still excited about the Owl sighting in Rock Creek Park last night...

sad but true... I never shared my photos from Bruce's Alleycat not did I every write up a race\ride report... that time has long since passed

Was hanging with Chris last night... he joined me for a short hike in the woods with the dog... we had the happenstance to witness the night activity of what appeared to be a Screech Owl

Bike to Work Day... for so many of us... EVERYDAY IS BIKE TO WORK DAY!

I should do a "GO FUND ME" project... but until then... I share with you LaQuinda's request

the world is a disturbing place... don't go outside

looking at images on this old XP computer... so many memories

Jordon formerly of Bicycle Space... I did not appreciate the Gwadzilla Number One from him.. it effects how I view BicycleSpace even today...

Tagged along w Cargo Mike to Edwin of Edible's wedding reception

Fast pass through the Smithsonian Folklife Festival... PERU! Don't Miss This! One of the great FREE things that DC has to offer!

John Eaton Elementary School... DC PS... You Served Us Well! Thanks to everyone at Eaton for helping my boys to become the people they are!

Promotion week has passed

photos from a bike swap in Mount Pleasant show things how they were years ago and bring rise to how things have changed...

Dean is being lured to the darkside- ordered some pedals with strapsand am going to make this bike fixed