Colin... or is it Collin? I usually only us one L... but question it every time

what is the current tally of bicycle messengers in DC... are the "old schoolers" still at it... or have they all vanished from the street?

DCBCA... what ever happened to the DCBCA?

Lolly claims that this image never made the page...

sage advice

an interesting "Where are they now?"

Brian Johnson at the Gold Pan Saloon in Breckenridge Colorado... it was open mic night and not a single guitar playing hippie knew how to play an AC DC song... so...

WAW? so many great memories from Wednesday at Wakefield.... was SCUD the lead on this back in the day of A1 Cycling?

why do we ask our children? our children do not know what is best for them...

need to get to Whitegrass... the boys are both itching to try cross country skiing

too funny... What does a fox say? In this case I think he says... can you email me a copy of that shot

selfie... people joke... people mock... we all love selfies

Green Renaissance

the dry run... these shots are from the fall... maybe when it warms up Dean can start riding his bicycle to school...

New Belgium Cruiser... and a gift from New Belgium arrived on my doorstep last week

a night shot of the Washington Monument from a few weeks back... the scaffolding is nearly off

Didg... a good dog

Rock Creek Park

Sunday Ride w the Boys

not my shot... I hope that people were able to unite and share some memories at the memorial for Alec today


Oscar the Grouch at the Smithsonian

okay... that solves that

almost famous... thanks Martin

well deserved... Frank's contribution to the sport of mountain biking in the Mid-Atlantic is ASTOUNDING! Frank has done so much for the club and so much for the riders and the trails... this is definitely well deserved