I threw all the photos from the DC Critical Mass on the Gwadzilla Facebook Page

 good stuff... good to see people
I need to be less of a hermit

Yellow Ribbon Project

Yellow Ribbon Project

Tiny Houses... I like this idea... I could do with a Tiny House, but I would need a Giant Garage

the Tiny House Movement is COOL!

Tiny Houses the Movie

Watching Urbanized on Netflix

a few photos from last Friday's Critical Mass Ride in Washington DC... I did not do the ride... but I met up with some friends as they gathered before the ride

scroll down for more shots from the DC Critical Mass Ride

DC Critical Mass on Facebook

Chocolate City Cycling

Ray House of Best Rate Movers 
Ray is Sporting a Chocolate City Cycling T-Shirt

Chocolate City Cycling

elbow is on the mend... slowly healing... but healing just the same

yes... I do my own stunts
no CGI here
the blood and broken bones are my reality
not my design
yet I share just the same
t-shirt here

a photo of two people on bikes taking a selfie in front of the White House

rolling home from work... the White House is often in the background
with the camera around my neck I slow for a photo
then I loop back for another
then I continue on my way

never stopping the bike

great randomness on the gwadzilla page under White House
including a few shots of me in the White House standing at the podium in the briefing room
yes... I am trying to help people to see the Gwadzilla Archives

this is something... not sure where I stand on this... but it is a funny little clip just the same

watch this kid's fighting style... very cyclocross

ran into this young woman at Capital Gallery... she is a Peace Corps Candidate... I told her about the Folklife Festival... I think she would enjoy it

is youth homelessness on the rise? the number of seemingly homeless young people with dogs seems greater than ever

I was leaving out of work the other day and I saw this "kid"
it was late in the day and he would be having less panhandling opportunities
I did not give him money
I often question if helping in this way really helps

I approached him and talked about his dogs... one of his dogs had interesting markings and turned out to be the same mix as my dog Didg
half Cattle Dog\half Australian shepherd 
our interaction was short

I told this young man about the free concert just blocks away on the National Mall
there was a Pete Seger Tribute concert
as it turns out this kid plays banjo... so the thought of this concert intrigued him
we parted ways and he walked in that direction
I hope he enjoyed the concert... I heard it was amazing


another Capital BikeShare Commercial... these bicycles are EVERYWHERE!

Capital BikeShare Bikes are replacing the use of buses and taxi cabs
the streets of DC would be more safe with fewer taxi cabs and fewer buses

the BikeShare bikes are used by locals and tourists
it is AMAZING!
I have not done an actual survey
but the clunky red bike to personally owned bike ratio is interesting
there may well be more BikeShare bikes on the road than other bikes

nice shot of some BikeShare bikes passing the Smithsonian Castle

some people who commute on the BikeShare bikes own other bikes
while others have this as their only bike option
I am curious how may people transition from the BikeShare bike to a personally owned bike
there is talk that BikeShare is a gateway drug... but I am curious if this is true

more Capital BikeShare images on the Gwadzilla page

he won... and he crashed....

short video of a racer throwing his arms in the air as he wins a road race... then crashes


today is my buddy Mike Mapp's birthday... happy birthday Micro! you are the man... you are an individual... you are a person who has lived life on their own terms

all those words because I am wearing a Ramptech T-shirt as I took this photo
but if you look at the close up
you see the logo
Happy Birthday Micro!

10 Albums to Refute the Iron Maiden Singer's Criticism of Punk without giving the Opera Singer's Rant a Full Read

Lists... we love lists... let me throw down a list
a tequila fueled list

Iron Maiden's lead singer Bruce Something badmouth's Punk's ability to play the guitar
not sure of the best source
Punk Was Rubbish

I will argue this with records that were purchased when I was a 7th Grader and other albums that were recorded by high school students

watching a Tiny House movie\documentary... I think it deserves more attention

very interesting stuff
loving this stuff

something to consider

"less is more"

a pedicab driver with the Capitol Building in the background.... I may not remember his name, but I remember meeting him before and I can find some reference to him on my blog

#folklife2014 #folklifecapture

I searched for "orange" on the gwadzilla page
did not get what I was looking for
then took the next logical leap
did a search for "flute"

orange brought up some fantastic randomness

flute brought up this image and some crap about the 12 Hours of Lodi Farms

snapped this shots on the border of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival
snapped the shot with a quick exchange in front of the Hirshorn
then he looped around to get a reminder of my blog
not everyone is an everyday Gwadzilla reader
I may be the last one.... and even I am not on the Gwadzilla page as much as I used to be

What is Lodi Farms?

nice shot...
it is the Indian... not the arrow
it is the cameraman... not the camera
my less than professional camera captures the shot pretty much as I intend it

yet I crave a more expensive\more advanced camera just the same

love that shot... the artist and the art museum
love the structures in the background
love the subject in the foreground
I should be teaching a photography course over here

yes.. Check out the Page!
share the page!
search the page
every blog... yes blog... blogger.com blogger
every blog has a search in the upper left hand corner

use it... then go to the Gwadzilla Facebook Page
similar but very different

Circus Folk in Mount Pleasant... friendly guy... never heard of his circus... never heard of the circus that stole his tigers... guess I am out of the circus loop

so many more bicycles on the DC streets...

not all of them are interesting photographs
yet I share


another Capital BikeShare Bike... so many BikeShare bikes on the streets of Washington DC

Is Anne Coulter writing for The Onion these days?

Images of Anne Coulter wearing nothing but body paint to show her support for her favorite World Cup teams!

does she have an editor?
it is clear she lacks certain filters?
is it possible that she is off her meds?
really... who reads her shit and thinks it makes sense

soccer moms are called soccer moms because they drive their kids to soccer games
sarah palin called herself a hockey mom... does that reference make this any more clear to you?

Anne Coulter's anti-soccer rant... wow... she sure is stupid
ranks right up there with so many republican minds of the day
ie previously mentioned Sarah Palin
then also our wonderful Michelle Bachmann

being almost hot should not give those woman more clout
yet... somehow it does

is this some tricky commercial for the tour de fat?


Smithsonian Folklife Festival

China and Kenya at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival
check out this video on youtube that gives a bit of a teaser about what the Smithsonian Folklife Festival is about

I had the pleasure of some wonderful interactions with some of the Kenyan "participants"
part of that is because of where I was situated
partially because of the comfort of language
the Kenyans speak a very clear articulate English
while not all the Chinese Participants are as comfortable with their English
which means... I need to try harder

last Sunday I had to drop the boys bikes off at Calleva for a week of mountain biking...

nice black rat snake climbing a tree

last Sunday I had to drop the boys' mountain bikes off in Potomac Maryland for a week of mountain biking at camp
the kids do not go to mountain biking camp
the kids go to camp where they have mountain biking
the difference is subtle
yet the difference is there

we drove up with the dog and did a ride on the C&O Canal
it was the first ride as a group since my accident in Asheville
it was the first time in a long since we had ridden on the towpath together
this was the first time we rode on this section of the towpath together

I remember this aquaduct from my childhood
as a young teen I would ride my bike from bethesda to various sections on the canal to fish and live out my Tom Sawyer\Huck Finn adventures

the water is not deep here... we would ride our bikes up and then cool off by jumping off the metal pipe into the shallow water
then one time a boy a few years older than myself jumped off the rail of the bridge
it was really quite a site

this kid takes off his baseball cap and his shirt then climbs up onto the rail
still wearing blue jeans and cowboy boots... yes cowboy boots
then jumped off the rail into water than was more than like no deeper than his height
I can not recall which side we jumped off or both
but we jumped off that bridge into that shallow water

our ride was an out and back
there was not much thought and even less research
we just parked the car and got on the bikes
there was the notion of heading up to White's Ferry
but no idea of the distance

the dog was hot and tired early into the ride
the canal is more of a swampy puddle at this point

the boys bulleted off ahead
I rode with the dog at a decent single speed pace
stopping intermittently so that Didg could catch his breath and cool his body in the swampy puddle where the canal should be 

there was some thought about getting a snack at White's Ferry
but then their was a reality that the one way to White's Ferry was more than we were looking to attempt
especially with Didg's response to the long run on the hot day

Didg's race pace dropped before our halfway point
Didg's pace on the way back was slow... I did not try to push it
I moved slow and continued to stop
the boys raced ahead without us

the boys were patient
they had waited in the heat without any water
we all left out with one water bottle on the bike each
most of our bottles were empty before we got to our turn around point

as said... there was not planning for this ride

we finished the ride then dropped the bikes off at camp
then we looked for someplace to grab some food on the way home
so I pointed things towards that cluster of commerce at the junction of Falls Road and River
there was talk about Chinese... but I was fingers crossed for Mexican

unsure of things we scanned the marque as we approached
there did not seem to be a listing of Mexican
but was saw Chipolte

to our pleasure it was the pre-Grand Opening at Chipolte
there was some confusion as we walked it
something about them being closed
my boys handed the woman at the door a card they had been given in the parking lot
not sure what it said... but it turned out our meal was free

not just our burritos... but our cheese quesedilla, our chips and guac, and our fountain sodas

the only thing that would have made it better would have been a beer