using the flash in low light...

respect is taught

accept the blur... embrace the blur...

not quite the shot...

many people capturing the same shot


a response to the ANTI-CYCLING bantor in Philly

I hope kenny does not mind my sharing this... but I thought it might jumpstart my holiday mood

this totally cracks me up!

Modest Proposal had its 25 Year Reunion Show at Comet Ping Pong last night


a less than original thought...



did Mike of Mike's Bikes do his Thanksgiving Turkey Give Away this year?


maybe I should take some shots and assemble some mini motion shots

Jonathan Blum Portraits...

BFF: The Bicycle Film Festival is here in Washington DC!

ah... Urban Old Faithful!


sore shoulder and an empty wallet...

another shot of the same women...

looking a bit Beastly after the Rockburn Cyclocross Race

leash laws for snowboards?

LARRY! He is OLD SCHOOL and he is on the move!

I thought about raking the sand for the later races... it was less than a sand trap later in the day

Adventures for the Cure

Lyme Disease

Everybody's Favorite Shogren

two shots of Kevin... I always enjoy seeing Kevin

it seems that these types of shops are becoming more common

a few more photos from Howard County Double Cross... ROCBURN