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Learn, grow and challenge yourself. Read a book on a topic you are interested in, take a class, meditate, stretch yourself and find out what you are capable of!
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an interesting "Where are they now?"

Susan DeMattei and her Olympic memories...

nice story
enjoy the update
1996 sounds like forever ago

Brian Johnson at the Gold Pan Saloon in Breckenridge Colorado... it was open mic night and not a single guitar playing hippie knew how to play an AC DC song... so...

I played a game of pinball with him...
then gave him and his two rock and roll honeys some space

he was cool... I never let on that I knew how he was
and I took it easy on him in pinball

could not believe that nobody could play an AC DC song
dam hippies

WAW? so many great memories from Wednesday at Wakefield.... was SCUD the lead on this back in the day of A1 Cycling?

25 Seconds.

why do we ask our children? our children do not know what is best for them...

a photo from a few years back
when The Awakening was at Hains Point

so often I am talking to a parent and they say...
"little billy does not want to play soccer this season... so we are taking a break"
to this I ask... if little billy wants to take a break from vegetables... are they free to make this decision?
more than likely not

yet... so many parents let their kids make decisions on these things
when really... the kids are not making informed decisions
their rationals may be valid to themselves or to that moment
but they are not looking big picture

I deal with these sorts of issues every day with my just turned ten year old and his soon to be 13 year old older brother
so... I try to break the code
I try to anticipate the answer and cater the question appropriately

last night I had a little encounter with my older son
both the boys had been home sick from school
which of course had them on a VIDEO GAME MARATHON
the boys were both entranced by their screens
it was not near their usual bedtime... but on a sick day they could use more rest
so I gave them a 20 minute warning

some families run an egg timer and have the kids on a 30 minute video game max
so I feel I am not just being liberal... but accepting
yet my statement was met with some objection

then when I gave the two minute warning then the directive to POWER DOWN AND SHUT THE LID my older son mumbled something about how he was not sure if he would be able to find this point in the game again
to which I coldly said, "I don't care"

then as I ushered the boys out of the room I toned it down
recalling that I played video games and understood the importance of the game of the moment
but then altered things to try and give Dean a better understanding of my positioning

"Dean... it is odd the emotion you have about the video game but you lacked any response to missing tomorrow's ski trip. Tomorrow your class is going skiing, you were scheduled to go, but because you are sick... you will miss this. This would have been a chance for you to 'show off your skills' An opportunity for peers to witness one of your strengths... yet you showed no care\no concern.. did not even shrug your shoulders. You did not respond to the topic of missing the class ski trip... yet having to shut off the computer and lose some progress in your game... well... that is important. I must say.. I think your priorities are skewed"

this is why I take the roll of drill sergeant
this is why I tell my boys what they are doing rather than ask them if they want to do something
this is why I cut the video games off and push their momentum in my direction
because they do not know what is best for them
it is up to us as parents to help them do what is best for them
if given the choice... most kids would not wash their face and brush their teeth
kids would take candy and ice cream over fruits and vegetables
and of course
video games over physical activity

don't ask... tell
try and break the code
why do they not want to do something?
why are they giving me the answer that they are giving me?
and of course
what is best for the child?

ask yourself... what is best for the child?
then do that 


too funny... What does a fox say? In this case I think he says... can you email me a copy of that shot

Robert Lee acts like this when I take his photo
which brings up some fantastic randomness

selfie... people joke... people mock... we all love selfies

this is not a selfie
this is a cropped out section of an old photo graph that was scanned and shared on the interweb

a fun old photograph and also a bit if a reminder
a reminder and perhaps an example
so often we find... people hate having their photo taken
yet people love having photos of themselves

this is me... maybe senior year of high school

Green Renaissance


all sorts of great images at Green Renaissance
I have not checked out what they are about
too mesmerized by this image
the tippy toe adds to the emotion and the movement

Green Renaissance

the dry run... these shots are from the fall... maybe when it warms up Dean can start riding his bicycle to school...

Dean wants to ride his bicycle to school...
but the over protective parent in my has his fears
the "worst case scenario" is unthinkable
but the positive side effects would be wonderful

worst case scenario

New Belgium Cruiser... and a gift from New Belgium arrived on my doorstep last week

last week I got home from work and found a box on the doorstep
it is not so rare for there to be a box on the doorstep
only this time things were different
the recipient was me and not my wife

a box for me?

but yes... a box for me
a gift from the folks over at New Belgium
a tasty craft beer from the limited run that is the Lips of Faith 
along with two very nice New Belgium beer glasses


New Belgium Brewery
New Belgium... the company that brings us Fat Tire and an assortment of other flavorful craft beers is also the source of the Tour de Fat
What is the Tour de Fat?
well... that is that "if you have to ask?" sort of question

people create their one line answers to that unanswerable question
I like to call it a bicycle themed carnival fueled by individualism and beer
or something to that effect

The Tour de Fat is a bicycle themed carnival put on by New Belgium Brewery that goes to 9 cities across the continental US
to our Metropolitan pleasure... DC is one of these nine cities

in each of the nine cities bicycle advocacy groups assist in putting on this spectacular event
and in turn
New Belgium donates the proceeds back to the bicycle advocacy groups that volunteer at the event
which means...
Tour de Fat is win win for the cities that host this event

what does this mean to me?
MORE (the Mid-Atlantic Off Road Enthusiasts) is one of the bicycle advocacy groups that volunteers at this event
as a representative of MORE I assist by running the Bike Valet at the event
in addition to running the bike valet at the Tour de Fat it is also my duty to help with promotion

New Belgium enlisted a company called Street Shimon to help motivate the promoters by providing some guidelines and offering up a challenge
the top five promoters from all 9 cities would be awarded a FAT TIRE CRUISER
that is a solid motivator

and then this...
a photo of me after I invited DC Mayor Vincent Gray to the DC incarnation of the Tour de Fat
Gray did not attend
but council member David Grosso did attend
and from what I could tell... David fit right in and had a good time

a night shot of the Washington Monument from a few weeks back... the scaffolding is nearly off

wonderful randomness... entertain yourself with this link

Didg... a good dog

Didg is a good dog
but much like most any person
Didg is not perfect
yet we love him just the same

Good Dog Didg

Rock Creek Park

Rock Creek Park... an amazing piece of planning
a wooded sanctuary tucked right in the middle of our Nation's Capitol


Sunday Ride w the Boys

Ten Year old Grant and 500 Year old Dad

a shot for instagram with the iphone
Grant is patient with his father's compulsion for photo documentation
well... Grant is sometimes patient with Dad's photo obsession

about to start a bike Sunday in February bicycle ride
there have not been too many father son bicycle rides this winter
there have not been too many family bicycle rides this winter
this winter has been cold

this winter has not just been cold... this winter has been harsh
there has been a moderate amount of snow
the snow is magical... but it does not come without its costs
snow is fun but it is a whole lotta work

but it really has not been the snow or even the ice
it has been the cold
there has been an excess of COLD
in short... winter has been winter

a winter with a new weather phenomenal
polar snap
or is that
Arctic snap or Arctic Blast?

no matter... there have been these waves of intense cold
weather that made for great ice skating
and even some great hard packed mountain bike rides
but not so great without the gear
my kids do not have the winter gear for winter cycling

I must admit... the cold bite of winter has kept us off the bike
not enough gear is a good rational but not really a solid excuse
it has been the cold that has kept me and the boys from too many bicycle rides
sure I have been commuting and a few rides here and there
but somehow we have fallen out of the routine of getting the boys out on the bikes
I guess I am partially to blame


not my shot... I hope that people were able to unite and share some memories at the memorial for Alec today

RIP Alec


Suzi Quatro was the Original Riot Girl

Oscar the Grouch at the Smithsonian

Oscar the Grouch at the National Museum of American History at the Smithsonian

Oscar the Grouch
as a kid I remember there being some sort of link to Oscar the Grouch and myself
not sure if it was how I made my bed
how I kept my room
or my personality

yes... in my early days I recall my parents claiming a likeness\kinship between Oscar and Myself
no... that is not why my older son's middle name is Oscar

on a short term contract at the Smithsonian museum doing some basic IT work
looking for a full time gig
trying to get something more stable
more stable and better paying

PING ME if you know of a job that fits my needs
my background is in Desktop Support
but would be willing to move to something else
Social Media is on the top of that list
but I am certain I am capable of ANYTHING!

okay... that solves that

how do you solve a problem like maria?

last surviving member of the Von Trapp family dies at 99

almost famous... thanks Martin

Best Bike Rides Washington DC by Martin Fernandez
funny... JRA
that is right
Just Riding Along and happened to see Martin out with his camera snapping some photos for his book

Best Bike Rides: Washington DC on Amazon


well deserved... Frank's contribution to the sport of mountain biking in the Mid-Atlantic is ASTOUNDING! Frank has done so much for the club and so much for the riders and the trails... this is definitely well deserved

Frank Raiti (left) becomes the first recipient of the Scott Scudamore Lifetime Achievement Award. THANK YOU Frank for everything you do to ensure we all have great places to ride!
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really... let the penalty fit the crime
focus on the villain not the victim

until it is more safe to cross when the sign says WALK versus DON'T WALK
well... then jaywalking and crossing mid block should not be penalized
car drivers do not yield to pedestrians