Street Performers in Asheville NC

downtown Asheville... there is a bit of a crunchy homeless thing going on
not sure if these kids are from the Asheville area or if Asheville is a Mecca for them
the homeless kid and the dog intrigue me
not that I know that these kids are homeless
in fact... I know nothing about these people other than seeing them perform on this street corner

the music was good... they are lucky to have each other

their set was short
days later I ran into the shirtless man with the guitar
he has showered and shaved
on top of that... he had given his guitar away

he sounded like he was from a different time
like a character from a book by Jack Kerouac

seems like a hard path
lots of life choices made in the moment

not sure of their ages... they look like kids to me
when really... they are all young adults


Blasphemer said...

The salt and pepper dog and a couple of those kids spent about a year here in Jacksonville. Was wondering what had happened to them. Glad they're still watching out for one another.

gwadzilla said...

I thought the front man had character... the kid on the banjo sounded good and has not been playing a year... the woman sitting with the dog and the chest tattoo had a nice voice....
their set was short the lead guy was having hand and throat issues... I did not catch a good look, but I am not certain if he has all his digits...
saw the singer a few days later... as said... he had shaven and given his guitar to someone who he thought could use it.... I questioned that decision, but I am not sure of his next step or his current trajectory
cool that you saw the photo
random that you saw the photos