I see what you are saying... but no...

I am not sure of the work of Dr John
but he is from New Orleans
and well
NOLA is a soulful music town

I can only imagine the best

urban climbing...

cool shots of some climbers doing some "urban climbing"
or at least man made climbing

as for the second shot
when I went to load the first photo that image was next to it in the downloads folder
and well
I like it

beautiful photography

i guess rabbits taste better than snakes

man uses poisonous snakes to catch rabbits


Scud Fries at the Capital Cross Classic

Scud Fries at the Capital Cross Classic!

Come out to Lake Fairfax on December 8th and enjoy some Scud Fries while you heckle the racers. The Bike Lane and MORE are partnering to help raise funds for Scud's recovery. Certified Scud Fry technician's will be working Scott's kitchen to make the world famous fries for hungry spectators and racers alike. ALL proceeds will go directly to Scudfries.org to aid in the recovery of our dear friend.

So, come on out, enjoy the race, have some Scud Fries and support Scott. BTW, the proceeds from the race go to support the trails at Lake Fairfax. Talk about a double win!

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yes... I have posted these photos before... but wanted to share again

Juan on the page

I would consider this portraiture
of a sort

National Portrait Gallery

listening to The Cure... starting to think about the fact I have not had dinner... had a late lunch... but am starting to think I need dinner

The Smiths, The Cure, Depeche Mode... so many cool bands that I may have been embarrassed to like because the "punk kids" may not think that they are cool
ah... ride the wave?
New Wave vs. Punk... not quite a subculture civil war
but it may have had some road bike/mountain bike or skier/snowboarder type clashes


I only took a measure of the pedal to the show
not the pedal home
the pedal home was short and sweet
direct and to the point... well... with one diversion
the pedal home stalled at Alberto's Pizza on P Street for two slices of pepperoni

two slices that were smaller and not quite as good as I remembered
yet still good... as pizza is like sex
when pizza is good it is good
when pizza is bad it is good

that shot of the reflecting pool is a few years old
it has been a while since we have had a freeze long enough and cold enough for the reflecting pool and the canal 

last weekend there was talk about mountain biking for 12 year old Dean and myself
sunday was selected as the preferred day
error on my part
weather and homework played heavy into the events of Sunday

it was cold... brutally cold
Dean had a fair amount of homework

we had tickets to see ukulele genius Jake Shimaburkuro at the Lisner for Sunday night
so homework had to be done before the show

the day slipped away
I downgraded the mountain bike ride to an urban ride
then the urban ride with steps and such became an urban street ride
we toured the monuments 
Dean and I toured the monuments around the city
looping through Chinatown
up past the US Capitol Building
by passing Jefferson to roll past Lincoln
a few laps through the people-less World War II Memorial
politely avoiding the no bike zones of the Vietnam and Korean Memorials
on to the Lisner Auditorium on GW Campus down the block from where Tower Records was some years ago

good show
but I think Dean enjoyed the ride more than the performance
hunger and being a tad cold may have come into play

my top rides of the year may have been the NOVA Epic and the MOCO Epic
both that I did with Dean
raced Snot Cycle and then Greenbrier then not again other than a few Alley Cats and the Diamond Derby

that is not a shot from today's hike... it was cold, dark, and a different season... the image would have been different

got back a few minutes ago from a hike with Didg and Karma
Didg is our family dog
Karma is our neighbor's dog
she is a good dog... a bit feisty at times...
which means she is good but needs to be monitored

the hike was nice
not sure if it was hiking with Karma or the cold night air and the not quite snow flurry flakes being blown about
no matter... Didg was CRAZED!

I tried to assert some control by retracting them both and putting them on leash for a few yards
then having them sit leashless and not running off until my command
each dog was distracted and frustrated me at one point in the hike or another
but that is dog ownership
the training never stops

now the dogs are on different floors

Do Not Disturb...

Bryan Ferry: Boys and Girls
perhaps the best make-out album of all time
or so we seemed to think in college when I lived on 3rd Right in Dorchester Hall at St. Mary's College of Maryland

this record came out in 1985 so we were not that far after its release
it may have been 86-87 or 87-88 when a cluster of had a few communal items
there was a round table with no legs that would get rolled from room to room
the room with the table usually hosted a party of sorts
then there was Bryan Ferry Boys and Girls
that album would be passed around 
requested, borrowed, coveted, and maybe even bargained for

your girlfriend is coming down this weekend?
you may want to put your request in early

I can not recall
I think that the album belonged to John or Steve Heritage 
or at least one of the lacrosse players from third center
Bryan Ferry was high on the playlist when people were going one on one with couples on the couch
but games of quarters and thumper were played with a mix from the college classics like Steve Miller on to The Cure... The Cult... Soundgarden... and even the Bad Brains... then back to The Eagles and Boston

it was St Mary's College of Maryland in the 80's
a very Maryland crowd
a little less than urban
more Old Bay than Urban

St. Mary's College was in the news again last week... same topic... decreased enrollment 


and of course
Boys and Girls by Bryan Ferry

and yes... Roxy Music is Roxy Music
and it is cool to say that I preferred Roxy Music to Bryan Ferry

but it just was not so
I was more into Bryan Ferry's work solo rather than with Roxy Music
although Roxy Musics have some timeless classics


great ride and great show with Dean the other night

Dean and I did a ten mile URBAN RIDE before the Jake Shimaburkura show at Lisner the other night
fantastic show
amazing uke player
amazing performer
amazingly charismatic
love to just watching him on stage... I think he should talk a little more 

Jake ShimabuKuro playing Queen on the Ukulele 

nice shot by Kevin Dillard

with my camera
thanks kevin
it is funny to think
but it is a nice thing

I like photos of myself
and well... I like your photos of me

Kevin Dillard on the Gwadzilla Page

the moment when the Mount Pleasant riots happened at the 7-11... it was nothing but confusion

someone took talk to action
that person walked into the Seven Eleven
took what they wanted
nodded to the cashier and walked out without paying

this person pulled one twelve ounce can of coca cola from a six pack
and hurled that can at the Seven Eleven
which opened the flood gates
shit got wild

The Mount Pleasant Riots

I know John Reardon brought his camera
as well did John Falls
I was into the concept of photography, but did not have taking pictures part of my routine
which is a bummer

I wish I had documented more of what I saw

listening to The Smiths

The Smiths on YOUTUBE 

I saw the Smiths at The Warner Theater on their first American\US Tour
to my recollection that was 1985 or so

spring of 1985 from what my mental image creates

fantastic showa

one of my all time favorite live shows
sad that I reminise about my top five live shows of all time
addmitting that there will be no more shows in the top five

as that is an experience of youth

to feel music at such an intense level is for the young
another reason why it is so sad that youth is wasted on the young
so rarely do people appreciate the moment
Add caption
so often what we think is the worst of times turns out to be the best of times

fantastic randomness when I pull up this tangent

SHOWS on the Gwadzilla Page

Johnny Marr was amazing with the Smiths and then also with Bryan Ferry
saw Johnny Marr with Bryan Ferry at Constitution Hall

a great show
lots of great shows
lots of music durning that era of my life
music is good
I think I need more music in my life

more music
less television

I want my pie and eat it too

I did not take that photo
I just want some pie!

Sol on the Gwadzilla Page

I just put in an order for two pies for Thanksgiving
one pumpkin and one pecan
I have heard the sour cherry is fantastic

I think I will have to wait on the sour cherry
which sounds fantastic warmed and served with some vanilla ice cream


usually snap more than one shot... closed eyes... slight blur... movement in the background....

they still turn out to be two shots of nothing

but... shots of something are shots of nothing

great randomness

It is COLD! Cold outside... cold on the bike... but there is no excuse not to be outside on the bike!

so says the guy with the camera that rode straight home from work rather than spinning a few extra miles

I hate how short my commute is
there is not the forced ride that I need

tried to make up for it by taking a slightly longer hike with the dog once I was home from work
Didg dug it

so... I am dabbling in VINE

but not sure why they are not appearing in FACEBOOK when I share them...

I have not even checked to see if they are there in TWITTER

dam you Social Media and all your inter connections

Joy Division.

Playmobile Joy Division Transmission

if you like dogs... you will love this... this makes those Wegman dogs look like chumps...

this shot is the least on the list... but the most bike related
check out Scout
that dog is composed

The Bicycle Equals Freedom...

riding a bicycle has its moments where is it like flight
the feeling can be liberating

Throwback Thursday on Monday... 11th Grade Homecoming Dance w/ Sasha.... there was most definitely some 80's Ska Dancing that night!

80's yes... definitely 80's
and lots of dancing
high school dances
the drinking age in DC was 18

some bars did not seem to care
underage drinkers were their business
or maybe they thought we were college kids
either way... lots of dancing 
more dancing than drinking
although there was some drinking


back when I was doing more photos... we had a "no photo" agreement... a number of DC Messengers preferred not to have their photos taken

I always tried to respect that
but over time... we talked and talked and he loosened up his "please, no photo" stance
forget his name
always enjoy catching up with him

would love to see a photo of him now and then a photo of him 20 years ago
not sure how long he has been doing the messenger thing
but it has been a while now

Andy Rooney... I met Andy Rooney a few times... we did not have extensive exchanges... just exchanged hellos...

I remember growing up... Sundays meant a few things
yard word... televised football games... dad's home made pizza with the Chef Boy R Dee kit... and 60 Minutes

not every segment entertained me
many did
I do recall always looking forward to the close with Andy Rooney

Best of Andy Rooney

on the page again... Smithsonian employee just finished dropping his son off at daycare... onto work at the Hirshhorn Museum

slowly but surely...

George Washington's metal condom is being removed from his monument
the scaffolding and the lighting was an interesting spectacle while it lasted

they are going to put this scaffolding on the US Capitol Building for similar repairs