DC Bike Party Holiday Greeting Card

2013 is Coming Fast...

Ray Bones Rodriguez

Day Two of the Salad Days Hardcore Battle of the Bands Reunion at the Black Cat

film makers of similar topics...

another local New Years's Day MTB Ride Option...

Shaft Drive?

DC's Battle of the Bands is Over!

for those about to rock... we salute you

DC's Six Degrees of Separation may be a few degrees less than six

a message to Greg of WABA on FACEBOOK

I can not slow and stop for every person on the bike

Jake Starr

Happy Birthday Nichelle!

no such things as "bad weather" just an issue with "bad gear choices"

Urban Velo


funny... movies and song

Wolf Pack...

some fun videos here... maybe all personal jokes

these guys seem to be enjoying themselves

Sean on Eye Street... there is no J Street... Why?

small wheels and pink gloves

Rodney Smith... DC Bicycle Messenger with a cargo rig

I can see how easily Alice Swanson was killed...

Chris... as a rookie he answered to "hood ornament"

8PM show... no opening act

Woven History... Where Big Wheel Bikes once had its Eastern Market location

I was blown away by the BONES BRIGADE film

SINGLETRACK THE MOVIE... a feature film with a skeletal plot of the mountain bike

I am not sure...

DC Bicycle Messenger...

photos of nothing are photos of something

missed the shot

the basic shot of a biker in the bike lane with the US Capitol Building in the background

it is Wednesday... See I Wednesday for those who know

Keith... a cyclist without his bike