Yellow Ribbon Project

Tiny Houses... I like this idea... I could do with a Tiny House, but I would need a Giant Garage

Watching Urbanized on Netflix

a few photos from last Friday's Critical Mass Ride in Washington DC... I did not do the ride... but I met up with some friends as they gathered before the ride

Chocolate City Cycling

elbow is on the mend... slowly healing... but healing just the same

a photo of two people on bikes taking a selfie in front of the White House

this is something... not sure where I stand on this... but it is a funny little clip just the same

ran into this young woman at Capital Gallery... she is a Peace Corps Candidate... I told her about the Folklife Festival... I think she would enjoy it

is youth homelessness on the rise? the number of seemingly homeless young people with dogs seems greater than ever

another Capital BikeShare Commercial... these bicycles are EVERYWHERE!

he won... and he crashed....

today is my buddy Mike Mapp's birthday... happy birthday Micro! you are the man... you are an individual... you are a person who has lived life on their own terms

10 Albums to Refute the Iron Maiden Singer's Criticism of Punk without giving the Opera Singer's Rant a Full Read

watching a Tiny House movie\documentary... I think it deserves more attention

a pedicab driver with the Capitol Building in the background.... I may not remember his name, but I remember meeting him before and I can find some reference to him on my blog

Circus Folk in Mount Pleasant... friendly guy... never heard of his circus... never heard of the circus that stole his tigers... guess I am out of the circus loop

so many more bicycles on the DC streets...

ah... bicycles do not create traffic... bicycles are traffic... and as far as bicycles "running red lights" How do cars drive in your hometown? Car drivers are far less within the limits of the law than bicyclists

I wonder... what is Tar up to? I wonder how often he rides his bicycles...

not as crisp as I thought... basically missed the shot... yet I share just the same

another Capital BikeShare Bike... so many BikeShare bikes on the streets of Washington DC

Is Anne Coulter writing for The Onion these days?

is this some tricky commercial for the tour de fat?

Smithsonian Folklife Festival

last Sunday I had to drop the boys bikes off at Calleva for a week of mountain biking...