back from walking the dog... we did the Melvin Hazen... great little local loop

The Melvin Hazen on the Gwadzilla Page

it is funny
there was a guy in the woods who I have seen in DC for decades
just like so many people do of me... I mistakenly do this to others
I fill in the blank as to who or what I think this person is

as per usual
just as so many people are wrong about me
I was wrong about this guy
well... partially wrong and partially right

it was amusing to learn what I did about this person
also amusing to hear his voice

although I am not Cesar Millan... I think that some of his dog issues could be resolved if this man went from the retractable leash to a standard 6 foot lead
then... I think he should have the dog walk with him
instead of him walking with the dog
my two cents from the cheap seats

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