gear 24 Hour Mountain Bike Relay events... I have always been a fan

I need to get back into taking photos... Kevin Dillard takes excellent photos!

yesterday was National Puppy Day... to most dog lovers... EVERYDAY IS NATIONAL PUPPY DAY!

Fat Tire Flyer... the paper version of KLUNKERZ!

SAY WHAT? The Stroller Pushers are pushing Chief Ike's out of Adam's Morgan?

New Belgium's Tour de Fat Schedule... Washington DC is the opening city of the Tour!

eBikes suck... mechanical doping is for suckers

that was easy...

Bruce Buckley has posted his photos from night 3 of the Crosshairs Wednesday Night Spins in Crystal City