a little advice is always nice... even if I do not listen or react to it immediately

the other day I was riding to work in the early morning light
I crossed onto 18th Street from Columbia Road along side another early morning biker coming down 18th
as we coasted along side of each other we each took a measure of the other and the other's bike
then the man on an urban single speed with drop bars made mention of my chain being loose

yes... my chain is loose

I thanked him and said I knew
I did know... I was not too concerned
as this bike is a flat pedal around town bike
not much more
long since retired from anything more than a leisure high cadence pedal around town
and honestly... I felt that the oversized chain was not so likely to slip off the cogs

part of me hates being told anything
so I shrugged it off... maybe grumbling something to myself under my breath as I coasted forward and he turned left
then later that week I dropped my chain
then later that day I dropped my chain again
and on the third drop of the chain in the same day I bashed my knee on my handlebars or maybe the stem

I took the stranger's advice and I slid back my rear wheel and tightened my chain
thanks for the heads up!
appreciate it

then the other night at the DC Bike Party another rider told me that my rear wheel was out of true
I admitted that I had not ridden the bike in a while and may have forgotten to replace a broken spoke
today before doing some grocery shopping with the Frankenbakfiet I took a look a the rear wheel


not ridable
being the fool that I am
I rode that Frankenbakfiet just the same
across town to the Eastern Market to get the goods to make a Christmas Eve Tradition, Paella

thanks for the heads up!
I need to take care of this
will have to get some replacement spokes

then a few weeks back I was talking to this guy
he had a bike and I had a bike
we were talking about bikes
this guy pointed out my quick release
how it was tightened down away from the fork instead of up against my fork
then he told me some anecdote about vines catching in his quick release and loosening his wheel

what? WTF?
what is this Jumanji?

I am not sure how much off road riding this guy does
but my guess is I raced more off road miles this year than he road off road miles this year
and this year I raced less than I have raced in decades
in all my years of racing and riding I have never encountered these vines
poison ivy? yes
quick release loosening vines? no

thanks for the heads up
appreciate it... I will watch out for these quick release grabbing vines

a little advice is nice
I frequently tell people that they would do well to air up their tires or lube their chain
if their helmet is backwards 
and yes... it their quick release is not tightened or is tightened and not locked

so... I get the friendly advice thing
just not so good at taking it